This used to be my playground…

Well, not mine actually…but my daughter’s. I remember when she was still small, we stayed at the Shah’s Village Motel in Petaling Jaya and nearby was an A&W outlet…

A&W Bukit Bintang 1

…with a children’s playground right beside it. We had to eat there every day and take her to the playground to play until one day when she lost hold of one of those rings and had a fall. That was it! She never wanted to go near the place ever again.

As a matter of fact, I can still recall the first time I set foot at an A&W Restaurant myself. That was in 1969, I think…in Singapore and I had their “chicken in a basket” which incidentally is no longer on their menu. And if I’m not mistaken, they had an outlet at the old KL airport in Subang and I ate there a couple of times.

Well, they have a new outlet now at Jalan Bukit Bintang – just opened last week. My daughter and I dropped by on the morning of the 14th which was the day it opened….or perhaps it was the following day as when we walked past on the 12th, the place was still blockaded and renovation works were still going on.

Of course when you stop by an A&W, you must have its signature root beer…

A&W Bukit Bintang 2

…and my daughter wanted the curly fries with her fish burger. I opted for the double fortune burger (beef – I don’t know why they ticked chicken instead)…

A&W Bukit Bintang 3

…hoping that it would bring me double the good luck…

A&W Bukit Bintang 4

…in the year ahead.

For one thing, the place was somewhat orange in colour and that certainly did not help one bit as far as some of the photos I took were concerned.

Another problem that I had was with the high stools that they provided for people eating there. It was fine for my daughter…

A&W Bukit Bintang 5

…but imagine me perched precariously on that thing and trying to keep my balance. Should I happen to tip over, it would definitely cause an earthquake of no small measure on the Richter scale. However, they have another level upstairs…

A&W Bukit Bintang 6

…so they probably have better seating up there. I would not know as I did not go up to check.

So, there you are! If ever any of you should happen to drop by the place, remember…

A&W Bukit Bintang 7

…I was there first! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “This used to be my playground…”

  1. Waaaa…. A&W…. the only A&W that I go before is the Sungai Buloh wan. And usually, i will order Mozza Burger and coney dog. Ahahaha… nice lehh…

    Oh yeah, Cikgu… go see my sodomized chic… see pass anot…

    You go to A&W too – actually that place and I share the same initials! Oh…want to show off your roast chicken eh? Must be really well done…so I sengaja don’t want to go and see. LOL!!! Btw, how many blogs do you have?

    1. Yeah… but the Sungai Buloh wan. A&W…. ahaha… A***** Wee…. haiyorr… the chicken not well done lerr… top there burn abit. Still edible tho.

      How many blog do I have? Just this two lorr, so far. Put all my failed experiment on the other one… so that not too many ppl laugh at me…. ahahaha…. I’m vain wan lerr! LMAo…

      Failed attempts? That I must go to see…I just hopped over to see the chicken post – wah! Like black chicken! πŸ˜€ Will go and see the others when I’ve the time. But I’m sure things will get better in time – once you are used to the oven…

      1. Aiks? LOL.. censored pulak… ahahaha… another one wanna join Fatty Oldman as Superman! *grinZ* But dun worry, I’m all into secret identity, cuz if we got chance to meetup, I oso dowan my pic shown. Wait later ppl puke! looks so scrawny, all bones, not pretty, got four eyes summore… LOL…

        It is failed attempt la…. haiyorr… it’s blackened on top….haihhh…. sway like mad. It duzzin help oso that I marinade til so thick. Ahahaha….hope next time will be better. LOL….

        No lah! Too late already actually cos the damage has been done! You google my name – a whole lot of things will appear including this blog. So doesn’t really matter now whether my real/full name is mentioned or not. It looks like your chicken was too big and it was too near the top. Lower the rack…or switch off the top when almost done – the heat in the oven will do the rest of the work. If already done, don’t leave inside – it will go on roasting. In the end, it becomes burnt and dry…

  2. aiya, forgot to have A&W when i was in kl. aha. rootbeer is awesome

    LOL!!! That will have to wait for one more year then? But you’ve got better ones there, I’m sure. πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah, A&W was during the time i was very young, have to think twice first before going in.. (lack of funds ma)… i like their root beer too, anytime much much better than pepsi!
    hey, the last pic.. why r u holding his hand?? so gentle.. hehehee..

