Going out of my head…

Some people can just go for kampua every day like it’s their staple but not me! I would hunt around for alternatives or something different for a change even though sometimes, it makes me feel like I’m going out of my head trying to make up my mind. The other day, I went back to the Rasa Sayang Cafe to try the kampua with soy sauce that Alvin says is nicer…

Rasa Sayang kampua with soy sauce

Well, I beg to disagree. It certainly was not a case of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as I did not like it at all. I would go for the plain, white ones anytime like what Bongkersz and I had last week when he was here on his way back home to Sarikei before going off to Miri to take up his new job there.

Sometime back, I posted something on what my daughter and I had for tea at Thomson Corner at Pusat Tanahwang here. We went back there again a few days ago and I would think that this coconut cendol, available there at RM3.50, is a very nice option… 

Thomson Corner coconut cendol

…but with sweet potato and yam in it, it isn’t exactly cendol but more a fusion of that and bubur cacar…and of course, you can eat the young coconut flesh inside as well. 

Thomson Corner coconut cendol 2

My daughter loves the sui chiao or chicken dumplings…

Thomson Corner chicken dumplings

…but I’m not really crazy about that stuff. I would sooner go for the barbecue chicken wings at Simpang Tiga here…

Simpang Tiga BBQ chicken wings

This is from the stall across the road from the Ferry Kebab stall that I had a post on recently. They are different from other places as they are not pierced through with a skewer but instead, they are stretched open and barbecued with a satay stick stuck in it. The taste is not the same too and that’s the main attraction. I heard somewhere that their secret is they marinate the chicken wings with, among other things, attap/nipah sugar (cousin of the gula melaka). Very delicious!

A long time ago, they were selling at RM1.00 each (when everybody else was selling theirs at RM1.50) and then it went up to RM1.20. I have not been there for a while now and when I went the other day, they’re RM2.00 each. They also have some Malay(sian) kuihs at 3 for RM1.00 only, for instance, kuih basong/basung… 

Simpang Tiga's kuih basong

I love these conical-shaped pulut (glutinous rice) coated with grated coconut. They also have another one of my favourites – kuih kosui

Simpang Tiga's kuih kosui

…as well as these chelorot or whatever they’re called…

Simpang Tiga's selirut

…and other kuihs and cucurs (fried fritters). You will have to drop by around 3.00 pm. – 5.00 pm. Sometime after 5, a van will come and they will transport everything somewhere. I was told that thay have a stall at the Sibu Pasar Malam (night market)…so that’s probably where they would have gone to.

So what are you planning on having for tea today?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Going out of my head…”

  1. Lonely..I’m Mr Lonely….yeap always have this feeling when guest left. Fiq went back with extra pounds liau.
    In KK the roadside chicken are marinated with coca cola..not joking man…maybe Yan can tell…

    Hahahahaha!!! Gundot and Sam are here…and I hear Lindy Sister and hubby coming and Fiq may follow suit. Ooo….happy weekend! U wanna come too? LOL!!! I’ve heard of using Coca Cola and beer to marinate meat but I’ve never tried.

  2. yeah, plain old kampua anytime. same goes to mee kolok. i tried the one with ‘char siew oil’ – red colour but somehow it tastes a bit different, not to my liking. er.. my nose extra sensitive so the smell kinda turn off for ‘red mee kolok’. ROTFLMAO! cannot pin point for sure but, i like it original 🙂

    Me too! The red char siew oil will drown out the authentic taste of the kolo mee. Same as the soy sauce in kampua, that’s why I don’t like.

  3. first time me seeing the coconut cendol. there sure are many good stuff over yr side! 🙂

    the only time i had unique coconut was in langkawi, where the lady actually scrapped the coconut flesh and mixed with gula melaka as a dessert.

    Yes…lots of nice things here. Do come over…and maybe you’ll have enough for another book – on Sarawak and Sabah, this time? 🙂

  4. mmm….the coconut chendol looks nice. And ooo…i love kuih basung (never knew what it’s called) and kuih kosui, especially if they steam the grated coconut with pandan. So harum!

    I didn’t know either. Had to ask the man and he was nice enough to tell me VERY slowly, syllable by syllable…making it hard to catch the names, and he looked so amused that I was taking photographs of his kuihs! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. Never been a fan of grated coconuts…. so dont really enjoy those Malay(sian) kuihs u mentioned. But I do like the selirut (i thought it was called cerorot..hehe). The kuih below the selirut, is that the green bean cucur? I hate that stuff but my office meetings always have that kuih becos big boss likes it. Bleh!

    I didn’t know the names…Had to ask the man. Is that how you spell it? I’ll google and see…and then edit it in my post. I don’t like those green bean kuih also…that’s why did not take the pic of that.

    P.S. Nothing on google…whatever the name is. LOL!!!

  6. Now those chicken wings picture just made my stomach growled really hard. *Sluuurrp*

    I’m also the one who prefers plain Kampua btw. ^_^

    Ah! Another one who shares the same taste as me!…You’ve never tried the chicken wings from there? Next time I buy, I’ll get some for you. LOL!!

