Changed my mind…

I’m having some renovation works at my house so the other morning, I drove to this dim sum place to buy some char siew pao for the workers to eat during their breaks but unfortunately, it was not open – I guess Mondays are their off days.

In the end, I decided to stop at this coffee shop, a few doors away – often fondly referred to as the one with the yellow chairs…

LouChow Sibu

It is noted for its cheap chicken rice but the price has gone up from RM2.50 for quite sometime now – it used to be RM2.00 only. I’ve tried it once before here and I thought it was quite all right – not the best, but o.k. By the way, the one that I went to has since closed down – ever since they opened this one and I’m not too sure but I think the one at Jalan Maju – facing the Rejang Esplanade is still there.

I wasn’t there for the chicken rice though – I usually do not eat that so early in the morning. My main intention that morning was to try the kampua mee (noodles) that somebody said on Facebook was “the best in Sibu”, available 24 hours a day. But when I went in, I saw a stall selling kuih chap and claypot noodles and I changed my mind there and then.

I ended up having the latter – the claypot noodles (RM4.50)…

LouChow claypot nodoles 1

…and I really liked it a lot! It tasted great and went very well with the chili dip that came with it…

LouChow claypot noodles 2

I used to love the claypot noodles at a coffee shop at Rejang Park but somebody told me that the guy had passed away and the stall had been taken over by a lady selling kampua noodles and anyway, the ones at that stall had yellow noodles unlike this one. The lady here uses the ee-mee

LouChow claypot noodles 3

…which is actually the right type of noodles to use – my cousin from Bintulu gave me some that day but to date, I’ve yet to cook those.

This is the kampua mee stall at the shop…

LouChow kampua stall

I decided to tapao some home to try so that I would not have to go all the way there again. Personally, I thought that it was good, not the best but good enough and better than what I had here…and if I were to go back there again, I would definitely have the claypot noodles again and enjoy it to the last drop…

LouChow claypot noodles 4

…or maybe I will try the kuih chap the next time around…

Author: suituapui

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30 thoughts on “Changed my mind…”

  1. so, wat happened to the food for the workers? hahaha…

    I went to the Bandong stall and bought stuff from there instead…

  2. Wow you drank all the soup?? Was there msg? Hehe

    If they had, it wasn’t obvious…not like at some places where you get that lingering taste in the mouth…and end up feeling like you’ve thick lips and are always thirsty. At times, I could even feel the crystals exploding in my mouth…but my missus said that was just my imagination… 😦 I

  3. and they have put so many things into that little bowl of noodles..

    Yup…and it wasn’t exactly little. Quite big, in fact! 😉

  4. and i just love those browned shallots on top!!

    The best thing was she fried them herself…not those sold in plastic packs at the supermarket – so smelly. The Malay stalls here love to use those…. Just can’t stand those!!! 😦

  5. Have you had a chance to try the tomyam kampua yet?

    Yup, Bryan. That will be in tomorrow’s post. 😉

  6. Best in Sibu and available 24 hours?

    I’ve gotta try this kampua. If you say it’s good, it must be good. 😀

    Better than the kampua beside the fire station? Ang Kao’s kampua?

    I’m there! 🙂

    It’s not bad – there’s a hint of the fragrance of lard unlike at some places. I haven’t had ang kao’s kampua before…but I think I would rather go to Rasa Sayang, Soon Hock…or Kiew Loh Hiong.

  7. The bowl is empty and this testimony shows that the claypot noodles must be super nice. Quite generous with the “liao”. By rite, ee mee should be the correct mee for claypot. Never come across using yellow noodles though. RM4.50, worth the price.

    Yup…the now-closed stall at Rejang Park used yellow noodles – was very good too but no longer available. This one is just as nice – a bit pricey but then there are a whole lot of ingredients.

  8. Wow…i see lot of ‘liew’ condiments!! RM4.50 definitely worth the price. If here, normal claypot noodle plus an egg cost RM5.

    Ah!!! Now I know what was missing!!! The poached egg!!! I think I asked for the stewed egg so she had left that out. Hmmmm…when I go again, I would insist on the poached egg1 Yummmmm!!!!!!

  9. wahahaa, new style from you recently, end the post with a nicely cleaned plate without a drop left. Kind of symbolize how tasty the dish is.. down to tthe last drop! 🙂

    Good morning my dear friend, I’m in a work life dilemma now, not sure how I want to continue on any more. Hoping I’ll get a breakthrough soon.

    Ya…so if you do not see an empty bowl or plate, then you would get the message. LOL!!! Oh? Problem at work? Stick to it until you can get something better. At times like this – no easy to find employment. Maybe there are openings in Penang – many people seem to be able to find work there?

  10. So nice of you to drive out to buy char siew pau for your workers..but too bad, they didnt have the chance to savour them! hahaha…

    Never mind! Yunno Sibu – so many things to eat, not a problem one… Will go one of these days…and check out another place there – I think I saw a stall selling sizzling plate noodles. Hmmmm….must go and try as soon as I can. 😉

  11. comeon .. RM2 for a chicken rice.. only 2 slice of chicken and half portion of rice?
    incredible…. now I know where to spend my retirement fund…..

