When will I see you again…

Last Sunday, after the evening church service, I thought of going for some ikan bakar (grilled fish) at Fat Mom’s along Lanang Road here but the place was very crowded, so we decided to go some place else. I was positive that somebody told me that the ikan bakar at the hawker centre adjacent to the Sibu Exhibition Centre was very nice but when we got there, most of the stalls were not open, probably gone out of business and there was no ikan bakar anywhere in sight. We decided to try the one selling among other things, some western dishes. I had this plate of mixed grill (RM9.50)…

Sibu Exhibition Centre's mixed grill

…while my daughter had this plate of spaghetti bolognese (RM5.00)…

Sibu Exhibition Centre's spaghetti bolognese

Both tasted pretty good and don’t you think that’s extremely cheap? Of course, if one is willing to pay more, one may get better dining atmosphere and service and perhaps, even something that tastes a bit better like this same dish at The Ark for RM10.50…

The Ark's spaghetti bolognese

…using the crockery and cutlery from IKEA no less! LOL!!!

The Ark's IKEA glass

Well, Gundot and her daughter, Sam, were in town, so I took them to the places that I had featured in my previous posts in my blog and the other day, we went to The Ark for lunch. She was really impressed by the place, to say the least. Sam had that dish of spaghetti bolognese while my daughter tried their pasta al forno, also at RM10.50…

The Ark's pasta al forno

It was very rich and creamy and so delicious, the sauce tasting something like the filling in those yummy meat pies I had in Auckland, New Zealand when I was there a few years back. But I would think that it is best shared as I cannot imagine me finishing all that by myself. Usually when I go for things like that, I can just take so much of it and the enjoyment will start going downhill after a while.

Gundot and I went for the local dishes and we had rice with chicken curry (RM8.00)… 

The Ark's chicken curry

I just thought I’d have chicken for a change as on my previous visits, once with Bongkersz and more recently with Jimmy, I had lamb…but I think the lamb is much nicer. But for the vegetable dish, I stuck steadfastly to the ladies’ fingers with belacan (RM6.00)…

The Ark's ladies fingers with belacan

It is that nice, I tell you. Gundot had this drink of bitter gourd, cucumber and sour plum with sugar syrup (RM3.80)…

The Ark's bitter gourd drink

…and I was quite amused by the use of a slice of bitter gourd for presentation.

So, when will they see me again? Well, the food is nice and the prices are reasonable, the service is good (It has improved a great deal since the first time I went, when the place was still quite new.) and the people are polite and friendly. Considering all that, I guess I’ll be dropping by again pretty soon…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “When will I see you again…”

  1. “pasta al forno” looks very promising, I’m going to give it a try next time.

    By the way, is there an egg in that bolognese sphagetti (the one at the hawker stall)?

    No. I think it’s a bit of melted cheese…

  2. This comment is totally unrelated to your post, but as former English teacher, you should take a look at this website http://www.jpn.gov.my/BI/4_1_web.php
    My friend reckons Borat works there. LOL!

    What loverly English!!! And they wanna revert the Maths & Science in English policy! “…Latterly, information and service majority National Registration Department has been prepared by online and NRD website been created to provide convenience to the public find information and service that are provided.” I not really understooded!!! LOL!! Well, what to expect? You know what kind of people they have in there?

  3. Hey! How come I now suddenly have to wait for comments moderation before my comment comes up? Cis!

    Must be because of the website. I hear if you put some commercial product or something like that, you’ll end up in spam! Hahahahahaha!!!

  4. i never know that there is such a good spaghetti beside Sibu exibition centre. Should go and try it one day.

    I didn’t try but my daughter said it was nice…but we saw a stall at Sing Kwong food court, Salim, that looks more impressive. Didn’t try it though…as we had something else – tomorrow’s post! LOL!!!

  5. do free advertising for The Ark? kah . should get them to ack. you.
    Gundot n Sam in town until when–might drop in when Stella is back.

    They should be going back today or tomorrow as Lindy sister has changed her mind about coming as somebody merajuk…not coming to Sibu with them! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. The drink looks nice..does it taste nice too? Slice of bittergourd as deco, hmm..creative la.

    Gundot says it’s ok…more cucumber than bitter gourd. I guess that’s for the masses – not many people love bitter gourd.

  7. the pasta al forno looks absolutely delish!

    isit covered by a layer of cheese?

    I tried a bit and thought it was really nice…but very rich and creamy. Yes, that’s the cheesey sauce for the pasta…and only RM10.50. Cheese isn’t that cheap…

  8. Why? Anyone visiting soon? Or just dine there for the fun of it? 😛

    Bongkersz will be here in Monday. My friend, Jimmy, will be back next weekend for another meeting…and Gilbert and Laura and David will be home 20th December etc etc etc…Hehehehehe!!!

  9. The drink was ok. You wont go for it again. But I want to go for the Sg. Merah coffee again!!!

    Some shops here have nice coffee…but none can beat Ruby’s!

  10. stp, yr title posts are always so funny! haha!

    I shouldn’t have started it – using song titles for the titles of my posts. Sometimes it’s so hard to find one that is vaguely relevant! LOL!!!

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