2 become 1 (2)…

When I went with my daughter to KL, we stayed at this hotel along Bukit Bintang Road and we were even two breakfast vouchers each morning to eat at the cafe.

The first morning we were there, my daughter had to rush off to Putrajaya at 6.30 for her “pre-departure briefing”, so I was stuck with two breakfast vouchers. In the end, I decided to ask them for TWO American breakfast sets on ONE plate. Good grief! They piled up the toasts like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and there were four eggs – sunny side up/bull’s eye…but only three sausages. I think they shortchanged me but I didn’t complain as that was way too much for me, so much so that I decided to skip lunch that day. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the room, so I was not able to take a photo of that!

The next morning, my daughter decided to sleep in and refused to get up for breakfast which was served from 7.00 to 10.00 only. Thus, I had to go alone again and this time, I asked for the nasi lemak

Nasi lemak breakfast 1

…with two eggs, or two halves, to be exact…

Nasi lemak breakfast 2

…and two servings of chicken…

Nasi lemak breakfast 3

But I told them I did not want two servings of the rice as I would not be able to finish.

My next trip will be in February when I will be going with my missus and my daughter who will be flying off to Wellington, New Zealand – transit Auckland on the 8th. Just imagine how it would be like if BOTH of them would not want to go down to the cafe for breakfast…. LOL!!!

Have a Blessed Sunday, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “2 become 1 (2)…”

  1. The nasi lemak looks yummerz…..was it good?
    It’s now 6.58am and I’m just gonna get some sleep but already thinking of what I’m gonna have for lunch as I’m going shopping with mom, my brother and sis-in-law later.

    Wasn’t good when I was there in May…didn’t have nasi lemak when I was there in August… This time around, it was very good!!! But I think the price on the menu is RM13.50 and you do not get so much. I had “double”, remember? Hehehehehehe!!!! Probably should just stick to that corner shop next to Bukit Bintang Plaza…

    1. OMGGGGG! So expensive ahhh? These people, they cut throat wan! So expensive. *grumbles* Wif Rm2.00, I can get more than this lerr… The portion is really small lerr…I dun think it would be enuff for me lerr…

      Enough lah! I don’t eat very much, remember? You so small, eat so much…where it all go hah? Hahahaha!!!

      1. Down the toilet bowl lorr… ahahahahahahah! Cikgu so pandai! LOL… But one portion like this, I share wif anak ma… so not quite enuff, as he’ll take all the chicken. Ahahahaha!

        Chinese say “lau chai”… Everything you eat, all out!!! Nothing retained! Next time, tahan sikit… Hahahahaha!!!!

  2. portion of two servings of chicken doesn’t look tat huge though…. i could see lots of bones…. But i m nt salivating nw cz i jz had indian take away for my dinner…. taste really nice…. hahaha

    3 pieces! That means they give one or two normally. Must have shortchanged me on my chicken too – like the sausages. Next time, I’ll ask for two plates…or three, depending on how many vouchers I have! They try to tipu people one! Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. I really think they tipu you. This one… I see is just like for one serving standard! Chicken oso so small. OMG…. next time, ask for two servings! Ahahaha!

      Ya…next time, two plates…and I’ll put everything together on one plate myself…and say that Cleffairy taught me one! πŸ˜€

  3. Eh? You said the condiments were for tw servingso, but looks so measly lerr, the chicken so small… 😦 and the sambal oso so less! They just give you drummets? Aiyerr… they’re so stingy! *grumbles* only the peanuts and ikan bilis looks alot to me. *grumbles* the cucumber oso two slice only? Tsk tsk tsk!

    Next time you come KL, I must treat you to this nasi lemak I frequent. They give me very generous portion wan. Looks like this one, with bigger chicken! Summore, the sambal is not ordinary sambal. It’s either sotong sambal or the kerang one!

    Sotong! Kerang! You want to kill me, is it? Sure will not be able to walk for a week – gout attack! You’ll have to come here and carry me around – no trolley available at my house! πŸ˜€

    1. Alamax.. then you should have call me mah! I teman you breakfast πŸ˜€ February? STP.. tell us, tell us.. Me and Cleff bring you and wifey go paint the town red! πŸ˜€

      Will have to see when the time comes… Dunno what our schedule will be like, later plan something…and then I’ll be stuck somewhere. KL not like Sibu one, one two minutes can sampai one! And no transport some more. Maybe we all fix a place to meet Sunday night…and Cleffairy can belanja all of us! Hahahahahaha!!!! Will email to all at a later date – post here then the whole world will know! πŸ˜€

      1. Why I reply under cleffairy pulak??? Chis this fairy put a magic spell under me ody! Anyway… Cleff.. stop finding ‘bigger chickens’ for STP lah.. he’s a good guy you know! πŸ˜›

        It is contagious, is it not? Hahahahaha!!! Never mind, later she will belanja all of us! πŸ™‚

      2. Whole world know good lah! We can have one big gathering for our tai ko STP πŸ˜€

        Eyew…me very shy, very quiet one! Not like on blog! LOL!!!