    That’s what all those bloggers who came were saying – such a nice town, all the nice food and everything’s so cheap and they all want to retire here… Gee! Looks like this town is going to become like some old folks’ home eventually… Kesian! 😦 LOL!!!

  12. Lou Chow? Is this you blog before that behind the Sibu polyclinic? This is another branch?

    Wow! Kampua for 24 hours??? Have you tried? Is it nice? If nice, i must go there for kampua.
    Your claypot noodles so many ingredients!! And only RM4.50?? Cheap cheap! Yes, they should add poached egg instead of hard boiled egg. Over here, usually they will ask do u want egg, if want, they will add in and with extra charge. 🙂

    Hehehehehe..maybe after my mum read this post, she will go and try. Last two days she went to 3 lim? That laksa place? She told me she didn’t see got any laksa stall. HAHAHAHHAHAHA !!
    Last two days i was chatting with my old schoolmate…she said she has not eat kampua for so many years, ask me which one is the best kampua in Sibu, maybe we will meet up when i am back. I said never mind, i got a food dictionary to check what is good in Sibu. LOL!

    Yup…that was the one but that outlet is closed already, I think. I don’t see it there anymore. The kampua…nice also but I think I prefer some of the other places a lot more. Hmmm…not her fault, I think. I wanted the lor egg…so she put that and I think that was why she left out the poached egg. 😦

    What laksa place at 3 lim? You mean One Cent, the place with the nice mee sua? I had that old couple’s laksa special when the bloggers were here and I felt it was not as nice anymore… Wouldn’t want to go there for that anymore. I have not gone to Rasa Sayang for a long time now – will drop by one of these days and see whether it is still the best or not…in my opinion.

  13. not really keen on this when I saw they put those crabsticks and hard boiled egg. Prefer the claypost version over here.

    I asked for the lor egg…but next time I go, I will definitely ask her not to put the crab stick. Not a fan of that either…

  14. Aiyoh…so cheap! Penuh satu claypot the ingredients. Yup, I have come across the yellow noddles version but not as nice as the yee mee ones. There’s another version where the soup is like those bakuteh soup ones…herbal soup. Not bad too.

    We have here – bak kut teh noodles. Melissa likes, I’m ok with it. I think they use egg noodles – the Maggi type…

    1. Forgot to tell you…we had sarawak laksa for din-dins just now.Tak boleh tahan tengok all your previous postings of sarawak laksa. Not bad lar but still not as nice as the ones you brought us to makan while we were in Sibu. Saying that, not a drop of the gravy left..hahaha…beggers can’t be choosers. I will make the laksa from scratch one day..I promise you!

      Nobody makes from scratch lah – we all buy the ready-made sambal in packets – even at the shops and stalls. Maybe the sambal I bought you not so good. Last time, swallow the best…and then all kinds of swallows and birds appeared, so confusing. I asked the girls at Thomson but they would not tell. The one at Emas Corner was good – if I go there again, I will ask the man what brand he uses. Men are usually not so secretive…not so possessive, more willing to share… LOL!!! 😉

      1. This one the taste okay but colour not so nice..not red like your photos ones.This one more brownish and don’t have that smooth taste like the one we had. Never mind lar, people never do, I do lar…good to have a recipe that is made from scratch. I kat sini so far away, mana nak cari the packet paste whenever I have the craving..betul tak?

        Come to Sibu, borong a lot of packets back lor… 😉 Yup…some brownish, I think Thomson one also brownish… Want it red, add pounded dried chili lor… Hehehehehehe!!!!

      2. Hah…you mean those people yang jual laksa sarawak at those shops also use packet stuff one kah?Aiyor…we all kena tipu lar like that!!!No wonder lar they charged bukan main mahal lagi for a bowl of laksa as the paste quite pricey too!!

        Not easy to make the sambal… I used to pass one house in Kuching making it, the wangi…can detect a mile away!!! Just like people making curry powder for sale – Malacca, a lot of nyonyas doing that, Kuching also got one lady last time, very famous…so we buy the curry powder and cook lah. Takkanlah we make our own curry powder…so sambal laksa also like that lah.

  15. Wow…it had to be very good that you ate and drank everything up:D Not thirsty thereafter?

    No, so that’s very good. That means not much msg!!! I like!!! 😉

  16. Wah…the claypot noodle are so good till not even a single drop of soup left !!!

    Chicken rice for RM2.50 is still consider very very cheap. Is the portion big ?

    I think it’s the normal plate of chicken rice… Other places RM3.00-3.50, if I’m not mistaken.

  17. so what do you tapau for the workers?? hehehe! I just had my kuih chap this morning! Slurp.

    Every day have to tapao something…all kinds of things, every day different – tomorrow will be bak zhang! I think they find what I buy very nice…all finished every day…and I usually put out a lot for them to help themselves!!!!

  18. i don’t really love yee mee.. i think i can count with both hand how many time i eaten this.. hahaha…but this one look good lor with so many ingredient!

    I quite like it…but not easily available here…and it’s not exactly cheap. 😦

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