It never ends…

It certainly seems to be so, looking at all the things that I’ve been receiving lately including all those in my recent posts here, here, here, here and here and beyond, not that I’m complaining, of course… Hehehehehe!!!!

Not in any order, chronologically or whatever, I got these from my friend, Clare, who was home from Kuching for the long weekend…


There were two packets of very nice Sarawak/Kuching laksa – I just opened it up and the fragrance completely filled the whole house in an instant, I did not even have to heat it up! I don’t know where she got that from but there were cockles inside.  I haven’t tried the Bangkok cookies yet…but I’ve finished all that were in that pretty ribbon-tied box. Thank you so much, Clare. Wait a minute! Hey!!! I was so tied up with things over the weekend that getting something for you in return totally slipped my mind. Hmmm…guess that will have to wait till the next time you come home then.

My cousin brought some very fresh and succulent prawns from KK and the café people helped to cook them for our family reunion gathering that same weekend…


Well, I did mention in an earlier post that he also brought along one huge pack of the prawns specially for me…and two packets of ikan bilis (dried anchovies) – one big and small. He said that the small ones are superb with fried rice, just that I would have to soak them first as they are extremely salty. Ooooo…can’t wait to try! Thanks to you too, cousin…and walao eh!!! I did not get anything for you too, my bad! Never mind, wait till I hop over to KK, ok? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

I got the rest from my cousins from KL and Kuching – these nyonya bak changs (meat dumplings) and some of her very special out-of-this-world homemade kaya (coconut egg jam)…

Gifts 1

…came from one of them and I’m sure you can jolly well guess where the cousin who gave me the Marks & Spencer cookies came from.

Another one gave me this steamed kek lumut (green moss cake)…

Gifts 2

– I’ve tasted a bit and it was really good and the best part would be the fact that it was not sweet. I have not tried the giant tausar peah that another cousin gave me as I wanted to finish the mooncakes first. I got some more from yet another cousin, you see…

Gifts 3

…and to think that I was resigned to the fate of not having any to eat this year since they were not quite affordable and in the end, I had a lot more to enjoy – enough for the festival (yesterday) and until well past the actual day. The irony of it all! LOL!!!

Well, other than the mooncakes, she also gave me a big pack of serunding daging (beef floss) and little souvenir packs of a notebook and pen from her school. The box of chocolates came from another cousin, I know…just that I can’t exactly place the finger on exactly who.  There were simply too many of them, all coming at the same time. If I remember correctly, it was in the same bag as the kek lumut but then again, I’m not exactly sure. Never mind! They will all end up in the same place, anyway. Hehehehehehe!!!!

Of course there can’t possibly be any doubt as to the one who gave me these two bottles of cincaluk

Gifts 4

– the best fermented shrimps from Bintulu…and these goodies came from overseas all the way from Australia…

Gifts 5

Thank you so much to everybody for everything and if I’ve missed out anybody or anything, my most sincere apologies to him or her. This old man’s memory isn’t anything like what it used to be, you see. Good excuse, eh? Hehehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

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24 thoughts on “It never ends…”

  1. Enjoy having many days of high tea with all the goodies u received!

    I sure am doing just that, thanks for your generous contribution… 😉

  2. Wau lau!!…so much goodies all come at the same time. Enjoy yourself ya but please send over to me the two bottles of cincaluk. Instant drooling over the cincaluk among all, hehehe!!!… Have a nice and enjoyable weekend.

    Only one bottle left…for myself. Gave one to my mum – she loves eating cincaluk too. You too, have a great weekend!

  3. Same laksa I posted on FB yesterday, from Thomson’s Tabuan Jaya. Glad you enjoyed it 😀

    Ok. Was nice, thanks again…and Melissa loves cockles!

  4. Fuiyoo.. lucky man. The postman must have stop by your house everyday. Hehe

    No lah…all hand delivered this time around but if I drop by Poslaju here, they all seem to know me. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  5. I love how in Malaysia people bring noodles to each other! That’s so cool! In Australia it’s mostly just biscuits.

    That’s because we can’t get really good Kuching or Sarawak laksa in Sibu…nor kolo mee and when we go over we’d bring our kampua and kompia.

  6. kek lumut? what a cool name! i’ve never heard of it or tried it, but now i’m curious! 😀

    Not too sure whether this is the same as what they call “Evergreen” at one place here – I never bought that to try. They certainly give all kinds of fancy names to their cakes.

    1. Must ask Claire whether can arrange whole group of blogger friends come together, the more the merrier, hehe…

      If big group, like my family members the other day, hard to entertain all – most of the time, they had to take care of themselves….and can’t fit all into my car(s) even. A small group is better – 3 or 4.

  7. wow..Arthur, do you have room to put all these stuff on your table??? Can finish or not? So much goodies…and it is not even Christmas yet! You are really one blessed guy…. no need to sob anymore… you have been blessed abundantly! 🙂

    Smiling from ear to ear lor!!! Hehehehehehe!!!! 🙂 It certainly looks like it’s Christmas every day around here, doesn’t it?

  8. speaking of cincaluk, it reminds me where did i put mine…was given by my ex-colleague..hmm….

    From Bintulu? Simply the best! Tried one from Malacca once, bottled – not so fragrant and soooooo salty!

  9. Oh bak chang! I want!

    Oops!!! Just finished the last one! 😀 Hop over to Kuching – very nice ones there and can get them any time of year!

  10. Wow. So many gifts!!! Can finish them all? Share share lah. lol.

    Come, come…plenty to go round…but some already habis lor – a week already… 😉

  11. The riboon tied box packaging is so nice! Same here, I have also more than enough mooncakes this year, all gifts from friends and relatives.

    That’s nice. I got one from Singapore too, given to me by my niece.

  12. Wow…lots of yummies! I love the tea biscuits! Comforting with a cup of tea!

    I’ve tried one. Pretty good, I must say!

  13. talking about the sarawak laksa, I am not really fan of them. i still prefer the laksa from the peninsular here like penang laksa and johor laksa.

    They’re different and it all depends one one’s taste. Johor laksa anything like the Singapore nyonya curry laksa. If it is, then that’s not for me. No, thank you. Penang laksa is more of an acquired taste – either you love it or you hate it. I quite enjoy it.

  14. the postman/delivery man must be wondering how come you keep getting pressies all year round… lol….

    I can just drop by the poslaju office anytime….and everybody seems to know me! Small town mah. Hehehehehehe!!!!

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