The wind blows…

These came from Kpenyu all the way from the Land below the Wind. Bukitassek came back to Sibu for a night for All Souls’ Day (in advance) and so Kenyu grabbed the chance to send me some dim sum from one of the popular places in town – Wong Kwok .

I used to love the dim sum at this place in KK called Foo Phing but the last time I went there, I was quite disappointed as the quality had gone down a great deal. Anyway, Kpenyu sent me these steamed paos (buns)…

KK dimsum 1

They’re something like those at the Mitsu Tea House here – the nice steamed buns with butter custard filling that I love a lot but they’re not quite the same. These are very nice too.

The lor mai kai, however, were quite disappointing…

KK dimsum 2

They were very small, the sticky rice was not really sticky and I could not find any hay bee (dried prawns) or hio kor (dried shitake mushroom) inside…

KK dimsum 3

The taste was all right but a far cry from what I have had elsewhere.

But these were ABSOLUTELY heavenly…

KK dimsum 4

I don’t know what they’re called but there was this piece of scallop on top and inside, there were prawns…

KK dimsum 5

…and the translucent skin was just perfect. I don’t know how many he sent – at least 20, if I’m not mistaken…and we finished the whole lot in one sitting! No prize for guessing who ate most of them! Yum! Yum! ROTFLMAO!!!

Thanks a lot, Kpenyu…and thanks to you too, Bukitassek, for going through the trouble of carrying all that all the way from Kota Kinabalu. Anybody coming to Sibu for Christmas? Hahahahaha!!!!

Author: suituapui

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24 thoughts on “The wind blows…”

  1. Morning STP… all i can say is that they make me yearn for dim sum now even before i brush my teeth!! LOL… ok, i better go now to prepare myself for work….

    Wow…true blogger! Blogging even before brushing you teeth! LOL!!!…Ipoh, no problem! So many places with nice dim sum!!!

    1. A bit crazy too.. slept at 1.30am.. woke up at 6.30am.. today in office sure blur blur.. now still okay.. but after lunch, will be “torturing”.. the eyes will not obey me anymore..

      Aiyor…not spring chicken anymore, must have enough rest, enough sleep!!! If not. may fall sick…

    2. claire, what’s the name of the dim sum restaurant across the road from Ipoh Parade?

      I’ve been there a couple of times I think and I find dim sum there quite nice. The restaurant is always packed and you have to spot an empty chair for your seat. When you are seated, you are most likely to share your table with a bunch of strangers.

      You mean Foh San? See Kenwooi’s post on the new premises:
      I think claire also had a post on it…the same day! LOL!!!

  2. The last wan with prawns and scallops look soooooo yummy! I want πŸ˜›

    PS: Did/Will (I don’t remember when) you go for the bloggers’ gathering?

    Yes, it was out of this world! Too bad he sent it a week earlier… Hahahahaha!!!!

    P.S. The gathering’s tonight…and I’ll be going in an extra tight and fitting t-shirt (XXXL)! LOL!!!

    1. Oh, tonight! I shamelessly asked for a T-shirt from Yan (Mine’s size M) πŸ˜› Maybe one of you can keep it for me till I get back this Saturday. I hope she remembers πŸ˜€

      I went to collect mine yesterday morning. She didn’t say anything… You can sms her and ask her to pass it to me tonight…

  3. So you r having a dim sum feast! Lucky u! The 4th pic,we called it ‘hargao’ here. Yes, very yumm,one of my kids favourite,a must order in the menu!

    It is something like har kau – but a very special version of it with the scallop and the prawns inside… Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  4. Wow, your friends are really kind. Nice dim sum you had there.

    Kpenyu is always very generous…and I love his philosophy! He believes that if you want to give, you just give…and do not expect anything in return cos you’ll be disappointed! I must say that I agree with him…

  5. STP… that custard pau is actually made of salted egg yolks + butter i think. The best one is Kuching is at Imperial Duck. Almost comparable with the one i had in Spore.

    Ah yes!!! I was sure I tasted salted egg…but I wasn’t sure as I thought salted egg and butter make a strange combination! Nice though! The ones at the dim sum place here are just butter… Did you send him an sms on his birthday? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Ooh! Best one in Kuching…at Imperial Duck…ok noted! Might want to tapao some back to Sibu for the food ambassador to do a review. Hehehehe!!!

