I bought my car in 2018 so it is already 4 years old now but actually, it is literally brand new, having covered over 6,000 km. only after all this time plus I take very good care of it. That includes sending it for servicing every 6 months to make sure it is in tip top shape.

The service centre is on the other side of the world, so to speak…in that part of town that I hardly ever go to. Two years ago, when I was there, I had the kolo mee

…at one of the stalls in this coffee shop…

You can see how crowded it was that morning even though it was so early – it sure looked like everyone was back with a vengeance, coming out in full force!!!

…right across the road from the centre and last year, I dropped by there again and had the same…

…another time.

This year, I got there a little early at 7.30 – I had made an appointment for 8.00 a.m.! As they say, it’s the early bird that catches the worm. It looked like I had enough time for a bite to eat so I stopped by the coffee shop to see what I could have. I did not want the kolo mee anymore and I was not enticed by anything from the other stalls there.

In the end, I asked for the sup perut babi campur from the kolo mee stall. Before I let you all see what I got in the end, let us look at the words in Malay. Sup, of course, is soup in English and perut babi is pig’s stomach. Yes, that is a very popular dish over in the peninsula – I had it once…

…in KL and my missus loved it – it was peppery and nice though I was not too sure if those were the stomach or the intestines. I asked one of the ladies if it was tu tor therng (pork intestine soup) and she said yes so I said I would like to have that.

Last but not least, the word campur in the name means mixed so I was expecting some stomach, intestines, liver, meatballs and so on and so forth all mixed together in a bowl of soup.

In the end, THIS…

…was what was served – liver, two tofu puffs and some green vegetables, NOTHING ELSE and liver is hati in Malay!

No, it was not the true blue traditional Foochow red wine and ginger liver soup…

…that we enjoy a lot – one of our favourites is the one here. What I got was just liver served in clear bone stock soup! Surely they did not hear me wrongly?

I don’t think they cooked the liver in it either as I could not detect the taste at all in the soup but thankfully, they did manage to cook the liver to perfection (RM7.00)…

The saving grace was it was not overcooked so it was soft and nice. If you overcook liver, it will become hard and will not be palatable at all. I must say that I enjoyed eating it dipped in the very nice chili sauce that they served with it…but there was so much of it that I was a little worried that I might end up with a gout attack. LOL!!!

They gave these…

…when they served my order. The one in the middle looked like red wine so I added a bit to the soup. It did not enhance the taste in any way so I decided to just leave the soup alone and enjoy it the way it was.

The next round of servicing is scheduled for November, 6 months from now and if I do stop by here again then, I think I shall just go back to the kolo mee.

CHANG LOK CHIU CAFE (2.277376, 111.850765) is located along Jalan Bukit Lima, just before the Bukit Lima roundabout, right across the road from the Proton Service Centre (NGU’S MOTOR SERVICE SDN BHD – PROTON 4S DEALER).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Words…”

  1. I doubt whether the lady knows the difference between to tor and to kua. What she serve to you is what I call to kua therng not to thor therng. Could it be she serves the wrong table. You didn’t make a sound and ask her? … 😊😊

    No, I just ate and left, did not want to be late for my appointment. It wasn’t even too kua soup the way it is usually done at the stalls, with lots of red wine and ginger. Somebody told me I should have asked for a “campur” of everything, dunno if that will help or not.

  2. Oh dear. Wrong order, but at least the liver was cooked well. Liver not easy to cook. Need to be right timing, cannot cooked too long.

    Never tasted pig stomach soup though I seen people served it before. Can’t remember where though. Lot of pepper and ginger, I heard.

    I had it once in KL, pig’s stomach! Nice…like intestines but cannot get it here. Maybe they have it in kway chap, I wouldn’t know. They say it is hard to prepare, hard to clean – will have an offensive smell if not properly done. Same thing with the intestines…and beef tripe.
    Yes, liver must not be overcooked…and I get put off if undercooked, still with all the blood. LOL!!!

  3. Oh dear, probably they gave someone’s order to you and your order given to another person. From the photos, the kolo mee looks good and delicious.

    Yes, I did enjoy the kolo mee both times but I thought I wanted a change…and I was in a hurry, did not want to be late for my appointment.

  4. Oh, we do have this Hakka dish called pig’s liver noodles.
    You know, I don’t eat offals but I still eat the noodles and leave the livers untouched.
    I mean, the soup is so damned good. Sweet and flavourful.

    I also love pig’s stamach soup, especially like to make it peppery.
    Like the liver noodles, I just drink the soup and let others eat the stomach.
    Ha ha… it’s a bad eating habit, I know.

    > Dipping sauces for Vietnamese
    Pho – No dipping sauces are provided for this dish here.
    Raw spring rolls – Our version here is spicy, sweet and savoury fish sauce with some pickled carrot strips in it. It’s rather refreshing though, the smell of fish is very faint. Very watery sauce.

    1. That’s the VERY reason why for my missus’ birthday that day, I said I would go out and buy the longevity noodles, the mee sua in chicken soup. We would go and buy the very expensive best quality chicken to cook the chicken but we would finish ALL the “good” meat and ALL the soup, leaving behind all the breast meat…and after reheating and reheating, eventually, we would just throw it all away.
      Same thing when you eat all the soup – better order something else that you would eat and finish off all by yourself.

      This is only the 3rd Vietnamese restaurant we’ve been to and I did have the rice rolls from a Vietnamese stall at a hawker centre in KL once, that’s all and not once did we pay any attention to the dipping sauce, nothing specifically for these rolls…like the special chili ginger sauce we would get for chicken rice… except that this time, they gave it in such a big bowl…and they did not give any for the pho so my missus used this sauce for both. To her, anything without chili/dipping sauce is not nice. Period. This one that we had was not anything that stood out or to get excited about though – to me, it was nothing more than rather diluted Thai chili sauce. Perhaps you have had some spectacular ones over there that merits your attention THAT much!

      We were invited to a Vietnamese roll dinner at the house of a Vietnamese-Filipino couple (friends of our girl and her friends in the university) when we were in Wellington, New Zealand and we loved the sauce he made to go with it. My missus did get the recipe and made it when we came back everytime we had our own Vietnamese rolls at home…something with hoisin sauce, mustard and dunno what else…and no it was not a dipping sauce. We would add it to the filling and wrap it all up and eat, just like in the case of popiah. That is VERY nice but we would end up with little bottles of this and that to store in the fridge for a long long time.

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