Some other time…

We had planned to go out that day for a chicken rice lunch when suddenly, the weather changed and there was a heavy downpour. Left without a choice, we decided to cancel our plans and just settle for a simple lunch of canned food at home.

Come last Sunday, the weather was good, very bright and sunny and seeing that it was the last day of the Hari Raya school break, I thought it would be a good time to go for the lunch that we were forced to put off till some other time earlier.

We had decided on the place already so we drove straight there, no second thoughts about that. There were quite a lot of things on their menu that we could choose but we opted for the simplest and easiest way out and settled for the RM48.00 set for 2-4 persons.

For RM48.00 per set, we got this plate of their beautiful, sweet and juicy steamed chicken…

…and their braised pork belly…

We were asked to choose two vegetable dishes from their list and we picked the mani chai/cangkok manis fried with egg…

…and also their ladies’ fingers…

We had to order the chicken rice (RM2.50 per bowl) separately as it was not inclusive in the set…

…but there was free flow of the very nice salted vegetable chicken soup, on the house. I would not say that the rice was so good but it was not too bad, a lot nicer than most of the other chicken rice places in the town but I still like the one my missus dishes out at home when she happens to be in the mood for this. LOL!!!

The standard chicken rice chili dip…

…was very good, just that it was not spicy. It certainly would be a whole lot nicer if it was so there would be a bit of kick in it.

My girl is more into roasted chicken so we ordered half of that only to be told later that they had run out of it. I also saw some stewed eggs in the glass display cabinet and was so tempted to order those as well. Luckily, I was able to resist the temptation as it was quite a struggle for the three of us to finish that aforementioned set. As a matter of fact, I was quite sure there was enough for 5 or 6 people! Of course, we could not finish everything so we asked for the leftovers to be packed for us to take home.

The place was pretty crowded that afternoon, probably because it was Mother’s Day but I did not feel uncomfortable at all because it was rather spacious – all the tables were placed far apart and even though they were somewhat busy, service was efficient and prompt.

All things considered, we certainly would want to go back there again the next time we feel like having some chicken rice.

TING KEE CHICKEN RICE (2.292362, 111.825681)…

…is located at No. 85, Jalan Kampung Nyabor, to the extreme left of the block of shops directly across the road from RH Hotel.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Some other time…”

  1. RM48.00 for the chicken rice set including 2 vegetables dishes is pretty cheap. Oh, the braised pork belly looks too fat for me. Give it a pass. Other than that all looks great. Like your girl, I prefer roasted to steamed chicken… 😊😊

    If it is a matter of personal dislike for pork fat, then you cannot order the set which is really cheap
    – you cannot order 2 meat & two veggie, huge servings, at a Chinese restaurant at that kind of price.
    My missus used to buy pork belly ALL the time – she insisted the meat is nicer, not so siap-siap
    …and then she will painstakingly peel and throw away all the fat and eat.
    I did not think the meat was nicer, not unless you stew or braise it for such a long time
    that the fat will melt in your mouth and the meat is fall off the bone tender.
    Eventually, I got so sick of it and refused to eat
    so she has not bought and cooked pork belly for a long time now.
    The dish we had that day was all right – I quite liked it but can stew/braise a bit longer.

    But if it is not a matter of personal dislike and it is because you think fat is unhealthy, then you should read this (and many other articles available online):

  2. That was a nice meal. For such price, it is worth it as all dishes looked yummy. I was thinking of ordering chicken rice for lunch but my mil is cooking lunch. So maybe chicken rice for weekend then.

    Where is a popular place for chicken rice in Kuching? The coffee shop next to Tun Jugah, last time Capitol Cinema? I heard people talking about Little Hainan in Padungan. Any good? Some SCR outlets here used to be good but the trouble with franchise, poor quality control – we don’t bother to go to the few surviving ones anymore.

  3. Not sure it’s the lighting, the chicken looks more yellowish like free range (aka kampung) chicken.
    Our chickens in Johore look very pale white like they have never been exposed to the sun light before.
    Don’t you get garlic and ginger dipping sauce in Sarawak too? We have this, on top of the standard chilli garlic sauce.
    Soup is also free.

    To be honest, I think Singaporean chicken rice is a little bit better than ours. They soak the chickens in icy cold water for the fat to congeal before serving. Don’t often see this practice in Johore, or elsewhere Malaysia.

    Oh, braised pork is a famous Hakka dish. We can either braise it with meichai (pickled veggies) or yam. You can eat it with rice or with guabao (Chinese bun that looks like taco). You have this in Sibu?

    1. Yes, it was the yellow lighting – I was rather disappointed with how the snapshots came out. Should have sat at the other side with the natural sunlight coming in from outside through the glass walls.
      No kampung chicken for me, never mind what they say. It is very small, on the tough side and has one kind of unpleasant smell, If the chicken looks yellow, it is because they are corn fed but word has it that some people rub with kunyit (turmeric) to give it that colour – nothing more than ordinary chickens, in fact!
      I prefer some of the more premium chickens – more expensive, of course, for the taste and texture of the meat, tender, juicy and sticky. The seller will tell me which to buy – one breed is called pua chai kay (half breed chicken) but if that is not available, she will suggest a couple of other good ones.
      No minced garlic and ginger provided here…or not that we know of, we did not ask – they have that at every table at the Kuching franchise, the so-called Singapore Chicken Rice. Some very nice outlet, poor quality control so we do not go anymore – many have closed down.

      I first had chicken rice in Singapore, 1969…and 1973, the renowned one at Swee Kee, Middle Road. Chicken rice wasn’t that common around here then. I would say it was nice but no, it did not sweep me off my feet. I prefer the Indonesian nasi padang at Rendezvous, Bras Basah Road.

      Guabao? I dunno what that is – we have what we call mantao. They give those with stewed/braised pork (belly) at many Chinese restaurants here and there is a stall selling those too at one coffee shop – I did blog about it twice, at least…you can go and search for the blogpost yourself!

  4. We also prefer the roast chicken. The chicken looks nice and yummy.

    Me too, USUALLY! But the steamed one here is really so good! Not sure if their roasted one would stand out above all the rest in town like that or not.

  5. Nyum! I love chicken rice and my choice is always steamed chicken, though I think the chicken is not steamed but rather, poached. Besides the chili dip (at some places here, it’s not that nice) I also like the ginger dip. Gosh, you have me craving for chicken rice!

    Yes, I’ve seen people using “poached” instead of “steamed”. I think it is the deciding factor between the boys and the men – whether a chicken rice place is truly nice or not depends on the poached/steamed chicken…and the rice plus the chili dip. Roast chicken is roast chicken, generally one is the same as the other.

  6. Ohh that pork belly will be a good match with that okra

    Oh? Don’t think I had those paired together – lightly blanched okra eaten with sambal udang kering (dried prawn dip), that is my favourite.

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