Stop stop stop…

I left Sandakan at 8.50 a.m. and my first STOP was at Kota Kinabalu, landing on the dot at 9.30 a.m. Kpenyu was there waiting and upon my request, we proceeded to my next STOP and headed straight to…

Foo Phing Dimsum@Kota Kinabalu

Ok! Ok! I just had breakfast in Sandakan…so this is lunch, alright? ROTFLMAO!!! This place is at Hillview or something, somewhere around Bukit Padang…or is it Padang Bukit? Never mind!!! I had the char siew pau and they looked kind of different and small…but they were nice!

Char siew pau 1

I decided to tapau some back to Sibu…but when I arrived home, I found that what I got were different – they were bigger and had tits! LOL!!!

Char siew pau 2

It didn’t matter as they were nice too except that there were fewer to go around! Then I had the siew mai from the trolley…

Siew mai 1

as well as those on special order…

Siew mai 2

but they all tasted pretty much the same. Of course, I must have the har kau – huge ones with lots of prawns inside but to my bitter disappointment, they had shrunk…

Har kau 1

and inside, there were only two miserable prawns.

Har kau 2

The last time I ate there, they had at least half a dozen, all stuck together in a ball! Humph!!! And while we were there, Kpenyu insisted that I tried the beef noodles from one of the shops nearby…

KK beef noodles

Omigawd! It took my breath away, honestly! The soup was so thick with the flavour of beef…unlike the very diluted watered-down ones that we have here, and look at those giant chunks of beef…

KK beef noodles 2

Next time, I’ll go for the beef noodles (TWO bowls!) and give the dim sum a miss! So after that “lunch”, our next STOP was at a church. I did not get the name, but I had to attend a funeral. My mother’s cousin passed away on Sunday and the funeral was at 11.00 a.m. I was glad that I was going home on transit that same day and was able to stop by to pay my last respects.

When we got there, I met two old friends of mine – Gertrude…


and her sister, Julia. Coincidentally, one has my mother’s name and the other the name of my mother’s sister. Both sisters are now principals of schools in KK. They’re related to my auntie’s late husband…so in a way, we are distant relatives but I got to know them at those courses and seminars that I used to attend a lot. See! Didn’t I mention in one of my earlier posts that by getting involved in all those, I was able to get to know a lot of people far and wide? Anyway, here is a photograph of my auntie’s children…..

The Willies

and their friends who had come for the funeral. Now if you scrutinise the photograph carefully, you may catch a glimpse of Kpenyu (though I don’t see why anyone would bother as it sure isn’t worth squinting and straining your eyes for!!! LOL!!!) After the service, I rushed back to the airport and got on the 1.20 p.m. flight.

By the way, should anybody be planning to come to Sibu, do not, for heaven’s sake, take that flight. Get on the one at 1.45 p.m. which flies direct to Sibu. The office people in Sandakan booked the ticket for me and as a result, I had to STOP at Miri where I had to disembark for immigration clearance and return to the aircraft immediately…and then I had to STOP at Bintulu but we were not allowed to get off, so the transit passengers to Sibu had to remain on board, sweating away…and it did not help one bit that a woman close by was pouring hong eyew (Axe Brand oil) all over her face!

I only reached Sibu by 4.20 p.m. Just imagine that! Three hours to fly from Kota Kinabalu to Sibu and more than SEVEN hours from the time I started the journey in the morning at Sandakan!!! But all in all, everything considered, it was definitely worth it…and I wouldn’t mind going again, should I get another chance!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Stop stop stop…”

  1. Was the funeral mass was at Church of Mary Immaculate, right? Recognised the windows.

    Dunno. If I had my bearings right, I think it’s near the golf club…and Kpenyu’s condo. When somebody else is driving, you don’t really bother whether you’re heading north, south, east or west!

  2. You know how many switches i have tu switch on to see the photos?I was curious what photo of kpenyu! Wah, he looks so smart hoh. I always get to see him dress like you only.
    I think the lady read your blog so must make you smell hong ewe!

    Hahahahaha!!! He also dresses up like that when he goes boozing and karaoke-ing at the club!!!

