Everytime my brother came home from Auckland, New Zealand, he would walk here every morning from our parents’ house round the corner for the kampua mee

I was not really a fan because I thought that the old lady they were all working for before did a much better job and I enjoyed her noodles a lot more. Unfortunately, she retired, only to reopen elsewhere and retire again after a while – I have not seen her since so I wouldn’t know if she is still around or not.

I can’t remember the last time I had their noodles but the other day, I decided to stop by to see whether it was any better than before. Well, one thing I had to admit was that it was really very popular. The place was crowded and I could not find a place to park my car in the vicinity. I had no choice but to try again a little later and thankfully, there was one car right in front of the coffee shop that was just leaving!

I parked my car and went to place my orders before going to take a seat at one of the vacant tables. In my blogpost on them in 2016, I had this to say about the ladies, “…that morning, I was quite put off by the fact that even though there wasn’t really a crowd, we had to wait for a mighty long time despite the fact that there were three ladies and one young boy helping out as well. Maybe she was a newbie at this thing so she was not all that good at it yet – hopefully, in time, she will be better and her customers would not need to wait…like forever, to be served!

The young boy was no longer around but no, the three ladies took such a long time that I got quite bored just sitting there waiting! For one thing, they were very chatty – it is a wonder that they had so much to talk about when they get to see one another every day. This is definitely one place to avoid should one happen to be in a hurry to go somewhere after having had a bite to eat.

I liked the kampua mee (RM4.00)…

…very much. If I were of the opinion that they were not that great before, well, I must say that I’ve changed my mind now.

I also tried eating them with the bottled chili sauce provided…

…and I found it to be even nicer that way. Incidentally, they are using the authentic handmade Foochow kampua noodles here – the slightly thicker and straight ones as opposed to the machine-made ones that are thinner and more curly. They use the latter for Kuching kolo mee but these days, many are not bothered to differentiate between the two. Those true blue die-hard kampua mee lovers, however, will frown at the latter and not settle for anything less than the former.

I also ordered a bowl of pian sip, small (RM2.50)…

…or kiaw, if you are someone from Kuching or wanton if you’re from the mainland or elsewhere and yes, I did enjoy that. The soup was very flavourful and the pian sip skin was thin and smooth enough and to my liking. I saw somebody having the dry version and it looked pretty good – perhaps I shall order that next time.

Actually, the people at the chu-char (cook and fry) at the back are very good too but they only open at night.

DELTA SEAFOOD & CAFE (2.307832, 111.825125)…

…is located along Lorong Delta 10, in the blocks of shops somewhere right behind the public swimming pool there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Brother…”

  1. The kampua with the pork belly looks good. That is the kind of pork belly I like, very lean. Pian sip for me anytime and I prefer the dry version in anything, be it kolo mee, kway teow, bihun or pian sip.

    Is there a soup version of kolo mee? Kampua mee, there is…and pian sip too. I never liked it when I was small, always burnt my tongue (didn’t know there was dry pian sip then) but now I don’t mind…sometimes for a change.

    1. Actually soup version of kolo mee is what people called chui mee. I don’t know why the people at this favourite stall of mine always say kolo mee chui whenever my hub order it. Confusing but I am used to what they call it…😂😂

      “chui” as in water? Here, they call in “chin therng mee” or clear soup noodles – I used to call it kampua mee, therng but the sellers would always correct me. Now I’ve got it right!

  2. To answer to your question to Irene, actually you can order soup version for kolo mee. My dad sometimes order kolo mee wet while my mum like kolo mihun wet. For me, I like dry version of kolo mee but did tried kolo mihun wet before as I was on diet that time.

    As for your kampua, I only know of that when you introduce us to Sibu kampua many years ago. Could see it was slightly thicker and “brown” than those machine made. My pantry never short of Sibu Kampua. My man sometimes cook this when he comes home late at night and want supper while I am already in Dreamland. Lol.

    Once a Sibu Foochow, always a Sibu Foochow at heart. Nothing can change that. LOL!!!
    I am not sure if I will like the wet kolo mee – it probably will be rather bland. The soup version of the kampua mee is bland but I enjoy the refreshing clear soup. Nice sometimes for a change.

  3. The char siew looks better, without the reddish colouring… I bought a few packets of kampua noodles from Lazada lately… maybe due to your promotion in your blog every now and then… hahaha…

    Oh? I wonder what brand you bought. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

  4. From the pictures, the noodle, meat and pian sip looks yummy. I don’t like char siew with too much red colouring.

    I’m more into the taste and how well-charred it is, not so much into the colour. Many are just red…and sweet, not nicely charred – I am not fond of those. Don’t mind if it is a little burnt even!
    The slices of meat in this post are stewed, not char siew. Many are switching to stewed or braised pork belly these days. I quite like those, more than the boiled pork, coloured red.

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