    2. Eh? You got gout meh? But you eat that time duzzin look like you got gout worr… everything goes…. hmmm!

      Hahahahaha!!! See the mood! Sometime eat like a horse, no problem! Sometimes, eat sikit…can’t walk for one week liao! Really susah like that!

  4. just makan for 3….dont 4get ur camera next time! LOL! Hv a blessed sunday!

    Definitely!!! Stick around…and you may see the pic one day! πŸ™‚

    1. Ahahahahahahahahaah! Another one can join my gang and kenwooi’s gang! Ahahaha… never read properly. LMAO…I think all like me lah…. nid to change specs power! LOL…

      Fast fast read, fast fast comment…fast fast move to another blog! Humph!!! After all the trouble I took to write nice nice and make it interesting for people to read…

      1. Woiks… I not liddat. Ahahaha! I lepak here alot… Claire’s blog oso her place there oso very funny wan. Aahahaha… but my mata abit cacat d. My specs need to change very long d, never bother go and upgrade the power. So lazy…. aihhh… summore, specs costs a bomb for me. 😦 My power very high wan, so cost more. Can you imagine, one piece of specs, can cost Rm400! OMG! Aihh… liddat better collect more money, den straight go for laser, hor? Den can look like hot chic oso! Ahahahaha~

        Got so expensive meh? You use branded frame eh? I made for my daughter – less than RM200! Better come to Sibu to make like that! Always online…of course, eyesight getting worse!

  5. Haha. Then you will have a triple happiness for the breakfast. LOL.

    Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping… Will see when the time comes. LOL!!!

  6. Wow..that nasi lemak looks good, but like other said, the portion did look small, it’s like one serving instead of two. Now you make me feel like eating nasi lemak, those at “mamak stall” yummy and cheap.

    When will you be in KL next month? Give me a call, since i will be rotting here in KL.

    Will be there 6th to 9th, daughter’s flying off 8th night…but dunno what our schedule would be like. Have to play by ear…not like when I went alone, anytime also ok.

    1. OMGGGG…. scaryy…. I very takut Annie wan! She’s very, very intimidating! LOL… later she bring her bento… I confirm pengsan on the spot… OMG!

      Hahahahahaha!!! Now making excuses to get out of belanja-ing all of us eh? πŸ˜€

      1. Ya, ya… takut… but horr… if got coming out to meet up, must let me know earlier bit. LOL…I go roast some chicken…. ahahahaha… i think next time wun burn d!

        Good grief! Do we have to buy insurance first? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. stingy lar u as i stay next door hotel only u don bother cal me for free breakfast…LOL

    You young man – night time jadi hantu until dunno what time… I asked you to sms me when you woke up, maybe we could go breakfast or something…but when you smsed me, already at station going back to Singapore liao! Next time lah… πŸ™‚

    1. That uncle up there young meh? He said he’s old worr!

      If he old…I would be as dead as a door nail already lah! Extinct like the dinosaur! LOL!!!

      1. I think he’s not old and fat you know? His leg and hand just like average man. I saw his latest entry…dun have wrinkle oso…hand summore very smooth… hmmm…. hmm… he bluff! Ahahahaha!

        Keep guessing! A promise is a promise! I will not say a word! LOL!!!

  8. OMG you really ate your hearts out! But I would have loved to see those eggs pilling up in your plate for the american breakfast. What happened to the phone camera?

    Still with me…but with all the complaints in the past about the photo quality, I decided against using it to take the photo.

    1. Huwaaaaa! Mogok, mogok! Cikgu mogok, very scary! Ahhahahahahaah! πŸ˜›

      No lah! People say not nice, so don’t put lah! Must try to keep everyone happy, then they’ll come back again and again and again… πŸ™‚

      1. You’re nice… enuff for me to come back… ahahahaha!

        Ya…of course, I’m nice. Everyone will tell you so…or at least, almost everyone! Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. I wish u have taken the American Breakfast portion. That will be a massive one !! And u have 4 sunny side up for breakfast then ? waaooo….

