A change…

My girl has grown out of instant noodles, probably as a result of an overdose during her undergraduate days. It seems that she does not fancy the texture and the smell or taste of the noodles anymore.

She does not mind bihun (rice vermicelli) though but the problem is we can hardly find any instant ones around these days. At one time, the Taiwan Tung-i brand was very popular but I thought theirs was too peppery and rather strong on the msg. Even the made-in-Kuching Lee Fah instant Sarawak laksa comes with instant noodles these days – they started off with bihunΒ and for some reason or other, they later switched to noodles as well which, I think, should not be the case as Sarawak laksa is always served with bihun, not noodles. Perhaps they can consider having two options for buyers to choose from. As it is, many would buy and use their own and keep the noodles for something else.

Well, it so happened that I spotted this at the supermarket the other day…

Mamee Chef Gold Recipe instant curry bihun 1

…and of course, I wasted no time in grabbing a pack to try. If it turned out nice, that would be something my girl could stock in her quarters at her school to cook and eat for a change as and when necessary.

Inside each packet, there would be the bihun together with three sachets…


…one with the curry paste or whatever, another with the seasoning and the third with the so-called non-dairy creamer which I guess, would be the coconut milk powder.

As what I would always do when cooking instant noodles, I boiled the bihun first, drained it well and put it aside. Then, I boiled some water, cooked the meatballs and seafood cake slices – the added ingredients that I had to go with it. I fished them out of the boiling water and then, added the contents of the sachets. Once done, I poured the gravy over the bihun, arranged the extras on top, garnished with chopped spring onions and daun sup and served…


Oh yes! That morning, I also cooked one hard-boiled egg…

Perfect eggs

…and I was delighted that it turned out quite perfect, just the way I would like it.

If you noticed, I used “gravy” instead of “soup” because it turned out kind of thick, something a little like what one would find in lor mee, though not as thick but it was definitely not the usual very watery kind of soup.

I tried it and yes, I must say that it was really very nice. No, I could not detect its seribu rasa (a thousand tastes) but it was indeed very tasty, spicy…and not really lemak (rich) which may put off some people after eating a bit, like in the case of those instant white curry noodles…and yes, considering that I did enjoy it, I certainly would have no second thoughts about getting some for my girl…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “A change…”

  1. ooo, if you give a thumbs up to this, i wanna try it too. i have a soft spot for instant noodles, as i always looked forward to having it back when i was a kid πŸ™‚ and of course, your version with eggs and meatballs looks excellent πŸ˜€

    I’m like my girl – not really into instant noodles but I don’t mind eating when there’s any lying around and there’s nothing else in the house for my early morning breakfast. But this bihun was really good – I enjoyed it. Not too sure how good it would be without the added ingredients though but the bihun’s fine. I do like it more than the kind of noodles we get in these instant stuff.

  2. i still like instant noodles until these days but im not used to having it plain without additional ingredients like eggs and sausages. Haha

    I’m like you! At least, I will have one poached egg…if there’s nothing else in the fridge or freezer.

  3. That bowl of kari bihun looks heavenly with all the added ingredients, something worth trying. I love the hard boiled egg, yolk looks just great, not too hard.

    This would be 7-8 minutes AFTER the water has started boiling, egg straight out of the fridge into the water, roll it around, bring to boil before covering the pot.

  4. Yeah, I tried this once, and I find that I like it more than that famous Penang White Curry instant noodles. But like your daughter, I’ve grown out of instant noodles, so I don’t normally buy them anymore.

    I would agree with you – not crazy about those Penang white noodles.

    Most of the time, my missus will buy, I just eat…and only when there’s nothing else/better in the house. This one I bought to try as hopefully, my girl will like as it is bihun – so busy and tired at her school at times till she would not want to cook. If she eats this, at least it will be something…better than nothing, throw in an egg and some veg perhaps – a complete meal on its own.

  5. You made an instant mihun into something delicious and healthy. Haha. I still do not acquire to the taste of lor mee. Not my kind of taste I guess.

    Just the thickness of the soup, not that thick and gooey though. Taste is different, of ocurse.

  6. If they used the photo of your bowl of noodles, I think that would make for a good advertising campaign πŸ™‚ Love the way you served it and I am admiring the hard boiled eggs!

    Thanks for your nice compliments. Easy to get the egg done this way – never fail, just keep time when cooking instead of just letting it boil.

  7. If you say this is good, then it must be good.. I’m interested to try Mamee bihun too, but I tarak nampak wor in supermarket.. You always add a lot of liew in your noodles, sure sedappppp…

    If we have in our little town, I am sure you have it there. Try the bigger supermarkets, sure they will have this.

  8. Apa pasal eating a lot of instant noodles lately. Ha…eating too much of good food wanna try poor man food pulak ya? :p

    Memang lah poor man, what to do? Cannot go fine dining like some people. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. I have tried Mamee Chef Tomyam and Mamee Curry Laksa. I have not tried this flavour yet. I must look up for this since you say it nice.

    I did not quite like the curry laksa, dunno the tom yam. This one, I thought, was nice.

  10. Just like Melissa, I am appalled at the taste of instant noodles. After I found out how they were made & the ingredients that go into the seasoning, I swore off all forms of instant food. You’re a pretty good cook. No need to feed Melissa instant food la…

    Life savers, they’re called…for days when there’s nothing in the house…or when one’s too tired or lazy to cook anything elaborate. Definitely not as a staple food like in the case of many students or singles living away from home. Once in a long while should be all right, everything in moderation.

  11. Idk why but somehow I wasn’t a fan of the thick soup. Maybe I need to add condiments like you did with the egg and whatnot.

    It’s not exactly thick but compared to the usual, it did seem a little bit so, maybe because of the non-dairy creamer.

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