Just the way you are…

There was this box of NZ-imported mussels in the freezer, no prize for guessing who bought it (…at over RM20 a box! Gee whiz!!!)…but never got round to cooking them, that was occupying a lot of space (I have a small fridge, you see!), so I decided to get rid of it. I melted some butter in a pan, sauteed some finely-chopped garlic in it, added evaporated milk and one chicken stock cube and when it had started to boil, I poured it into the mussels that I had arranged on a baking tray. Then I sprinkled some cheddar cheese bits on top of each of them…and put them in the oven to bake. There you have it, my simple dish of mussels with cheese…

STP's cheesey mussels

It was very nice but somehow, after feasting on the rich western cuisine, one would get tired of it. Come to think of it, even when you have attended one Chinese banquet too many, you would yearn to go back to the simple delights that you are used to. I suppose that’s just the way we are…..

Well, my daughter’s no different. She’s been home almost a month now and a couple of days ago, she declared that she had had enough of the western dishes and would love some chao chai hung ngang (Big mihun in preserved vegetables chicken soup) – a Foochow specialty. You can click this link to go to her blog and see how she and the mother cooked it that day.

And the other day, when Bongkersz stopped over in Sibu on his way home to Sarikei from Miri, we agreed to meet for breakfast as he wanted to pass me some loot that he had got for me on his recent trip to duty-free Labuan (Thanks so much, Bong!)…and what did he have? Kampua and deep-fried kompia with meat filling…

Fried kompia with meat filling

After all the years in KL, he still craves for these local Foochow delicacies. We chose the Kopi-O Cafe at the Sing Kwong Mall in Salim here because of its location along the bypass to the Lanang Bridge across the mighty Rejang enroute to Sarikei. I decided to try the tomato kway teow that I had seen people eating the other day and it looked quite good…

Kopi-O Cafe tomato kway teow

…but it wasn’t really that great! A bit too much tomato sauce and the ones I had in the 70s in Kuching were way better! Given the choice, I would much sooner go for the fried kway teow – Foochow style (with gravy)…

Y2K's fried kway teow

…at Y2K, next to Mom’s in the Jalan Tunku Osman area here (RM3.00) or this dry version…

Foochow fried kway teow - dry

…that my daughter had at the coffee shop immediately in front of the Zenith-Minth cinema complex in Rejang Park here for only RM2.50 or somewhere around there. I had this plate of piping-hot Foochow fried noodles that day…

Rejang Park's Foochow fried mee

…and it was very nice. As in the case of kampua here, you can get it everywhere but some places are nicer than others. You will need to know where to go to. My daughter and I also had this bowl of fish ball soup for only RM2.50…

Rejang Park's fish ball soup

All in all, I paid RM10 something only, inclusive of drinks…which is equivalent to what you will have to pay for ONE plate of pasta al forno…and I am of the opinion that in fact, these local delights are not only much cheaper but also nicer! East west, home is best and as I have mentioned earlier, that’s…just the way we are!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Just the way you are…”

  1. TQ – am going to try your mussel recipe-should be very yummy.

    It’s very easy to cook…and turn off the heat after the cheese has melted and leave it in the oven for the sauce to thicken and dry up more. It is nice…but I’m not really into mussels. Would prefer the big freshwater prawns!

  2. can i taste it? maybe when i visit your country next year.

    Sure! Just email me to let me know when you’re coming… Very cheap from Clark’s to KK in Sabah using the cheap Malaysian airline, I hear.

  3. Don’t you wish the eateries just use white plates, melamine or not. At least there will be some contrast between the food and the plates. I see really bad color combinations of plates, here as well..you get blue, red, green etc all in one table…excuse the trivial comment! 🙂

    The worst would be the horrible pink ones they used at MAS Corner (but they had moved)…but it’s not the colour that bugs me. I dunno what reaction there may be when the hot food gets into contact with the plastic or melamine…and even some (big) restaurants use them! I wish they would use glass or ceramic…but of course, these break or crack easily.