    Wah! You’re so observant! The hand stretched out so hold like shaking hands lor! LOL!!! I’m not really into their root beer – the same to me, and I’m not into those fizzy drinks…and not into such fast food restaurants either. Went there because I was bringing my daughter – young people love such places!

    1. You know Claire… cikgu’s initial is AW… he’s lucky, people can associate it with A&W…. while me… my initial is ET… people associate me wif wud? E.T… the damn alien. So sway!

      ET phone home! ET phone home! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Trust me, I got that a lot when I was a kid…*sigh sigh*

        Kesian! Hope that did not leave any emotional scars… Sob! Sob!

    2. I dun like root beer… taste weird to me. 😦 I prefer coke…lol…omg… I am dug addict! Owez drink coke! LOL…

      No fizzy drinks for me. Kopi-o-peng or plain water! That’s why only one glass of the root beer!

      1. Your age better dun drink too much fizzy drink liao. It’s good that you dun take any lah, Cikgu. LOL…like my dad ah? Aiyohh… have to tell him to stop drinking too much coke…he’s the one who gets me into coke drinking wan. LOL…

        I stopped long ago – only drink once in a blue moon, when no choice e.g. visit people and they serve…

  4. u look like the mascot…can ask for royalty hehehe i also love A&W…always go to an outlet when im in KL. Maybe sibu should hv one…i think there are a lot of A&W’s fan here…

    Wah! I’m so cute kah? Looks friendly too! Hahahahaha!!! I’m not really a fan of burgers and stuff…so deduct one dah! πŸ™‚

  5. What happened? You slimmed down!? Or hiding behind the A&W bear does the trick?

    I have? Must be the lunches that I skipped… Hahahahaha!!!! You’ll see that I’m exactly the same when we meet this coming weekend.

    1. Yeah, Clare is right… you look like you’ve shed some weight wan. Must be because you eat lesser lately. it’s like… you lost 2-3kg? Is that it? go timbang! I think you lost weight!

      Must be all the hassle and running around, getting things ready for my daughter to go over to NZ… I have not weighed myself for a long time. Pity the weighing scale… LOL!!!

  6. Last time, a long long time ago, I think Sibu used to have an A&W outlet in Sg Merah or something, right? And it closed down. And according to Kuchingites, there were 2 A&W outlets in Kuching once upon a time but they closed down as well.

    I love the corn dogs, curly fries and of course, root beer! Yummmz! Always have those when I go KL πŸ˜€

    Sibu had one? Didn’t know that. I know Kuching had one at 3rd Mile but it closed down and so did Kenny Rogers, The Fish Shop etc etc etc…. Can’t compete with kolo mee, Sarawak laksa…

    1. There’s one Kenny Rogers in tHe Spring (just ate there last night πŸ˜› ) and one in Boulevard now. Looks like they are back in business. Yup, a lot people still prefer the friendly neighbourhood kopitiam with simple and cheap and yet delicious food (compared to fast food lah of course) anytime.

      I see! The Sarawak Plaza one didn’t last very long. Hmmmm….been a long time since I had Kenny Rogers – long before he had plastic surgery or started using Botox! Wuahahahaha!!!!

  7. lol…a&w burgers are not really that good…
    the only things worth ordering at A&W is the root beer and the onion rings πŸ™‚

    it is no wonder a&w closed down in kch years ago and there was never another a&w since

    If you asked me, I would say they’re all the same. Just so-so, nothing great. Not something that I would crave for or look forward to eat… I’d opt for our own local delicacies anytime.

  8. So that’s the problem… actually, that’s the lowest rack liao. 😦 I think the oven too small… I cook a lot of thing with the oven, but end up, always the top almost burn and the bottom not quite done yet.

    Actually after I come out from my shower to check on the chic, the lower part of the chicken was still not yet cooked while the top is almost charred d. So I switch to the lower heat for a10 more mins….onli then the chicken is cooked. Duno what sway…luckily the chicken turned out juicy, and not dry, else, wasted a good whole chicken liao. Ahahahah!

