With a little bit of luck…

Well, with a little bit of luck, I could have recouped all the money I had spent on my car these past few weeks but sadly, that was not meant to be…

I had a flat tyre one evening for no obvious reason – they could not find a puncture in it, but I decided to get the tyre changed anyway. I wouldn’t want the risk of getting stuck somewhere…and that cost over RM100. That same morning, I decided to get my car air-conditioner serviced as it was not cold enough for me – and that took away another RM100 plus. Then, the other day, I discovered a leakage in my car and had to get the radiator pump – the main source of the problem as well as the radiator changed, plus a whole lot of other things and the bill came up to a whooping RM667.00. All in all, that totalled around RM1K! Sigh!!!

Then on Wednesday, my car number came out 2nd prize – RM1K! But unfortunately, I didn’t buy…

With a little bit of luck

My missus bought a few ringgit, so she was of course, jumping for joy. It seemed that she told my outlaws…I mean, my in-laws about my car dripping and they said that they should go and buy my number. Yeah…they struck it rich too…but not me! Sulk! Sulk!ย I should have seen the signs too. The puncture and the aircon = wind (fong) and the leaking radiator = water (shui), and putting that together = “fong shui”…

Ah well…I guess it is just not meant to be and I would just have to go on working hard for the money to pay the bills and put food on the table and hopefully, manage to make ends meet somehow. But as Tevye (Topol) says in the following clip, “O dear Lord, You made many, many poor people. I realise, of course, it’s no shame to be poor, but it’s no great honour either. So what would have been so terrible…if I had a small fortune?

…You decreed I should be what I am. Would it spoil some vast eternal plan, if I were a wealthy man!!!” LOL!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the clips/songs and do have a lovely weekend, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “With a little bit of luck…”

  1. Yeah! I am the first commenter today! Where are you, Annant! :p

    No sign of her today… Dunno what she’s up to! Weekend liao! Young girls got lots of programmes mah! LOL!!!

  2. Now! Now! It’s alright. I believe God doesn’t want you to use your “bit of luck” here. Maybe he’s planning something bigger for you….He wants you to strike Jackpot! Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

    I certainly hope so. Then I can even pay for you to come over to Sarawak makan-makan… You can start praying now… Hahahahaha!!!

  3. Well, life is like that. Sometimes things just happened when you least expected it. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ya, man proposes, God disposes… Just not destined to strike it rich! Sob! Sob!

  4. And of course ….we have a little of luck I’m today’s First commenter! Eat this Annant! Just kidding. Anyway good morning Suituapui! Have a nice day ya. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Now afternoon liao! Hope you had a good morning…and a good day, what’s left of it! Wah! You so free today…so many comments.Real lucky, you!!! LOL!!!

  5. hi STP, so how much “token”did your wife and your inlaws give u ? without u, no windfall for them too… perhaps this weekend u will get a big feast .. have a wonderful weekend!

    What “token”? Satu sen pun tak dapat! Sulk! Sulk!…And no sign of any feast coming pun? Sigh…and I have to cook dinner today! Friday! No class….so I’m supposed to be VERY free!

  6. No luck means no luck la….haha. Next time dont check the results if you didnt buy. At least you’ve won quite a number of times. I’ve never won a single cent. But like i always say…. i’m not winning the small ones cos I am accumulating my luck for the MEGA one. hahah.

    “…You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” (Imagine, John Lennon) So we sama-sama dream lah….except that you are already rich – OKB (orang kaya baru)! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. Jeez… i was hoping to be the first person to comment.. bu oh well… haha… ya la, sometimes fate is like that.. i guess the trick is staying happy with what you have.. XD..

    P.S. Going to head for Rasa Sayang with Lawrence anda couple of friends. Any recommendation ? Haha

    FC…you have to be up around 6,30-7.30! LOL!!!…….Too bad fate has not been very kind! Sob! Sob! But then again I guess I’m luckier than a whole lot of other people, so I can just be thankful for that. Rasa Sayang kampua nice, ya? When it comes to food, I’m always right one… Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Hey, your misses could foot the food bills for the month, and some more, go to the outlaws’ (no, in-laws, I mean) place to eat everyday for the month!

