Never know unless you try

I dropped by this coffee shop not long ago because I saw a very nice photograph of the kolo mee that my ex-student shared on Facebook and I simply had to go and try. Unfortunately, it turned out to be somewhat disappointing because it was too sweet for my liking due to the red char siew sauce added.

I told myself I would go back there again and I would tell them not to add the sauce – perhaps I would like it better that way. As I was leaving, however, I saw someone’s order at another table – the kampua mee pok (RM3.80)…

…and it looked so good!!! I simply had to go back there to give it a try.

In that coffee shop, there was this guy manning the stall…

*Sorry for the blurry pic*

…and no, those were not bottles of Bovril inside the glass cabinet. They were the imitation from China (That was what the guy said, not from Taiwan!) that I did not like at all. I asked the guy what he would do with it and he said it was good, tossed with noodles but that would be a bit more expensive – RM4.50 a plate. Perhaps I will give it a try one fine day, perhaps I will not because no matter what I did with it, it turned out that it was not to my liking!

My kampua mee pok

…came and I must say I liked what I saw. I loved how they used real char siew (barbecued meat), not boiled pork coloured red to make it look like char siew. That is what they do at many kampua mee stalls in town! Furthermore, they were not paper thin – there was this joke that the slices of meat they give you with your kampua mee here are so very thin that if you turn on the fan full blast, they will all fly away!!! LOL!!!

Besides, RM3.80 a bowl is a steal because most everywhere around town now, they are charging RM4.00 and the VERY popular one at the corner down the road is a whooping RM4.50 a bowl. I certainly would not want to go there since this one is cheaper and it is just a few doors away!

Of course, the test of the pudding is in the eating and yes, this awesome bowl of noodles passed with flying colours. It was really good! Even the complimentary soup…

…was good unlike what you will usually get at these noodles stalls – plain water with msg added. I would just leave those untouched but just like the one I got with the kolo mee that day, this one was good till the last drop.

I sure would not mind going for this kampua mee pok again but as I was leaving, I saw one of those in the coffee shop, a lady, sitting down to enjoy her bowl of Sarawak laksa and it looked so good. The colours and everything could beat the one next door, our current No. 1 in town, hands down but of course, I will never know unless I try. No prize for guessing what I shall be having the next time I drop by here!

TOTO CAFE (2.311913, 111.846213)…

…is among the shops right behind Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada – the block on your left if you are coming out of the mall via the back entrance, the second coffee shop after e-Cafe in that block.

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9 thoughts on “Never know unless you try”

  1. I am not a fan of those char siew sauce or black soy sauce added to the kampua and so is the same with kolo mee. Original white kampua /kolo mee is my preferred choice. Haha, I was told that joke about the thinly sliced meat by my friend too. The char siew is charred to perfection. Sarawak laksa, your next target soon.. 😊😊.

    My problem is I would go out to eat something very early in the morning and usually, I would not go for laksa that early. It may be quite a while before I get round to doing that.

  2. Borvil, Vegemite or Marmite, we use them here in stews, it adds a nice depth of flavour like how MSG do it with food. Now I am intrigued on using those on noodles

    I’ve made plain soups with them, never used in cooking stews. As for tossing noodles, Bovril is the best. Vegemite or Marmite are too salty, can’t add too much so the taste ends up being rather toned down.

  3. Yes, the price is a steal… hard to find noodles below RM5 in Ipoh… unlike you, sometimes I look and see what others are eating before I order… hahaha…

    I hear that is what they have to fork out for a plate of the noodles at the other towns in Sarawak. Sibu is still the cheapest in the state.
    I have to make up my mind as to what I would like to eat first before heading some place instead of going to a place
    and deciding there and then what I shall have. That is why I would only look around after I have eaten
    …and if I see anything good, I will come back for that another time.

  4. Good eh? I am sure I’ll be seeing the Sarawak Laksa soon. LOL!

    Not so soon perhaps. I usually will go and eat very early in the morning and I do not go for spicy stuff that early.
    I will go and try the one here eventually, that’s for sure.

  5. I think the cheapest we pay for noodle is RM5.50. The char siew looks good, looks like home made ones. I have not tried Bovril or Marmite with noodles.

    Marmite isn’t as nice as it is very salty – one can only add a little bit so the taste is much lighter. I think I did blog about it before. It would be a whole lot nicer with Bovril. My! My! Things sure look a lot more expensive everywhere – thank goodness they are still quite affordable here.

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