    Switch on the heat on the bottom part first…after sometime, switch on the top…till the chicken is nicely browned. To save electricity, I usually switch off a little earlier…and let the heat in the oven cook the food. Dunno should do that or not…but everything has turned out ok so far!

    1. Wahhhhh…. got tactic wan ah? I went and switch on both and cook for almost 45 mins, only to realize that the top is done, but the bottom part is not yet cook. Haihhh, den onli turn on the bottom heat so that the bottom part will be cooked… by den, oredi too late. Top oredi blackened. LOL… mebbe shud try again. My sharks been asking for the chicken again. Maybe this time, i go extreme abit… *grinz* put some ham or bacon strips on top of the chic…den confirm wun burn liao! Almost done that time, take out the strips so that the chicken will be just nice on top. Ahahahah!

      Actually I like roasting chicken and meat and stuff, cuz will have a lot of leftovers for other things. That day, I roasted the chicken, got leftovers for pizza, sandwich, salad, porridge and chicken soup. So nice wan…roast one chicken like this, save up a lot of my cooking time for a few more days. *grinz*

      So now you know! Keep on trying…and good luck. Don’t keep food for too long – salmonella!!! 😦

      1. Actually, my mum’s chicken oso turned out like mine. But hers are usually quite dry, so my dad owez complain. At least mine is juicy… come out that time alot gravy. LOL… Ahahahaha… I kiasu… wanna make it more perfect.

        Next time, can cook for my parents when they come up to KL or when I got go back. very long never cook for my parents d. Missed those times. Better make it perfect *grinz* and dad will puji puji me! Ahahahahahaha! So fun!

        All dads the same lah! Not nice, also say very very nice! Oops! Hope my daughter doesn’t see this…. Hahahahahaha!!! Her cooking’s nice though – but baking, not pass yet! Just like the father! πŸ˜€

  9. ya ya..i know where that Shah’s Village Motel and the A&W is. How was that double decker ? i mean taste wise ?

    U know… reading ur blog update is like flipping through newspaper early in the morning…lol

    Ya…and to the other side of the motel was this restaurant – Out of Africa. The burger’s ok…but I would think McD’s double cheese or Big Mac would be nicer (minus the pickle! Ewek!!!) or BKing’s swiss cheese mushroom…

    Ya…ya…the difference is you’re reading this for free. LOL!!!

  10. Haha! Love your writing mate, especially the bit about the Richter scale. Great Monday morning reading. πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Huai Bin. I guess that’s what keeps you dropping by…and thanks for that too!

  11. i saw it that day n thot of goin in to have a fresh root beer…i thot u told me u are not into chain fast food restaurant when i mention kinparki fried ciken?

    *pssssttt…last time when stil in secondary school thre a restaurant at waterfront and we sat 2nd floor end up the big mug in our bag after we drank the rootbeer float*lol

    Ooi! Budak jahat! 2nd floor waterfront? You mean Khatulistiwa? Or was there Sugar Bun or something where McD is now. Ya…I’m not into these fast food joints, just bringing my daughter as she likes that kind of food. She says the fish burger is better than McD’s which is really crap – like rubber! Oh ya! And that reminds me – I do like Sugar Bun’s fish burger! Best lah!!! Sarawak’s own!!!

    1. Sugarbun’s Fillet-O-Fish burger rules!!! πŸ˜€ Love those! The best so far…

      Yup!!! None can compare!!! Love the breadcrumb coating!! Not so much into those butter-coated fish fillet!

      1. Wud sugarbun burger? Wud wud? how come I dono sugarbun burger wan?

        Sugar Bun, Sarawak’s own fast food franchise…long before there were McD or KFC. They even had outlets in West Malaysia – you can see in some of the old Malay drama minggu ini… Many closed now, I think the boss not holding on to the franchise anymore – sold rights to individual operators. That’s why they say the food may differ from outlet to outlet. We have three in Sibu…

    2. Cikgu… that budak jahat up there… went for massage worrr….and den horr, he cabut lari from the massage girl… LOL… chicken out worrr!

