The second time around…

Well, I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah a number of times but this is the second time around this year, that is if you include my recent transit stop there on my way back from Sandakan. Kpenyu picked me up upon arrival at the airport and this was our first stop…

KK STP western food

LOL!!! Too bad it was not open, probably because it is the fasting month or maybe it only opens at night. I would have liked to go and ask what STP stands for. In fact, this was the second time I had seen it, the first being that time when Melbie had a photo of it in her post sometime ago when she happened to spot the quite miserable-looking banner at that shop. 

Then we went to that ngui chap shop, located near the Foo Phing Dim Sum place that I used to like a lot. I had it already the other day, so this was my second time…

KK ngui chap noodles special

…but this time, I had the kay liaw (translation: additional ingredients) or the special while kpenyu had the kosong (without noodles) or what they call the sup tulang (bone soup).

Ngui chap kosong/sup tulang

Ooo…it was heavenly! Even from the vehicle parking lot, we could smell the fragrance of the thick beef broth. Yummy! They call it ngui chap there whereas here, we just call it gu bak mee (beef noodles). After that, I went to check in at the hotel – the Hotel Deleeton…

KK Hotel Deleeton

…my second time around for I had stayed there once before. Unlike most other shop-lot hotels, this one is very nice and clean inside, the rooms are quite big and I particularly liked the wooden parquet floor. This is the standard single – RM99.99 nett only!

KK Hotel Deleeton standard single room

Another reason why I would much rather stay at the place is Centrepoint is right across the road…

KK Centrepoint 1

This used to be the No.1 place to shop before…and it certainly looked like it is very popular still as when I stopped by, it was crawling with shoppers!

KK Centrepoint 2

Right behind it is the relatively newer and much more expensive Warisan Square…

KK Warisan Square 1

…and here’s a peek at what it looks like inside…

KK Warisan Square 2

I did not get to go to 1 Borneo…but people tell me that it is even more expensive than Warisan Square, many of the shops are not open and the food is not nice. Anyway, I did not intend to do any shopping, so I just roamed around a bit…and then headed back to the hotel to bathe and change and get ready for my date with Melbie and Man-D…but that will come in my next post…with lots of photos! That should keep you all in suspense! LOL!!!

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31 thoughts on “The second time around…”

  1. So fast you post already.The cake not even digested yet! Our flight was very smooth.Too bad you did not join us this morning.I’ve e-mailed you a number of photos.
    kpenyu, thanks for everything…we love you!

    Yes, thanks to kpenyu for everything! So what did you all do on Sunday morning? Will check email soonest!

  2. would be nice if you could buy me some amplang . I missed those

    What’s amplang?….Buy for you? Let me ask Melbie first?…Melbie! You think we want to buy for Cibol or not?…..I don’t think so lah hor?…ROTFLMAO!!!

  3. Did you send the bed pic to Bongkersz??? *wink wink*

    No, but he sent me the pic of his bed in his hotel room in Limbang. I wonder what he wants. Wink! Wink! ROTFLMAO!!!

  4. why u so kedekut space wan … put bigger pics la .. the blog so big pigcer so small .. ha ha ha

    Now, who was the one who gave me this 3-column theme when setting up the blog?…Bongkersz used to complain but now he can understand the situation. The problem is with u people, not me or mine! Everything is BIG on my desktop monitor! Will post on it one day. Have to clear the KK stuff first!

  5. Need me to complain to MAS fellow ?? least you reached home safely la..and the extra round round made up for the expensive airfare ya… Aiya almost heart attack when you reached here..and Scary on way back. my highlight had to be your introduction to Lawrance Lau..ha ha ha ha ha

    That MAS fella…not all there lah! No need to complain! Hahahahaha!!!! Unless you can find a time when he’s completely sober!….Shhhh!!!! That story can’t tell lah! Afterwards everyone will know what I did! LOL!!!

  6. wah, You really act fast hor! post your blog immediately after reaching home sweet home. ‘lao lan kay, geen ka geen qiao o, ho su ho su’.

    Must be fast…before all my readers run away…like some blogs I used to frequent – more dead than alive liao! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. i swear i just drooled on my keyboard… does that banner say STP western food or sumthin ?

    Yes, it does. You can click the link and see melbie’s photo. She has the full frontal (Oops!) in her photo. Raining that day so I could only take from the car…didn’t want to get out and get wet!

  8. OMG – I would love to try that sup tulang-tyring to figure out what are the ingredients used…reminds of Ma-ee beef stew at Jackfruit V.
    Post in Kpyu 50th B..I sms him – no response from him so lau-yeh this old boy.

    Go KK lor…very very nice!!! I wouldn’t mind going again and staying longer…but can’t get away that often! 😦

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Kpenyu! Lau chiaw oredi hor. hehe

    Laugh not the pot at the kettle black! U no spring chicken urself any longer!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. LoL… Stp has mentioned that He doesnt like ppl complain his photo hahahaha 😛 Orang tua tak baik cepat merajuk…

    Haiz!!! It’s like in a relationship. If there’s something you do not like, you learn to accept and live with it…and you do not go and harp on it all the time! Otherwise, it is time to move on; call it quits and leave! Go and find someone else! Ouch!…Did I just touch on a sensitive nerve? ROTFLMAO!!! 😀

  11. The hotel is nice and clean. Price reasonable.

    It is. The seminar organiser’s paying…but if I were to go KK again, I would choose this same hotel! Nice…and easy to find good food around there. Will be posting on that soon…

  12. that is a reasonable price for a kk hotel, i guess it’s time to make another plan to go there again eheh

    It is! Convenient location, not expensive…and KK’s very nice! Would love to go again! U joining the climbathon or marathon or whatever?

  13. amplang in kk, u can find a lot at the market next to filipino market. but not as nice those in tawau

    Never mind! We’re not getting any for him kan??? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Wahah.. STP Western… Wow.. i am waiting for my T-bone steak. Haha. Isn’t it ironic ? How expensive buildings like 1 Borneo is build when no one is interested in going ?

    Not with the current economic situation….and it’s far! No point going all the way to find half the shops not occupied, the things more expensive than downtown and the food not nice!!! They were telling me that I should go and have a look…cos they do not expect it to stay open very long!!! LOL!!!

  15. hehe… actually, stp monitor resolution is set at 800×600 hence he sees his photos very big! what people keep saying is, the photo in relation to the paragraph/text is too small, at least the width of the photos should be 75% of the text paragraph. if you notice also, he’s using the thumbnail or scale down link from flickr. hence all his photos links ended with something “blabla_m.jpg” so ig you want to see the original size, just delete that ‘_m” and put “blabla.jpg” and you get the big photo.

    nevermind lah, janji happy hahaha 😛 me not complaining because if i want to see big photo, i do what i wrote above 🙂

    OK…everybody understand or not? My photos = the text in size on my monitor! For one thing, because those pictures are taken using camera phones, if the photo is enlarged, it will look blur…and the pictures take a long time to download, when logging into the person’s blog!

  16. LoL… No longer STP will buy a new camera Nikon D90 LoL

    You very generous…can buy for my birthday! 2nd December, note the date! Long time to save up, so no excuses!!!

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