  3. ngiu chap meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    lindy #1 loves the siew pau.. hehe..

    Ohhhhh!!!! So this was wat melbie was talking about when she said “ngui chap”…our gu-bak-mee (beef noodles). Lindy 1 loves the dim sum there too!!! Can go in September lor!!! U not going, I guess? LOL!!!

  4. wah!!! a lot of food… i have to ready all of these for someone in september(trip to kk)… kekekekekekek

    Yes, all of those…and more, more, more!!! Get ready lots of money belanja me hor? Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  5. ya that’s CMI.

    Ok…dont have those things for people to kneel!!! Ooo…my wobbly knees!!! Enuf penance for the year liao! LOL!!!

  6. The bun has nipples but no visible aureole. 😉

    Naughty! Naughty!…Must be something you ate! Ok…out with it! What did you have after dinner for dessert? Wink! Wink! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. The buns look so round and cute!
    Let me know next time you’re in town. I’ll bring you to the best dimsum! 🙂

    Yes, they’ve got nice dimsums in Auckland…but at double the prices (before conversion)! My brother took me to one place to yam char…

  8. Have never met any of Aunty J’s children but recalled my mum mentioning she had very goodlooking kids. I reckon the two pretty ladies in the photos must be her daughters. If memory serves me right, Aunt J is the only daughter n TYT the only son? Was he present? If he was, STP, u could have ‘tumpang’ his private jet back to Sibu instead of so ‘kesian’ having to wait hours n putting up with the ‘hongyew’lady to fly back home.LOL!

    That will be Maryanne and Christine. The eldest daughter, Beatrice/Darling, is in Australia…dunno exactly where…I heard TYT went but he was not at the funeral. There was another sister, Ursula, who died in an accident before her wedding.

  9. Bring you to Mengatal ngui chap next time.. bdg called steak- in- soup.
    actually I was hoping to get you fresh Califonian cherry flown in by air when I detour but no stock.. this is really once in a year affair ya know?
    gerrie..glad you recognise the church from inside..ha ha ha ha ..look closely through the can see my place. Used to stand on the balcony with my white cap backward on Sunday morning wrapped in my bedsheets and waved to the crowd in church ..and bless them like the Pope in Vatican city..Was great fun for a while till I heard that some suspect I escaped from Bukit Padang..hha ha ha ha
    YOU give good advice on flight schedule..but for young people… I used to take that sector in the late 80s..except that it stopped in Labuan as well..By the time reached Sibu already date the air stewardess lo Ha ha ha ha ha .. they used to stay in Lee Hua or something like young people that’s the sector to take… So so glad Biejing 2008 less than 24 hrs have fun in Lundu.. cheers

    ROTFLMAO!!! Pope indeed! The body shape is certainly similar!!! Well, we have an Archie-bishop (not you Archie!)…so now we have a Pope-ye. These days, the cabin crew where got like last time one! On my flight back, the girl had a face like a horse and was not very friendly…and the guy was very handsome but alamak! So lembut!!! Sashaying up and down the aisle!

  10. Your pics always make me hungry. The beef looks big. yummy. Btw, nvr saw your pic before eh.

    Good…objektif tercapai! Hahahahaha!!!!…You check the earlier posts…you’ll see one…and a few when I was younger! But nothing to look at lah! Better look at food pics lah!!! LOL!!!

  11. Nipple buns! LOL! But I’m attracted to the gu bak mee lor *drool drool*

    So when u go KK? None in Sibu or Kuching can measure up to it!!!

  12. Hmmm… where does Ah lek n siblings fit into the picture?Sophia get your mum to clafiry.

    That’s the Suyong family…cousins, I think. Don;t really know the link.

  13. Yes, that was the ngiu chap I’ve been talking about hehehe …

    Julia, principal.. SM Stella Maris I think… LOL

    Nope…she’s in La Salle now!

  14. Oh La Salle ka.. ala very easier to confuse these two.. we deal with these two schools and they’re just next to each other hehehe .. but soon! Bye.. bye..7 days to go to my last day of working with this company! hehehe

    I see. Well, hope things are a lot better in ur new work environment!

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