  4. i went to melissa’s blog. ish.. like father like daughter! make me droool only.

    LOL!!! Ur father loves the chao chai with fish soup… Drooool!!!!

  5. Mussels with cheese? Never tried it before. Hmm…perhaps should try one day. =)

    I had that at Fish & Co at 1 Utama once…and it was very very nice! I think Manhattan Fish Market too…I had that in their seafood platter.

  6. Prefer oysters to mussels. Printed the receipe from yr daughter’s blog. Looks yummy,will try it out next few days. But hope can find the ‘chow chai’. Btw thks for the lovely christmas card,STP n also to those who have sent to me. They are all displayed nicely on my foyer cabinet.

    U’ve got it? That’s fast! And they call it snail mail! LOL!!!…Thanks for urs…and Pollie for hers too! I guess you may use salted preserved veg instead and cook with ang chao or lots of ang chiew and ginger…as a substitute.

  7. Christ……look at the sauce/gravy on the char kuey teow and the char me…..i think i just drooled the exact amount of salive just by looking at it..ooohhh im so gonna lick my plates/bowls clean once i get back!!

    Ah well…as long as you don’t drool into my plate when we go out to eat together….!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. Aiyo..different stalls in the SAME shop use different colour for coding and identifications la…See Japanese train or conveyer belt …different $$$ for each colour plate …. You and gerrie toooo ang mo la ..hahahaha

    Ceramic and glass plates also got different colour, pattern and design mah! Even if same one, can share-share mah! A plate is a plate, all the same…except for the halal stalls, cannot lah!!! All those stories about plastic and melamine…and even something about the spoon and chopsticks dipped in hot boiling water (in Sibu), kinda worrying lah! Btw, I’m intrigued…you my secret admirer kah? Not stalker, I hope! Hahahahahaha!

  9. HOHOHOHO…not Santa yet..but forgot to change sender…secretA pula…hahahahah

    I thought it sounded like you! Ohhhh….so that is what you’ve been doing. Stalking people in their blogs using the name SecretA!!! Eeee…….

  10. wow, that’s alot of food! It’s true, when you have too much of a good & expensive meal, it’s always good to go back to the hawker food! I love my mussels with garlic and cheese!

    Like Chinese New Year, by 3rd or 4th day, wanna eat porridge already! LOL!!! You love? Come…I cook for u! Hahahahahaha!!!

  11. too bad i cant have mussels. i’ll be scratching my body all over……maybe, that’s a way to get rid of my monkey-ness

    U allergic to seafood? Prawns, crabs, clams…all cannot lah? Aiyor!!! So nice or…!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  12. yum yum…ur blog post and the way u describe the food always make me go and eat the food the very next day, if not immediately. LOL!

    Got meh?…Didn’t say much about the food leh?…Either you’re missing Sibu food or you’re having cravings liao! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. there might b a christmas bloggers meet. will keep u informed but i will be in Pg/KL

    Ok, just let me know. You’re going home for Christmas? Ooo…how nice! Gonna meet up with all the bloggers there, I’m sure. Have a nice trip!

  14. Walau eh, you know how to cook mussels with cheese… yummy Yummy..

    Just trying…and luckily, it turned out very nice! That’s my way of cooking – trial and error! And if not nice, I would not have posted on it! LOL!!!

  15. is mussels is what we call kupang? just curious, this thing have a lot of species..oyster la, lala la..But i love Kupang..hehe. Your entry make me salivated and feel hungry in immediately, believe me!

    I think our kupang, lala, kerang are all different types of clams…and then there are mussels and oysters too. Personally, I think all our locally-available clams are much nicer…except that the bits inside are so small…and there’s always a lot of sand in them, very hard to clean.

  16. Eh…what about the shop serving RM 1.40 per piece sponge cakes with little colourful Tupperware plates. Felt like taking the plates!!!!

    I’ve posted on the kampua + gu tor soup and some of the kuihs sold there…but I’ve never eaten the cakes. Advent…supposed to cleanse away sins, not commit some more! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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