On my way back home…

While waiting for our flight back home to Sibu, my daughter and I decided to have a bite at one of the food outlets at KLIA. She had this beef pie…

KLIA beef pie 1

I tried a bit of it…but in my honest opinion, the pastry came nowhere near mine! The filling is all right though…

KLIA beef pie 2

As for me, I just had an egg sandwich myself…

KLIA egg sandwich

…and needless to say, if you eat at any airport in Malaysia, you should expect to pay through your nose as nothing is cheap there!

On the flight back, my daughter had this beef rendang with steamed rice set for dinner…

MAS dinner 1

…while I had the chicken kuzzi with tomato rice…

MAS dinner 2

We were given the usual packs of Ferrero Rocher and fruit cake…

MAS dinner 3

…but unfortunately, they did not serve any Baskin’ Robbins’ ice cream this time around. The fruit cake was very nice though, not too sweet and really moist…

MAS dinner 4

We arrived home safely amidst the pouring rain. Too bad they did not divert the flight to Kuching owing to the bad weather – then, we would get a free one-night stay with breakfast in one of the hotels there before coming back to Sibu the following morning. Sigh…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “On my way back home…”

  1. Wah… first class flight? LOL… eii… the rendang looks quite dry to me.

    Aiyor…old retired pensioner…where got money to fly first class? This one’s economy lah!!! Ya…the rendang’s a bit dry…and a bit tough too, but tasted quite good!

    1. Grumbles grumbles. How come my economy never get this free food wan? All I get is that stupid kacang and some juice! ADOI!

      You fly to Sibu lah! Then you get this kind of meals… They see we Sibu people so handsome, so must give special food! Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Aiks… I dunno domestic flight got serve such thing. LOL…those that I take give peanuts! PEANUTSSSS!

        The domestic flights cheaper…and you get peanuts only plus a drink. When we fly from town to town here, also the same – but direct to KK, we get sandwiches and Kit Kat plus Milo. Only those “overseas” flights, we get better fare – South China Sea also over sea mah!

  2. Sigh~! Sigh~! Sigh~! Yaloh we could have food marathon here πŸ˜› Never mind, wait lah this weekend πŸ˜€

    Looking forward to that! Yum! Yum!

  3. The fruit cake looks nice…. each time i sit on a flight, i dont have much appetite to take the main meal.. i always ended up taking the bun and desserts only.. rugi right? always get air sickness… what to do.. still wanna go traveling despite this…

    Then you can fly the cheap airline – no food. Have to buy…and since you can’t eat, no need to buy lor! Save money! LOL!!!

    1. Wahhh… this claire… so waste wan ah? I can wallop anything, even thru turbulence. Terrible me. Ahahahahaaha! Next time, bring me along to travel wif you, I help you makan all! I summore oso always wish for more food on board. Not enuff ler…. the portion so measly! They’re so kedekut wan!

      Maybe there is some truth in what the old folks used to say – “Tham chiak, chiak bay pui!” (Greedy people, eat…will never grow fat!!!) Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Where got greedy… just eat that time cannot feel full. 😦

        Eat slowly…give time for the signals to reach your brain to tell you that you are full. I also eat very fast though… 😦

      2. You can wallop anything during turbulence.. my hubs can be in the toilet during turbulence leh! until the air crew had to knock on the door to get him out of there! lol..

        Aiyor…so terrible meh? Thought usually ladies get air sick? Well, he can take the pills before flying…

  4. btw, thanks for the “salam” …

    Ah!!! You met Mandy!!! Good! Good! She’s such a nice person and a wonderful friend – will go out of her way to help and is always concerned. Such friends are for keeps – a real gem that’s hard to find!

  5. u rich ppl nvm lar eat at airpork..ppl like me drink water til full stomach only n wen reach just eat..lol

    Where got rich? You working in Singapore – salary X 2.5… Aiyor, eat also cannot habis one! πŸ˜€

    1. I’m not rich. It was paid expenses on my part. If i’m rich oredi ah, Uncle, I would have probably globe trot the world liao and shake my legs on a Caribbean cruise over peach tea! LOL… I am not rich. 😦

      If all the things people claim are true, this world no rich people liao lor! Hahahahaha!!!

  6. Wah I wonder how many ferrero rochers you have eaten after flying so many times with MAS.

    I don’t eat them! I’m not fond of chocs…and definitely not those with nuts!

    1. I bet none ah, Eiling… he dun really like chocolates. If he travels wif his daughter, I bet he fed her all! Ahahahaha!

