Somethin’ else…

My girl says she has had enough of instant noodles and despite the convenience, she is not keen on stocking up on those to cook and eat in her school…and she is not into fried rice either so cooking that for her to take all the way there to heat up and eat is also out of the question. I guess all those years at the teacher-training institute and the last two years at her school, away from home, have taken its toll on her so she would very much prefer somethin’ else.

She does not mind bihunΒ as much so should I happen to fry any, she may want to tapao some and eat that at a later date at her teachers’ quarters. Unfortunately, as far as those instant ones go, they are mostly noodles, not bihun – even the Kuching-produced Sarawak laksa has noodles in each packet even though at the shops, it is always bihun. I wonder why they do that.

Well, it so happened that the other day, I saw these…

Mamee bihun tom yam 1

…at the shop round the corner from my house, with two different flavours – chicken and tom yam, selling at RM4.90 for a pack of 5 so that would work out to less than a ringgit per packet.

I tried the chicken first but no, I did not like it. It was extremely peppery and rather strong on the taste of msg – something like the Tung-i brand that was very popular at one time but I don’t seem to see it anywhere in town anymore. I don’t think I would buy that for my girl to bring to her school but when I tried the tom yam

Mamee bihun tom yam 2

…I thought it tasted very good.

There are two sachets in every packet…

Mamee bihun tom yam 3

– one, the seasoning and the other, the oil and tom yam paste. Maybe the fact that I used prawn stock (from boiling the heads and shell of some prawns that I bought a while ago) did help in a bit towards enhancing the taste, and other than the sliced omelette, I also added a bit of fried shallots and chopped spring onions.

It tasted like tom yam, a milder version of the usual and just slightly sourish but I did think it was good enough except that it was not spicy at all, not even a little bit! That was why when I cooked that again, I added some of my own cili padi

With cili padi

…and only then was it, in my opinion, just right.

This means that now we have a choice between this one and the one that I have tried previously, also from the same company in their “Gold Recipe” series, their “bihun kari seribu rasa that I also liked a lot. I think that one is only slightly more expensive, RM5 something for a pack of 5 so it is anytime better than buying any of the imported brands which are really not affordable at all at this point in time…and anyway, I don’t think they have bihun or at least, I have not seen any at the shops and supermarkets.

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “Somethin’ else…”

  1. looks good! anyway good that your girl eat less instant noodle, bad for health.

    Indeed, just that she is always very busy, morning, afternoon and night – no time or too tired to cook so she would skip her meals. I would think teaching in a rural school like that, she would be very free, lots of time on her hands…to cook and eat. 😦

  2. I understand her dilemma. Living on a budget at uni saw me eating cheap pasta multiple nights a week. There’s one brand that I just can’t have anymore. Instant noodles are not so healthy so probably good anyway to explore other options.

    I guess it’s the same with everything, no matter how nice. Too much of it and we will get tired soon enough and would not want to have anymore for a long long time. Yes, all these instant stuff…and also the canned/tinned ones are not healthy at all, best not to consume too often – save for emergencies.

  3. That bowl of tom yum bihun looks yummy but I have never try any of it. Still stick to my favourite, Mee Daddy. Had it once in a blue moon.

    I like Mee Daddy but I have not bought for a while now – a bit more expensive than the rest even though it is made in Sibu. 😦 Right now, looking for instant bihun that is nice and hopefully, there will be one that my girl would like…

  4. Hmm. I think my mum tasted instant mihun before. Could not remember the brand as it was long time ago. I think it is assam laksa flavour.

    Understand how your girl feels. But it is good that she has kitchen in her school hostel. She does have that, right?? She can whip up some simple food there.

  5. It is always difficult when cooking for one; there is little motivation and the temptation is there to just eat a lot of convenient but unhealthy stuff.

    Indeed. Problem is she wants to be independent, would not bring up stuff that we have cooked – just heat it up and eat, so easy. In the end, too tired or lazy, just eat crackers or something. 😦

  6. ooo, tom yam is not my favourite flavour, cos i don’t like sour broths and i prefer my spices to be mild. and gosh, you added cili padi summore heheh … i will have to stay away, haha πŸ˜€

    And you’re from Malacca!!! Like my friend, Merryn, the ciplak nyonya – cannot eat spicy stuff. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ No wonder I do not see you featuring many places serving spicy cuisine, Malaysian, Indonesian, Peranakan…maybe once in a long while though I think I’ve seen Thai a couple of times. Indian? Any Indian places? Can’t remember seeing any in your blog. If there is, probably very very rare, I think.

  7. Poor thing! She is getting tired of the same old same old. Hopefully these instant bihun helps.

    Yes, and growing thinner by the day…though not as thin, with sunken cheeks and skin and bone left, as when she was still studying in Sg Petani. I guess the “fattening” during weekends and holidays helps a little bit. 😦

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