Even before Christmas was over, we could see those red Chinese lanterns and other festive decorations going up here, there and everywhere and Payung was no exception with theirs…

Payung Cafe lanterns

…all the flowers…

Payung Cafe flowers

…and everything else, the whole works.

Every year, without fail, they would get this very nice homemade kuih bangkit

Payung Cafe kuih bangkit

…from somebody in Mukah. While everything is shooting up in prices around here, this is still selling for RM22.00 a tub, that same price ever since they started selling it in 2016 and if you buy 10, you will get one free.

In previous years, I would order a few of their dishes to serve at home – that would save us/my missus a bit of work as she would not have to cook too much and besides, anything from Payung was always well-received by family and friends dropping by. If you are keen on ordering, you can find the information below…

Payung Cafe order for CNY

I do not think I will be doing that this year as right now, I am thinking of a completely Chinese theme and the only Chinese dish in the list is the kacang ma chicken but I am pretty sure my missus would want to cook her own.

In the meantime, they have released this information – their opening hours during Chinese New Year…

Payung CNY opening hours

Most places will close for three days, at least but they will close only for one day, the 1st Day of Chinese New Year which is, in fact, a very good thing as there will be people coming home from near or far and they will not have any difficulty looking for a nice place to go and eat.

Incidentally, a cousin of mine brought my attention to the fact that for reasons unknown, Payung has been categorised in Facebook as a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and a Malaysian/Asian fusion restaurant as well. Well, it is not entirely a vegetarian place but there are many dishes that are suitable for vegetarians, for instance their mushroom roll and all the salads and if anyone is into pasta, the mushroom carbonara spaghetti that I had in my previous post is completely meat free and now, since the new Indian chef arrived, they have added a few new dishes to their menu, among them, the vegetarian palak paneer (available only on Fridays or by special order) and his chappati.

Come lunchtime every Friday, they have lei cha (now RM7.00)…

Payung Cafe lei cha

…which is vegetarian too but I have yet to acquire the taste for that.

One Friday morning, I had not had breakfast when I dropped by and I ordered their tomato noodles (RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe tomato noodles 1

…with fresh sweet corn kernels added. This is also meat free, suitable for vegans/vegetarians. I think Peter used to add black fungus but he had stopped doing that after hearing all the horror stories about the stuff which I thought, all this while, would be great for health.

They have just re-introduced this dish…

Payung Cafe tomato noodles 2

…back on their menu and I must say that I really enjoyed it, very tasty, very flavourful. I sure wouldn’t mind going back for this again sometimes.

PAYUNG CAFÉ (2.284049, 111.833014) is located at No.20F, Lanang Road, Sibu, Malaysia, back to back with the multi-storey car park of the Kingwood Hotel which faces the majestic Rejang River.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Prepare…”

  1. Wow, Peter and his staffs are very hardworking, to only close on the first day of CNY and reopens day after. We often find difficulty finding a good place to eat during CNY as most eateries would be close so the only choice we have are those places in the malls. Even then, some of them would be close to our surprise.

    No problem here! Many coffee shops open on the 1st day even – started when a few opened and sold their kampua mee for RM10 a plate and their places were packed to the brim. Lots of people coming home, didn’t mind paying so much for their kampua mee fix. Nowadays, a lot will open and they will not charge so much, double only…perhaps.

  2. No plan of catering this year. Hubby hasn’t tell me anything. Lol. But nothing extravagant. Just simple gathering with family and close friends.

    Lui cha!! Nice to take once a while, to detox and cooling property. But definitely not taking during such rainy season. Haha. Cooling, worry stomach can’t handle.

    Oh? It’s cooling? I know it detoxifies – can see the evidence the next morning. LOL!!!
    I’m not planning anything grand but I would like to celebrate as we did not do so for a few years now. Sure my missus will cook up a storm and fill up the fridge in no time at all. Small also full, big also full! Women!!!

  3. The tomato looks much different from ours over here. I would love those nice kuih bangkit and also lek tau ko. My childhood cookies. Most aren’t nice these days, some as hard as rock.

    Of course it looks different. This is not our local tomato fried kway teow – it is a soup dish and they use fresh tomatoes, not the processed bottled tomato sauce. So very nice!

    We have very nice let tao ko at one place here – will have to go and get some for Chinese New Year. Yet to do anything at the moment, growing old, so lazy now!

  4. Ah yes. The lanterns and cookies are out already. Boxes of oranges too. The tomato noodles appear very wholesome. I too enjoy meat free dishes from time to time.

    Yet to go and buy the oranges. As a matter of fact, yet to go out and buy anything…other than the kuih bangkit from Payung and my missus did but some cookies that day when we were in Kuching. I enjoyed the tomato noodles – sure wouldn’t mind having that again for a light meal.

  5. such pretty decorations – the flowers give a nice and natural springtime look to the scene! 🙂

    Peter, the boss, is very artistic and creative – he will come out with some very nice decor every year.

  6. I also have not acquire the taste of lei cha. The tomato noodles look tasty and flavourful.

    Very nice indeed, light flavourful taste. Lei cha seems to be the favourite of many – sells well come every Friday.

  7. I would certainly purchase the bangkits from them! From the information, it’s very nice that they don’t use ajinomoto. I would prefer natural-made seasoning powder, brown sugar instead of white, and soy sauce without preservatives. They cost just a little bit extra.

    Do not give in to the temptation of ordering too much and you’ll be fine. 3 of us, we will order a meat dish, a salad and rice (and we just ask for water) but sometimes, we may not be able to resist and will order another meat dish because one of us wants it but still, pretty affordable – not as expensive as some places and the food is not all that great at those. They do not reuse the oil too – they only use that for frying the chicken chop.

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