Bring it on home…

I didn’t go on a shopping spree when I was in KL with my daughter. We just strolled around the complexes in the vicinity of the hotel in Bukit Bintang where we were staying. I had to go to a shop at Jalan Alor, however, to buy some of those bak kua (barbecued meat slices) back for my sister. Actually we can buy them here at our local supermarts but they’re more expensive by some RM3-5.00 per 500 gm.

And while I was at the shop, I browsed around the other things that they were selling and ended buying a few packets of these heong peah

Heong peah

I love heong peahs a lot and this brand is really good! The pastry is so nice and flaky…and the filling is savoury, not sweet.

The lady at the shop kept telling me that these were very good…

Heong Peah - brown sugar 1

She said that they used brown sugar and thus, they would not be so sweet. It turned out that it was not true. Firstly, the pastry paled miserably in comparison and the filling was hard and very sweet! I definitely would not buy it again!

One thing that I like about these brands is that the pieces of heong peah inside are individually packed, so I do not have to find an airtight container to store them.

Heong peah - brown sugar 2

Then, while my daughter and I were browsing around at the Japanese section at Giant in Sungai Wang, we saw this piece of unagi or eel…

Unagi - braised Japanese eel

My daughter loves unagi but she did not want to buy it as it cost RM25.00. She’s always very careful with money…but I insisted on buying as she would not be eating that for a long time once she goes over to New Zealand, and if she were to go and eat that there, it would probably cost a bomb, I’m sure.

So that was all that I brought home to Sibu with me. Not much, eh? I probably would not be able to say the same thing about my next trip though…considering that my missus will be tagging along! LOL!!!