      My girl also not so much into chocs. We take home and keep in the fridge and they will all eventually disappear. Only 3 in the house – guess who has been eating the chocs! πŸ˜€

  7. hahahhahaha..looks like now Cleff become STP’s personal assistant to reply all the comments.

    Ya, i agree, your chicken pie looks a lot better than this one. At least your pie’s look a lot better than this also. πŸ™‚

    The beef rendang and your tomatoes rice look good, now i’m hungry by looking at it. πŸ™‚

    So nice to have PA, no need to pay one some more! Muahahahaha!!!! She can keep everyone entertained until I get gback online. πŸ˜€ Ya…my pie’s definitely better and a lot cheaper! The inflight dinner was ok – no complaint!

    1. If only he pay me lah Annie, I can really goyang kaki wan! Ahahahahha! No lah… i like hanging out here. LOL…

      Maybe if I charge a certain amount per comment, I’d probably by quite rich now! Hahahahaha!!!!

  8. I don’t know why i’m so forbidden to see food which served with 4 colors/seasons beans/peas coz i think it spoiled that some how to be classy food. I reckon it shd only appear in kids meal. hahaha….do i sounds like an stubborn old man ? STP, i noticed that u don’t fly airasia ehh ? is it b’coz of that three chocolate balls ? lolzz

    I thought the more colours, the nicer the presentation? Nope, not into those balls…but I don’t like the cheap airline. If you can get the 70% discount on MAS flights, the fare can be very reasonable and at times, even cheaper…and everything is so much better! Besides, my daughter has this phobia from watching those air disaster shows in Discovery Channel – she said all involved cheap airlines! LOL!!!

    1. Charles… Airasia sux. *sigh* service always not satisfactory, Plane oso always shaking. Summore, flight always delay….rude and cocky staff as well. 😦 I dunno why Cikgu dun take Airasia, but that’s the reason why I dun take Airasia. 😦 They are just so unbearable. 😦 Summore… free seating. I’m quite against free seating, cuz I always get stampeded. 😦 I stopped taking Airasia and go for MAs instead.

      Ooi, char boh! The cheap airline – now you can BUY your seats and the better ones are more expensive, of course! Generally, they’re pretty well below par in all considerations – except maybe the price (and even that, not all the time) compared to MAS…and that LCCT is just like a godown. Even Puduraya is better – at least the food isn’t so expensive!

      1. Actually… their pilot skill is the one that make me swear off Airasia. 😦 Very bad experience with them each time I take flight go back hometown. And very inconsiderate when you’re traveling with children as well. that’s my main concern. Security… lol…LCCT abit menakutkan for me.

        I know you can buy seat wan these days, but more expensive. Better go for MAS economy seats. My dad usually got lower price when flying with MAS, so use his name to buy. Ahahahaha! See… i am so pandai!

        How to use your dad’s name to buy, cheap? Use his Enrich points kah? Where do you fly to? Can keep your son quiet in the plane kah?

      2. I know why their landing skill sucks lah, Cleff! It’s not the pilot’s fault actually. The pilots are used to pilot Boeing 737 all this while and suddenly AirAsia phased out their 737 and substitute them with Airbus A320 which has different system. Therefore the pilots are not skillful to pilot the A320 yet…but nowadays they are okay already especially the longer flight ones. Shorter flights, eg. Sibu-Kch ones are still very bumpy.

        The last time I went on a flight, it was ok. It was everything else that put me off… Certainly felt like taking a bus! I think some buses have more class!

    2. Cikgu is right. I always travel on those 70% or buy one free one offer with MAS. Good offer ma. More or less… almost like Airasia, with better service. No joke wan. Airasia service is terrible. God knows how many times I wanna strangle them to death oredi. And with Airasia, there’s no compensation when there’s delay oso. You just get stuck there. With MAS… if there’s delay, you can actually demand compensation, and they will comply with your requests if it’s reasonable.

      Cikgu ahhh… Melissa is right ler. She’s smart, so she takut Airasia. I oso very takut. Used to take Airasia a few times back then…. and the pilot… aiyohh… the skill ahhh…. den during turbulence the aeroplane is like gonna break! 😦 Dunwan lerr… later become like that show, LOST. Den how? *cries*

      Ptui! Ptui!…don’t simply talk – I have to fly around quite a lot these days. Touch wood! Touch wood! The cheap airline claims to pay for delays…but they have ways to get around that. MAS? I know they may give you voucher to go and eat…and if stuck on transit, they provide hotel and breakfast before continuing the journey the next day.