    Once in a blue moon, never mind. That’s why I asked for the nasi lemak the next morning – didn’t order the same thing. Couldn’t possibly have four eggs EVERY DAY straight like that!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Haha..true true..got to be a little health conscious eiii

      Have to lah! Already approaching 60….but I have no intention of joining the heavenly choir just yet! LOL!!!

      1. Choi! Wud heavenly choir? Tonite I tell God, must keep you alive until at least your first grandkid get married! *grinZ*

        Tenkiu, tenkiu! But by then, already so old…cannot walk, cannot see, cannot hear, cannot eat, cannot anything – Gee! I don;t intent to live that long!!!

    2. My late grandma say, eat too much eggs can kena heart attack wan. LOL…scary ohh, lucky Cikgu very clever, never eat too much!

      Moderation is the key! I eat everything but must make sure that I do not eat too much!

  10. not late ler as till alor shop closed nia…i drank 2 big btl carlsberg and 1 small bottle guiness stout only…its too early 3am so i tink u havent wake up so i go bk slp…lol

    cleffairy im really old and ugly n fat… πŸ˜‰

    Ugly and fat, I will not comment…but if old and still can drink 2 big bottles of Carlsberg and 1 small bottle of Guiness stout and stay up at Jalan Alur till 3 am, that is really really hebat one!!! I drink one glass of Tiger – can’t walk for one week liao! It will surely trigger off a gout attack! Sigh! This old man…really so kesian! 😦

    1. Yeah…. must be bluffing…. I know d… where got so easy cheat me, huh? Summore see his hand, his leg, so smooth liddat….old ah? Dun believe! Drink summore like young ppl… got night life summore… if old man… that time oredi in bed, snoring the night away! Either bluff, or he’s Superman! OMG! Alien ah!

      No comments! I promised him already that I would not breathe a word… πŸ˜‰

      1. Look… what’s that? It’s a plane…it’s superman…it’s an alien…. no…. it’s fatty oldman! Ahahahahaahahahah!

        Hah! Got new friend now, I see? Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. haha…then you eat 3 in 1 then…:) it’s a blessing to be able to eat! hehe…mebe u can call some fren(s) over to enjoy the breakfast with u. hehe…

    Ya…will have to see when the time comes.

  12. oh ya, you know Pn Marina? She was my english tuition teacher last time! hahaa…such a small world…yea, i dun think the Ipoh Citrus and Miri Citrus is related, they just happened to have the same name.:D

    Ya…she’s my good friend. Still calls me sometimes. Small world indeed!

  13. Don’t think its enough for me for breakfast lol. Looking forward to ur New Zealand posts:)

    Ooi!!! Not going to New Zealand lah! Only my daughter – going there to study. The mother and I are accompanying her only till KL…to send her off at KLIA with all her coursemates. But I may go later in the year. Will have to wait and see first…

    1. Heavens! How many more needs to join my club ah? I should start charging ppl for fees… ahahaha… den can laugh all the way to the bank. Wow… easy money. Ahahahahaha… aiyerr… why everyone tot ur going New Zealand wan…. semua need to upgrade specs power!

      Dunno. Don’t tell me my English is so poor that people cannot understand? Sigh!!!

  14. oldman nth to do mar so drink till 3am lor as so kesian alone…sumore oldman n fat whre got strength walk n just sat thre as cant move my butt of the chair… πŸ˜€

    thanks for not review how ugly n fat im as im embarrased ler… πŸ˜‰

    Better than me! At that time, my slow boat already reached China! LOL!!! Humph!!! Maybe I can bribe you so as to seal my lips and keep your secret… Luckily, you gave me chocs, or else I would just spill the beans! πŸ˜€

  15. cleffairy…thats not me in pic as i got xtra mannequin for posting…actual me wil lead u vomit as u saw my body fat…eewww… πŸ™‚

    I’m out of here. Tak nak campur liao… πŸ˜‰

  16. Did you try the beef noodles along Jln Imbi this time?

    Oops! I totally forgot about it!…The one fatty old man’s talking about is much nearer though and I did not go to that one either. Maybe I can do that on my next trip… See how it goes!

  17. wow…double dosage of nasi lemak!!! ok ok..never mind..it is not an everyday affair that a father sends her daughter for this pre-departure talk, right?

    Yalor…once in a lifetime? But we’ll be going again – this time for the actual departure! See if there’s going to ba a replay then. LOL!!!

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