It’s a heartache…

In my previous post, I mentioned that the ministry changed my daughter’s date of departure to New Zealand to the 8th of February instead of the 11th. Because of that, I had to make fresh air ticket bookings…and go to the MAS office in town to cancel the earlier ones, paying a cancellation fee of RM100 per booking – and that actually meant per person, so you would have to pay RM300 if there were 3 passengers in a booking. All in all, I had to fork out RM500 and be thankful that I did manage to get the rest of the money back. Still, that certainly was one BIG heartache! Imagine the things that I could do with the RM500!!!

As for the hotel, I had to change the dates and the trouble was that I had got a friend to book through a travel agency in Kuching as it was cheaper. For instance, a triple room would cost RM180 if you book direct but only RM165 through the agency. They charged RM35 for amending the initial reservation and I had to ask Gundot to go and get the revised voucher from the agency and send it to me.

Thankfully, she was able to help me do that…and the other night, Tom, Gundot’s hubby who’s working in Sibu, dropped by my house to pass the voucher to me. He also brought me some fruits from his orchard including this buah terap

Buah terap

…which if I’m not mistaken, belongs to the buah cempedak and buah nangka (jackfruit) family. I gave it to my mum and she enjoyed it very much.

He also gave me these hard-skinned rambutans, whatever they are called locally…

Hard-skinned wild rambutans

…and these with yellow-skin…

Yellow-skinned rambutans

They’re both very nice and sweet but I prefer the ones with the yellow skin. They’re bigger and comparatively sweeter.

So now, everything’s settled…and all we have to do is to wait for the time to come – which is actually only a couple of weeks away. In the meantime, there are still some loose ends to tie, errands to run…so I have been pretty busy these few days. But I did manage to stop by my regular kuih stall at Bandong the other day and I bought these kuih jala at RM1.50 for three…

Bandong's kuih jala

…and they came with the chicken curry to eat them with. I also bought these kuih dhall at three for a ringgit…

Bandong's kuih dhall

…and these bergedil at that same price.

Bandong's bergedil

Now don’t ask why there were only two of each in the photos – you can jolly well guess where the missing ones had gone to! LOL!!!