      1. If during turbulence then it’s not the pilot’s fault because after taking off, the aeroplane is on auto-pilot mode already. He can’t help it if there are air pockets in the air, you know? (That’s what causing turbulence, by the way)

        I heard that their aircrafts do not carry so much fuel…so die-die must go ahead through clouds…and bad weather also must land. Can’t go around…or divert to another town. Dunno true or not.

  9. x 2.5 what use as their gabanment took half of it alrdy on taxes…of coz eat owes not habis as i dont swollow the plate n spoon like what u did..i normally left behind those cutlery n plate tat y ppl say ciak beh liao..lol

    u rich ppl fly mas but me poor oldman fly using tiger airway.jetstar or airasia even smts its really crooked up but wat to do as money.. 😦

    No lah! MAS…if you book very very early, you can get very cheap especially on local flights. Next trip, I’ll be coming back to Sibu using the cheap airline as MAS already fully booked right up till after CNY, and use Air Asia also expensive – over RM600, I think…but at least, cheaper than getting stuck in KL and staying in hotel.

    1. Book at least 1 mth before travel date. Den can get very cheap oredi. Try and see… LOL…

      Ya, sometimes book now – fly 3 months later…and may vary from day to day, so check regularly and book when the price is right. Also watch out for promos e.g. when MATTA fair is on! Can get very cheap!

    2. U come my house stay for free. Den teach me how not to burn my food. LOL…. den stay KL will be very cheap liao.

      And eat your poison? No, thanks! Hahahahaha!!! And with your monsters-in-law around? Never mind, I’d rather pay some money and stay in some cheap hotel.

  10. LOL… yeah… use his enrich point. Ahahahahaha…. he travel very often with MAS… company pay, den this dotter use all the benefit. He buy those ticks for me den I pay back ma. I tell the brat I’ll toss him down the plane if he wun keep quiet. So he keep quiet lohh!

    Last time I used to fly a lot on government duty…and I collected a lot of points. These days, no more. Travelling on 70% discounted fares – no Enrich points awarded.

  11. Oh yeah… Cikgu….you book online for tickets also got special price wan Cheaper than phonecalls or you go to their centre to book. You book online or offline? Where I travel to? Usually i travel to Penang or Alor Star. Go back hometown ma.

    Of course I book my air tickets online. You think this old man so useless, cannot do that kah? Tsk! Tsk!

  12. Airport food not nice and expensive. Should have like bak kut teh, kueh teow soup, fried kueh teow or hokkien mee there lar!

    Where? At the airport? Dream on. But at KLIA, there was Eden beside McD’s – Chinese restaurant but I bet it would be very expensive. Dunno if it is still there. Never bothered to walk to that side for a long time…

  13. Warr…so yours is better lar bro? :p Yeah! I believe you are more pro compared to them. πŸ™‚

    Of course! A lot better, I must say!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Airport food is ex and sometimes taste like shit:P

    I had the fried noodles at the Malay food outlet inside the departure lounge and it was really bad and extremely expensive. The pie was ok…but the sandwich – I would hardly taste any egg in it.

  15. LOL…reach home safely and early is always good…hehe…seems like you can become a top rank food critic already…hehe…

    Me? Food critic? No leh…just sharing my two cents’ worth! πŸ™‚

  16. alamak they served the same lunch when I flew with them early december…Mana Ada Sistem…macam tu hehehe

    They had that in December already? We had something different in November…but then again, when it comes to Malay food, how different can it get? Curry, kurma, rendang…nasi lemak – that’s the usual stuff. But at least it’s inclusive in the air fare – don’t have to buy like in the other airline and only a few items available. How much for the nasi lemak? Almost RM10, right? And the instant noodles in a cup with Mawi’s face? Ewek…ewek… The sight will certainly make me wanna puke! No appetite dah!!!

  17. MAS is certainly putting a lot of effort into their airplane food.
    I think they’re doing a great job & should be applauded! =)

    Ya…there certainly is a lot of improvement compared to the times before Idris Jala!

  18. Hahaha.. you make my mouth water when u talk about beef ! I should really look for an outlet here that serves Western but doubt it can be found.. all cheapskates living here -.-

    I’m sure there are a lot of nice Western restaurants not too far away! Maybe you just dunno your way around… You’re in Shah Alam, right? Not in some God-forsaken place like Tanjung Malim or Tronoh. Oops…sorry, Gab! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. Wow, since the starting of Airasia, I didn’t see such nice in flight foods already. Some more got Ferrero Rocher. Again? πŸ™‚

    Ya…they give Kit Kat for breakfast and Ferrero Rocher for lunch and dinner…and if you’re lucky, you may get Baskin’ Robbins icecream! Air Asia? Instant noodles in a cup! Real NCAA (no class at all)!

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