Running on empty…

Oh boy! What a day! And it’s only halfway through! I spotted some leakage from the engine of my car and I thought it was the engine oil…but when I checked, it turned out to be water. The mechanic said the pump was spoilt and the radiator had seen better days, so I had to leave the vehicle at his garage for all the necessary repairs to be done. Sigh!!! I can see my money sprouting wings and flying away… Bye! Bye!

In fact, this morning, I was in the vicinity where the garage is – Sungai Merah. I went back to that corner coffee shop – Choon Seng that I had a post about not too long ago – the one with the yummy meat porridge

Choon Seng Cafe @ Sg Merah

I have heard people singing praises of the kampua noodles at the stall but I have yet to try it. Well, I did…this morning!

Choon Seng kampua noodles 1

It is all right, nothing to shout about. I still prefer my usual favourites and even the one at Peter’s Cafe in Sungai Antu. But the piansip (kiaw/wantan) tasted pretty good…

Choon Seng kampua noodles 2

However, I would rather go for the meat porridge with all the minced meat, liver and intestines anytime! As a matter of fact, yesterday, I had that at Mei Le Cafe near my house at the Delta Commercial Centre, Pedada…

Mei Le meat porridge

It is much more expensive, starting at RM3.00 up to RM6.00 a bowl. This one cost RM4.00 with the yew cha kway and century egg. I felt there was very little minced meat and there was only a thin slice of liver – that’s all. Furthermore, the egg was disintegrated and I could only see tiny bits of it swimming in the porridge, so I would not know whether they put in one whole egg or not. Tastewise, I didn’t think it was as good as the one at Choon Seng which was only RM2.50 a bowl. By the way, the kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) at Choon Seng is RM1.30 a glass, 10 sen more than elsewhere…and not necessarily better.

Incidentally, I guess some of you in the central region of the state may have seen my blog being mentioned in the local papers this morning…

From the press is the featured blog this week and he mentioned in the post selected that if anyone wants to go out and eat, he or she should do some homework first and check out my blog to see what’s nice to eat and where to go. Gee! I think I should put up a disclaimer somewhere! One man’s meat is another man’s poison…and what I like may not be what others will enjoy. Oh dear!

Well, let’s hope that things will start looking better from now…for the rest of the day!