Friend of mine…

A friend of mine dropped by at my house last Friday and a blogger-friend at that too. He brought me these nyonya chang (meat dumplings) all the way from Kuching…

Nyonya chang 1

I don’t know if he made these himself or if he bought them from some place, where he got them from. For one thing, they were much smaller than those that I used to buy from the stalls in front of the shops along Green Road. Well, it was a Friday, so I had no choice but to put them away in the fridge and I only got to eat them on Sunday, two days later…

Nyonya chang 2

For one thing, they were very well made – perfect cones with a whole lot of meat inside.

Nyonya chang 3

Tastewise, they were really nice, comparable to those nice ones that I had had before…but I do wish they had a bit more glutinous rice and if only they were a bit bigger. Well, as they say, beggars can’t be choosers, so thank you so much, Kongkay, for the chang and also for the kind thought of buying them and bringing them all the way for me.

And still on the topic of food, don’t you all love sweet corn?

Sweet corn 1

Gosh! They are really so expensive these days – RM1.00 each!!! I love those that they call the LIGO variety but at such prices, I certainly would think twice about having them regularly. In the past, for RM2.00, we could get as many as 6 – 8 ears of corn!

If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that they use crops like corn and sugarcane in the production of bio-fuels and many people in the Third World countries are planting these crops but exporting them to the developed countries for this purpose, thus depriving the poor starving locals of food. I wonder whether this is the reason why we have to pay so much these days for sweet corn.

Sweet corn 2

If only I had green fingers, then probably I could plant my own in my backyard. As a matter of fact, we used to, when I was still small – my grandma, my mum and aunties and me, at that big piece of land around our old house at the end of Race Course Road (Simpang Tiga). Those were the days…