It didn’t…

No, it didn’t disappoint me, not at all! As a matter of fact, I quite enjoyed what I had from this stall…

here. Believe it or not, I think the last time I was here was ten years ago in 2012!

Actually, I had another place in mind – this one located back to back to this place that was famous for its VERY cheap chicken rice and yes, I did have it once at one of its former locations and it was good. When I got there, I saw that they did not have any poached/steamed chicken. After the very nice one that we had that day, I was looking forward to having it again. In the end, I went back to where I came from to the aforementioned stall.

I asked for the drumstick and the nice guy deboned it…

…prior to serving and yes, it was really very very nice. I loved it!

I also asked for some char siew (barbecued pork) and yes, it was very well charred, very well-caramelised with its lovely smoky flavour. Unfortunately, the snapshot I took of it got lost in the process of uploading here and there but you can get a glimpse of it in the above photograph and this one here below…

Yes, of course, I could not resist asking for the stewed eggs!

When the rice…

…was served, I caught the whiff of its very lovely fragrance but unfortunately, I thought it was a little salty and not oily enough and apart from that, the complimentary soup was so bland that it did not merit a second sip.

On the whole, however, I enjoyed everything (RM7.50) – the typical chicken rice chili dip…

…that came with it did help in no small way.

If ever I should be looking for some decently nice chicken rice, I’d probably come this way again…or if I want to tapao some very nice poached/steamed chicken and char siew home, I know exactly where I can head to to get what I want!

MENG KEE CHICKEN RICE is located at WAN SIANG CORNER, formerly The Food Courts (2.292288, 111.843056), is located around the middle of the blocks of shops to the left of Medan Mall along Jalan Wong King Huo with the J&T Express Office to the right and Stella Bakery to the left.

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7 thoughts on “It didn’t…”

  1. So nice the guy debone the drumstick for you but unfortunately I prefer it with bones intact..
    🤣🤣. I find debone meat too soft. The char siew looks great and well charred. Love it too.

    Too soft? Isn’t it the same meat stripped off the bone just before it is served to you? The only thing is it deprives you of the pleasure of sucking the bone for what is still stuck to it…and some people love to bite the bone to crack it and eat the bone marrow. I like how I do not need to dirty my fingers from holding on to the drumstick while eating it.

  2. I was going to ask you how the chicken was prepared, and then I saw that you already mentioned that it was steamed. As usual, everything looks lovely. So before I read anything, I said to myself, “the rice looks so fragrant!” and that’s what you said.

    Yes, the rice was quite nice but there are other better ones around. One challenge in cooking chicken rice is getting the rice to be perfect, so fragrant, oily…not dry and hard and not soft or soggy either.

  3. I haven’t eaten steamed or poached chicken rice for a long time. I will usually go for the roast chicken and char siew.

    My girl would only eat roast chicken before but now she is slowly acquiring the taste for poached/steamed chicken except that she would not eat the skin. She would peel it off and leave it by the side and I would collect them all and enjoy eating them. LOL!!! She loved the crispy skin of the roast chicken though!

  4. So nice you could get braised eggs from chicken rice stalls there.
    Our chicken rice stalls don’t usually make braised eggs, but you can surely get poached or roasted (actually just deep fried), roast pork belly and char siew. Since we were talking about dipping sauce the other day, we have a habit to add dark soya sauce (the pekat pekat one) into chilli and garlic dipping sauces. Do you guys do this too in Sibu?

    1. I seem to see stewed eggs at all chicken rice places here – must be the favourite of many. Some stalls only have roast chicken – maybe poached/steamed chicken is not as popular. I did hear people telling me not to go for it if it is later in the day…as unlike the roast ones, it is moist and it has been hanging there all day so eating that may cause you to come down with food poisoning!

      Horror of horrors! I may have seen people doing that, adding kicap to the lovely chili-ginger dip. I dunno why they do that, drown out the very nice taste. In fact, I cannot understand, people resorting to kicap when eating something including kampua mee – the strong taste of the kicap will drown out the taste of everything else. I will only resort to doing that when something does not taste nice!

  5. Chicken rice was one of the first foods we fell in love with in Malaysia. Not so cheap these days now, though, with the cost of poultry.

    I wonder how all the sellers are coping with the problem right now – the shortage of poultry!

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