      Food ambassador? Who? Hahahahahaha!!!! So kaypo hor! Even Ipoh dim sum, also know…sibuk2 give link! πŸ˜€

  6. My Good Man, u got so many bukit friends kah? ha. I think it’s because of the scallops! Good to see u again though it was only for a few minutes. Knew u were hungry. Kpenyu dropped by last nite with tons of juicy son-kam from his garden, 2 delicious liewliens and 2 cartons of San Miguel Light, phew!

    His garden? Must be at his beach resort house in Kuala Penyu. Got liew-lians??? Oooo…must check the airline website now…and plan my end-of-year holidays. LOL!!!

  7. Aiyaaa, BukitLima is where I went for All Souls lah! At least KakiLima would have sounded better!

    Oops!!! Edited liao! So sorry for the slip! Old man! Sometimes may do and say strange things! The mind isn’t very co-operative anymore! Hahahahaha!!!! But Bukit Lima has a sports complex – swimming pool, tennis courts… Gundot’s hubby (Kpenyu’s brother-in-law) plays there quite often, if I’m not mistaken. Hope you had a good trip…

  8. There a piece of scallop on top and prawns inside?? It sounds delicious! Thank goodness it’s only 30 minutes till lunchtime.

    Sounds like a super premium har kau (the prawn dumpling in dim sum).

    Ah! Super premium har kau!!! That would be it! Very, very nice! Drool!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  9. War….someone sent you these delicious dim sum? Goodness. They really treat you good huh. πŸ˜€

    Ya…they all kesian this old man. So when are you going to send me something? Malacca got lots of nice things to eat bor!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. Yeah! I agree. The lor mar kai looked like a tragedy. :p

    It’s not bad…just that I have had better ones. Anyway, people give…so no complaints!!! The best things in life are free…so waiting for you to send something from Malacca! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. Ahhh I like the custard buns from WK….but the best I’ve had is from either Imperial Treasure or Crystal Jade Palace in Ngee Ann City, Singapore….really custard like….yums!

    Singapore… Never mind! Hahahahaha!!!

    1. I think that’s a bit of a relief, if you ask me…hahahahaha.

      Not keen on going to Singapore anymore. Too expensive. Stay in miserable Supreme Hotel (I got in the lift – full already! Hahahahaha!!!)…in Malaysia, can stay in 3-4 star hotel with nice buffet breakfast…and still have money leftover. You have place to stay…that’s another story!

  12. wow wow wow…Dim Sum all the way from KK!!!! Don’t play play ya. hahahha

    Why that butter custard bun is in orangy colour? Looks like “salted egg” bun to me. πŸ˜›

    Anyone going to Sibu for Christmas? Why? You want turkey? You want to arrange a big blogger meet on Christmas day?

    It is the salted egg! See my reply to earlier comment. It looks like the butter custard bun we have at the dim sum place here in Sibu but they taste different. Both nice… You wanna send me a turkey? Oooo….thank you, thank you!!! Hahahahahaha!

  13. looking at the pic make me hungry 😦 I’m going to Sibu next month, do u want anything from Kuching.

    U Foochow? Like they always say, “Nei…ah! Nei…ah!!!” LOL!!! Swimming meet in Sibu then? I’m not sure whether I’ll be around. Going to Sg Petani, Kedah to help my daughter move all her things back!

    1. Sorry I’m not foochow, I’m cantonese. Lots of ppl thot i’m foochow cos of my surname LOL !!!! Yes there is a swimming meet in Sibu on the 13 & 14th Nov at Bukit Lima swimming pool. if u are around and want any stuffs Just drop me a mail ok.

      LOL!!!…I’ll still be around that weekend…but I’m having a group of “long lost” relatives in town. Meeting again after many many years. Dunno right now how tied up I would be! No promises.

  14. So that we can bring you xmas pressies and fruit cakes?!! haha…

    That will be nice! Hahahahahaha!!! Not coming, send by courier also can! ROTFLMAO!!!

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