One more night…

I hate to admit it but I’m really no spring chicken anymore. After the “marathon” from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, I was really totally drained out. My friends asked me out again but I had to decline as I badly needed a rest. So the moment I got back to the hotel, I had a nap…and when I woke up at around 6, I bathed…and went looking for dinner.

I still remember on my last trip to give a talk to the students of St Michael’s here in Sandakan, some of the lady teachers took me for lunch at this place called De Palm…

De Palm, Sandakan

We had the set lunch then and it was very nice, so this time around, I had the set dinner. First, I was served this rich and creamy chicken tikka soup with toasted garlic bread…

Chicken tikka soup and garlic bread

After savouring the soup to the last drop and devouring the two slices of french loaf with garlic butter spread down to the last crumb (which were very small), the main course came – mushroom sirloin steak…

Mushroom sirloin steak

It was heavenly and I loved the gravy. I can’t remember the name but it certainly was a welcome change from the usual mushroom or black pepper sauce. I liked the way they did the potatoes too; gotta try it sometime! Anyway, the usual ice cream and coffee followed…and the total damage was RM28. Reasonable, right? After that, I went back to the hotel and slept till morning, so don’t bother asking me about any Filipino chicks. I wouldn’t know! LOL!!!

The next morning at around 7, Lily came to pick me up and on the way to the airport, we stopped for breakfast at this fish noodle stall…

Sandakan fish noodles stall

The specialty was fish noodles…or noodles made of fish. I had never had anything like that before and so I agreed to try the fish noodles – konlou style…

Fish noodles konlou style

It tasted like fish cakes cut into long thin strips like kway teow and if that was konlou, it certainly is different from Kuching kolo mee or Sibu kampua. I saw somebody having the actual konlou mee…and it looked more like Sibu kampua with soy sauce but I am pretty sure that they taste quite different. I think I would very much prefer our own homegrown delicacies. Well, there was also this soup to go with the noodles…

Sandakan - soup for fish noodles

That was in fact yong tau fu…and I’ve always liked that…or any clear soup for that matter. And then Lily dropped me off at the airport to catch my flight to KK. It was a good trip, no doubt about that, and I certainly hope to get the opportunity to go there again someday…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “One more night…”

  1. So what did your filipino date order in De Palm? Hahah…joking.

    I behaved myself pretty well! Teacher mah! Must be prim and proper! Fine dining in t-shirt and shorts! Lucky they did not throw me out! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. that sauce looks like a runny version of hollandaise or bernaise. i bet you’ll simply adore the steak american at eagle’s nest in damansara perdana. bring you there when you’re in kl. n oh~ the oyster mushroom. damn… making me so hungy. might as well stop by for dinner tonite~ lucky it’s less than 5 mins walk from my place!

    Enjoy your dinner! Can’t wait to go to KL now…to claim the treat from you!!! LOL!!!

  3. As a general rule, I don’t eat any of the konlou thingy in Sabah. It’s just plain weird, and I’ve never derived any satisfaction from it. As far as local fast foods are concerned,I would go for the Beaufort or Tuaran noodles anytime.

    If one has to compare, the restaurant dishes are nicer in Sabah, but the “hawker” foods are much nicer here. Purely my personal opinion of course.

    Yup, I remember the Tuaran noodles we had. I did not think much of the konlou stuff either; it was just ok by me. But I had this beef noodles in KK…Ooooo…words can’t describe it! It will be in the next post…LOL!!!

  4. Yong tofu! My favourite haka dish. It was my grandma’s special delicacy. I’ve learn how to make it from her too!

    Goodie! Now I know where to go for that when my daughter goes over to NZ to study! LOL!!!

  5. gerrie is so kampung..gerrie is so kampung…gerrie..Obviously you don’t know your way around la..Master D can show you the way if you promise to let him eat too…ha ha ha ha.. Mr T cannot be around too
    Stp ..Can still do the Number AFTER THE LOVING or not or changed to After The Feasting.look at IC look at IC.. SEnior citizen no need to be spring chicken. Fullstop

    Who’s Master this and Master that? Hopefully gerrie knows, cos I don’t. Yalah! No need to see IC, senior citizen got privileges, yunno!!! LOL!!

  6. kpenyu, you didn’t grow up in Kuching, that’s why bah! The konlou(s) in KK is really not nice, as far as I’m concerned. If you ask Master D which konlou is better, he’ll tell you kuching konlou definitely better! As is the case with the laksa! Why can’t Mister T be around? Too health conscious kah?

    Private chat…can get half of it only! Never mind! What I don’t know won’t hurt me!

  7. spring chicken?

    and filipina date?

    seems like you’re hip and happening in sibu, hey?

    As they say, life begins at 50…or is it 40? Never mind! All the same!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  8. fish noodles??lol..anyway, one of my lectures was horrible today because it was taken over by someone else…I heard ‘organisation gulture’ when the words organisation culture were pronounced..then lecture slides became lecture slices ==”

    Probably you were reading my blog during lectures again and drooling over the food…and heard wrongly!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Oh my god ! Drool… the beef looked so tempting.. come to me or i shall come to you.

    I knew you’d die for it! That’s why I posted the pic! LOL!!!

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