Don’t know much…

When I posted on how to cook nasi kunyit the other day, Clare mentioned in her comment that she tried cooking chicken rice but it was a disaster and asked if I knew how to do it. Frankly, I don’t know much about cooking chicken rice but many years ago, I made an attempt and it was not successful, to say the least. I was told (or maybe I read it in some recipe book) to trim the fat from the chicken, melt it in a wok and then fry ginger in the oil before mixing the rice in it and transferring all that into the rice cooker to cook, adding salt and msg according to taste. As far as I can remember, it did not turn out nice at all.

So the other day, I decided to improvise and do it my own way. I placed the piece of chicken on a metal grill over a bowl in the wok and steamed it. Umm…it was actually a metal tripod stand for hot pots and saucepans! I didn’t know where the old lady kept all those darn metal grills; she’s the type who will put away things and nobody will be able to find them…and the type who will turn the whole house upside down in search of one thing that she has forgotten where she has stashed it…and I’ll be the one who will nag, nag and nag! Role reversal, eh? LOL!!! Anyway, back to my chicken rice…

In the meantime, I washed and cleaned the rice in the rice cooker pot, two cups only in case it didn’t turn out nice! Then I poured in the oil and the juices of the chicken that had dripped into the bowl while steaming and added one two-inch chunk of ginger (skin removed), one stalk of lemon grass (serai) and some pandan (screwpine) leaves all knotted together. I saw them using those in the RM2 Singapore show on Asian Food Channel. Lastly, I threw in one cube of chicken stock (in place of salt and msg) and cooked the rice. Presto….. 

STP's chicken rice

…it was VERY nice and we finished it all in one sitting! Now, my daughter does not like steamed chicken so what I did was I rubbed the skin with soy sauce and glazed it with honey before putting it in the oven to roast. This was how it turned out…

STP's honey roast chicken

My daughter loved it, especially the skin! Notice the metal tripod stand that I used? I wasn’t making up stories, I tell you! LOL!!! Anyway, still on the question of food, my daughter and I dropped by at this place for lunch the other day…

Sibu's Kopi O Cafe, Sing Kwong

This is the Kopi-O Cafe, some sort of a food court at the Sing Kwong Complex in the Salim area in Sibu. Kongkay had a post on it sometime ago but I had not had the chance to try out the food there earlier. It was lunchtime when we were there, so the place was pretty crowded (The above photo was taken after we had finished eating and by then, much of the crowd had left)…

Sibu's Kopi O Cafe - lunchtime

In my comment on Kongkay’s post, I mentioned that I had spotted the place once but it was mid-afternoon and the stalls were closed. I noticed one selling claypot rice and I had been waiting all this while for the chance to go back there and sample it…

Claypot pork and salted fish rice

So that was what my daughter and I had that day – claypot pork and salted fish rice for RM9.00 only. It was very nice but I wished they had put a bit more “long” salted fish…and I remember having claypot rice with lap chiang (Chinese sausage) and egg.

Hmmm…maybe I don’t know much about preparing claypot rice too but I’m sure I can cook up something like that or even better. Will give it a try one of these days!

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17 thoughts on “Don’t know much…”

  1. We had “hainanese’chicken rice in the city for lunch today.Not bad. Sometimes I made my own chickenrice,a favourite with the family. My version of chicken rice, I just put in some shallots oil with tumeric powder,chicken stock, not bad too!I deboned the chicken after poaching it if not lazy,presentation looks nicer!

    That must be very authentic – Hainanese! You put tumeric powder, won’t it turn yellow? I may add a bit next time to give it a nicer colour.

  2. We had chicken rice at Chicken Rice Shop at 1Borneo KK last night. Hmm.. really do not wish to shout about it. I think yours look so much better. And of course the claypot pork rice looks good too!

    These franchise shops are usually quite good but nothing great! The sets are reasonably-priced and you get a wide variety of dishes. Of course, not as nice as Chopstick’s Johore chicken rice. Mine’s nice…but I think I can improve on it and make it even nicer, should I decide to cook again…LOL!!!

  3. wah so now you should start writing recipe books! I love claypot rice especially those claypot chicken and salted fish rice!

    With lots of salted fish, Chinese sausage and egg! Drool!!! LOL!!!

  4. Gosh! I wish I can cook like you! I’m such a lousy cook. If we are neighbours, I think I will drop by your house every time when you cook. Haha!

    I’m an agak-agak cook…dunno how to follow recipes…and trial and error. Once you know what’s compatible with what, it’s really easy. You can try to cook some of the dishes I’ve posted on. They’re all simple to cook, if too macam2, I don’t wanna cook liao! I’m basically very lazy! LOL!!!

  5. One plate of chicken rice, chicken wing please. Ha Ha! Nice bbq drumstick!

    If you want it, here it is…come and get it! Planning to come to Sibu anytime soon? I think end of the month, there’s a food bazaar coming up in the town…in conjunction with the Christmas celebration!

  6. *grok*grok*

    Should remind myself not to come here when I’m starving !!

    Hahahahaha!!! My lousy pics, where got can make people drool one…!!! LOL!!

  7. Oh so that’s how you cooked it. I didn’t put in the oil from the chicken. Maybe that’s what was missing lar. Thanks for the info! 🙂

    Will cook it again soon…and since it was a success, I would cook a lot this time…That was just a trial run, enough for one meal! LOL!!!

  8. I don’t even know how to cook white rice.. should learn it one day! and i never know that there is Claypot rice in Sibu.. i thought just only in Singapore.

    Aiyor…you are so spoilt rotten kah? Dunno how to cook rice! LOL!!! There’s a new shop along Ramin Way selling Bak Kut Teh and Claypot Rice – the block before the one opposite Star Cineplex. I hear it’s owned by the same person and he said the claypot rice is nicer there. I’ve yet to go and try…

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