  7. i simply love coconut juice! mixed with with grind ice. it’ll be perfect!

    Cooling and refreshing! Btw, welcome all the way from the Philippines! I’ve seen your comments in some other blogs; thanks for dropping by. I’ve hopped over to ur blog – ooo…all the nice pics. Will hop over again and browse thru ur earlier posts and pics. Will add you to my blogroll, and do come again, ya!

  8. what the heck is kampua? is it the 1st picture? to me, it looks like the normal wantan mee. the coconut cendol looks superb. certainly cant find one in kuantan……

    Lingamly…it looks like wanton mee, it smells like wanton mee but it isn’t wanton mee! Hahahahahaha!!! No lah! Tastes nothing like wanton mee (which I do not like). You’ll have to come over to East Malaysia to eat it…and also the kolo mee! Sooooooooooo….delicious! Organise a bank excursion to Sibu…say visit branches, educational visit and bank pay? I know some people do that (and I’m not saying who!)! LOL!!!

  9. wow…

    what i m going to have for tea today???
    i guess 3 pieces of biscuits and a glass of plain water =\

    Aiyor…so kesian! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! With all the nice Malaysian kuihs around…especially Kuching, nyonya kuihs the best in the country!

  10. Let me confuse you further – some people call that kuih chelorot.

    Ya…I think this is it! Managed to google up something in Sarawak Malay…but can’t access the chatroom site. I’ll ask gundot or hiok, sure they know!

  11. Long time din drop by to see the food stuff..U never fail to make me hungry everytime i see the stuff on your blog. yummy!! the coconuts n the kuih..wahhhlaooo

    Gosh…it’s been sooooo long, Gary and you missed my birthday post two days ago! Well, my daughter’s back from Kedah on holiday and it’s that time of the year when I have lots of friends and family visiting…so eat, eat and eat lor! U coming over, by any chance?

  12. god damn it everything looks nice!!! that kampua looks delicious la teacher… look wet and got gravy liddat…and gosh those chickin wings…but doesnt look that healthy.. cholesterol can shoot off the chart teacher..too much fried food 😛

    Not nice lah the tau-eyew kampua…prefer the ori! The chicken wings barbecued…and they say one is equivalent to 8 sticks of cigarettes! Hahahahahahaha!!!! So nice or…!

  13. I am the one who takes Kampua as breakfast every morning. “KAMPUA FACE”
    Oh, i love the coconut chedol in Thomson.

    Aiyor…but you’re so thin leh? Lucky u! (Old people say – greedy people eat, never grow fat! Hahahahaha!!!! Me so fat, so not greedy lah!!) So you’ve tried the coconut cendol. The cendol biasa or the ang tau peng (red beans) also very nice!!!

  14. but wht the heck who cares.. almost all nice msian food are artery clogging anyways.. hahahaha.. M’sians.. we live to eat!!!

    Not eat all the time mah! So should be ok! LOL!!! Have you listed ALL the things you wanna eat when you come back for the hols and your sister’s wedding?…Well, in the meantime, drooooooollll!!!! Hahahahahaha!

  15. For tea tonite, as in dinner, we had chinese ‘wo tieh’or Gyoza panfried(fillings of pork & prawn mince with chives from my vege patch) n baked spare ribs with seasoned with sweet soya & s’wak pepper . BUT I won’t mind trading my tea for the above yummy food that u posted up,STP!Esp the coconut chendol!

    Well, you can have that when you’re back here…coming soon, right?

  16. OMG – the yummy chicken wings – medically its a sin to touch that stuff at my age.haha.

    Once in a blue moon, never mind! The last time I had that, Auntie Lucy was still around and it was sooooooooo cheap! Now RM2.00 already, so not so often lah!!! LOL!!

  17. OMG! You’re making me drool. I miss kampua now that I’m in KL.

    You’re a mean, mean man.

    Aiyor! You have just gone over and are already craving for kampua! Hehehehehehe!!! Don’t worry! Should I be going over, I’ll make sure I tapao some for you!

  18. “Kampua” Mee > Wantan Mee

    I mean, once you’ve tried Kampua, you’d never wanna try Wantan Mee ever again. LOL!

    I agree with you 100%!!! I like the char siew though…but we can always buy char siew and add our own! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  19. Ok Ok I am out of date…. at STP house actually. It just strikes me. Where is the coconut from? Somebody had coconot water earlier?????? Yaksssss!

    Dunno what happened to the water…but the flesh is all there for you to korek and enjoy eating! So it’s not recycled coconut shell…I think! LOL!!!

  20. Now I know where the cendols are! Thanks, Arthur! I think you took me there once to try it but it wasn’t available. Hope my luck is better the next time I try it!

    Did we go there? I can’t remember. Looks like my memory isn’t all that good anymore, old age. 😀 I would say you’ve nicer ones in Kuching – I love Swee Kang’s. So so so nice!

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