      Yalor… Chickened out or he ran off without paying?

  12. The first time I came to PJ to study, I went to A&W in PJ State. That’s the first place I went after PJ Hilton πŸ˜€

    PJ Hilton’s somewhere in the same area as Shah’s Village Motel, isn’t it? Taylor’s College and all that. Dunno exactly where PJ State is or for that matter, SS2 or SS22 or Paramount – just know the names. I think the area where the motel is/was is called PJ Old Town?

  13. Shah Village!! I remember and i never forget that place. Because that is the place i stay as my “home” on my wedding eve! Next day my hub “pick” his bride (me) from there. πŸ™‚

    A&W, not really like the burger, but i love their root beer FLOAT!!!!! YUMMY!!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! Small world! I love that motel – the boutique hotel concept – making it look like home. Dunno if it’s still there. Haven’t been around those parts for a long long time. I remember it had a big swimming pool – my daughter loved swimming then so everytime we went on holiday we had to stay in a hotel with a pool! LOL!!!

    1. Wahhhhhh…. Annie… so romantic! Ahahaha….

      Huh? Romantic kah like that? Chinese tradition mah! Not in own hometown…have to keluar from hotel lor!

      1. Romantic lah… like kawin lari ma… ahahahahah!

        No lah! Where got like yours? Her hometown in Sibu but she got married in KL, so the hubby would not “pick up the bride” at her house – had to do that at a hotel. Here in Sibu also – some hotels offer that in their packages. Free rooms…if you hold the reception at the hotel.

  14. Sad…there is no more A&W is Sg anymore…i miss their fries…

    No more? Why? Not popular…or Singaporeans more into healthy living so not into that kind of stuff anymore?

  15. That makes the 2 of us bro. It is definitely my fav. :p

    Your favourite? Well, it isn’t MY favourite…if you read my replies to some of the comments. I’m not into this fast food stuff! More for young people…and kids, I guess!

    1. LOL-ed so hard at tekkaus. *grinz* I must make one club liao!

      Grrrrr….!!!! See! Now everyone’s becoming like you!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  16. Hahaha.. you look like you’re ready to kill the A&W mascot… haha.. speaking of playground, i just realized that Kindergarten is actually a german word ! Kinder means children while Garten means garden… haha.. Children garden… farnee eh how english evolves… I haven’t been to any A&W outlet yet as their menu doesn’t really appeal me…McD for me anytime!

    Why? What on earth would make you say a thing like that? Me with my kind, caring, fatherly look…and holding the mascot’s hand some more! Hahahahahaha!!! Well, you can have all the McD you want, no thanks! And it’s not cheap either!

    1. *shocked* Ready to kill? How Cikgu kill the mascot? By shaking the mascot’s hand ah? LMAO…. ahahahahaha!

      Yalor…and he’s such a nice guy, where got want to kill people/animals one? LOL!!!

  17. last time thre used to outlet thre opposite to high court…

    yup…sugarbon fish da best.. πŸ˜‰

    Everybody thinks so…

  18. wah this brings back old memories of root beer float and curly fries! I missed them!!!

    Hahahahaha!!! You don’t eat such things anymore, eh? LOL!!!

  19. thanks STP for explain on behalf to Cleff. hahahhahahhahhaah

    Owe your “lou mai kai”, when i go back sibu i ask my mum to do some for you to try. very yummy. πŸ™‚

    Oooo…nothing can beat mum’s home cooking!!! Yum! Yum!!!

    1. LOL…. Annie! u so nice lah… can jumpa Cikgu when you go back. Ask him feed you kow kow! He loves to feed ppl wan! *grinZ*

      Ya…she says she’ll only be back maybe in April… Sure hope to take her out mam-mam! πŸ™‚

  20. Hey, Mr Arthur….where r u now? Been a long time never seen u .

    Now is this John Ting? I’m in Sibu, retired already… Where are you? What are you doing these days?

    1. Ya it’s me…Now living in KL.Seldom go back Sibu cause busy working here. U retired from teaching ?

      I see. Hope to see you sometime. Yes, I retired in 2007 – into my third year of retirement now but I still do a bit of tuition for some pocket money.

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