    Unfortunately, what is mine is ours…and what is hers is hers! But I guess she sometimes used her money to buy things for the house.

  9. Well, tried a few times for my number when I first got it (even my colleagues, friends, etc are buying as well) but it never came out so gave up liao. Some people have all the luck in the world. So in an attempt to comfort myself (read as denial), I’m telling people that I knew money won’t come easily, might as well earn it. ๐Ÿ˜›

    That’s what I tell myself all the time. Want money, just have to work for it, that’s all!!! Sigh!

  10. If I were a rich man,I certainly won’t built a house like Topol’s or biddy bum like him all day long…….there is a saying that bad things come in threes and good things come to those who wait…so bet yours are coming in throngs, STP! So keep on singing If I were a rich man all weekend long!!! Have a ‘throngy’ weekend as well!

    Well, I’m waiting… Bad things one after another, more than three already…nothing good in sight!!! Sigh!!!

  11. In continuation of the ‘biddy bum’ comment above,the direct hokkien translation is ‘pak-kar’chui’! GROSS!!Lol!

    In what language? I only know the bum part? Oz slang kah?

  12. aiyo…… well.. to say that there’s no luck is a tad wrong.. as you obviously didn’t have any good luck but you did have some bad luck.. so you did have a little bit of luck after all.. HAHAHAHAHA.

    What little bit? Lots of bad luck and not even a little bit of good luck! Must go and bathe in the water with the petals of flowers of seven colours liao! Buang sial!!!

  13. Haha. Sometimes we need to follow the sign… ๐Ÿ™‚ But I am sure your wife will buy you a big dinner when she get the money. But I never buy any 4D before, so I will not have the luck even my plate number come out.

    No mention of dinner so far!!! Tsk! Tsk!…Well, you can try! Who knows, beginner’s luck, they say… LOL!!!

  14. haha dun laaa so sad… tell auntie to chia u makan then can d.

    Don’t worry, Dr…when we meet in KL, sure I belanja u makan. Harap2 when you pass ur interview, you belanja me makan…ok or not? Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. You have to name if possible every one of your nice food, or else we only salivate – what food is that!!!!

    FAt fat weekend again!

    I always name whatever I feature – in English and if in BM, I give the English translation. No food in this post leh?…..Ya, hoping for a real big Fatt Cai weekend… LOL!!!

  16. That’s weird, I’ve been fixing up my old junk ALL the time, but hey… I guess problems caused by constant ‘abuse’ doesn’t work then… LOL!

    Ya…I guess like self-inflicted pain, it does not count… After all, you have had your enjoyment! Hahahahahaha!!!

  17. i always to tell this phrases to my two boys”not everyday is sunday and not everyday is a rainy day” .

    we shared the same fate,i just spent 430 for for aircon,but i am happy at least i had the money to spend…(perasan betul).

    you know speaking about wagering number, i never won even 1 cent,so i stopped many years liao.

    take care STP, wishing you a great weekend

    Ya…in a certain year, I won a number of times but no more after that. Now, I’ve stopped buying…except maybe once or twice a year when I happened to pass by a shop and felt like trying my luck. Unfortunately, I have not been lucky. That’s right! I am thankful that I have enough to spend and live comfortably…and can afford to keep my car in good shape. What more could I ask for? You have a great weekend, and your family too!

  18. Your missus so lucky. 1k is a blessing compared to my car!!!

    Yalor! You finally got your gear shift replaced? Auto gear – more expensive. That’s why I use manual…and no power steering! That will also cost money once there’s a problem. As long as I’ve a car to get from one place to another…no complaint liao!

  19. aww.. the wind and water totally make sense.. i wouldnt have figure it out too! lol =D

    LOL!!! Unfortunately I didn’t buy, so I did not have a windfall…

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