Let’s dance…

Well, the Borneo Cultural Festival is here again. I did not go at all last year…and I don’t think I will be going again this year. I dropped by a couple of times before but that was just to buy some of the local delicacies on sale at some of the stalls e.g. the ayam pansoh (chicken cooked in bamboo).

My ex-student cum blogger-friend, Victor, was there and he took a lot of very beautiful photographs which he shared on Facebook. I don’t know why his blog has been inactive since the middle of March, so I guess if you’re not connected with him on FB, you will not get to see these…




Thanks a lot, Victor, for giving me your blessings to post a few of your photographs here. I’m sure everyone will agree that they are really very nice and will entice anybody to come to Sibu and be part of the festival. Sorry, no photos of the food though…but I guess if you go blog-hopping, there will be some Sibu bloggers who would have posted some of those in their blogs.

For one thing, I can’t stand the heat…and I hate walking around especially in crowded places and with the current piggy flu pandemic, I guess it’s best to be careful.  So wearing a mask when going to the venue of the festival may be a pretty good idea and be sure to make a run for it should you happen to see somebody looking like this…

(Pic from Gundot via email; original source unknown)

As “that fella” said in yesterday’s BP, it is better to be safe than sorry… LOL!!!