Speak softly love…

Sorry, folks! If you’re expecting a romantic, lovey-dovey, mushy-mushy post, you are in for a disappointment. I’ve chosen this song for the title because it is the theme song from the movie, “The Godfather”. ROTFLMAO!!! You see, sometime back, my godson, Elias…


…who is also an ex-student of mine, contacted me and invited me out to dinner at Cafe cafe…

Sibu's Cafe cafe

…on Thursday night last week. He did not want to tell me what the occasion was, so I just guessed that it was probably some students’ gathering to celebrate the end of the academic year. When I got there, I was surprised to see him and his elder brother, Kevin who is also my godson…


…waiting for me outside the cafe…

Elias and Kevin at Cafe cafe

Then only did they tell me that their parents and younger sister were waiting inside and that they had invited me out to celebrate my birthday!!! Horror of horrors! Adults! LOL!!! It was somewhat embarrassing but it certainly was a pleasant surprise that I found most flattering. They could not have it on the actual day as Kevin would have to sit for a few more papers in the STPM Examination around that time.

It was my first time at Cafe cafe (in its present location) and I must say that the place was very dimly-lit, so you will have to bear with the small, dark and blur photographs in this post. We had the cincaluk (fermented shrimps) fried rice…

Cincaluk fried rice

They gave some cincaluk in a small dish but I could not taste any in the fried rice itself. In my own version of that, I would have a generous amount in the fried rice but I quite enjoyed it the way it was, eating it together with the cincaluk provided. We also had this lamb and pasta dish…

Lamb pasta

It wasn’t too bad. The pasta was kind of bland but went well with the lamb in its dark gravy that tasted something like a very mild black pepper sauce. Its signature dish – the mee mamak – was a disappointment, I felt, with its excessive chilli/tomato sauce…

Mee mamak

…but I loved the tuna toast with its rich and creamy cheesey topping…

Tuna toast

I would order that should I happen to go to that cafe again. We also had this broccoli and mushroom dish…

broccoli mushroom

…and this huge bowl of sea cucumber soup…

Sea cucumber soup

We also had some cakes including this hazelnut cheesecake…

Hazelnut cheesecake

…which was just so-so and this extremely sweet chocolate cake…

Chocolate cake

and this white chocolate cheesecake that was everyone’s favourite…

White chocolate cheesecake

After dinner, we adjourned to The Queens next door for a round of drinks. It is a nice, comfy place with keyboards and guitars for anyone musically-inclined who may want to show of his or her musical talents…and even the waiter is willing to belt out a song or two upon special request…

The Queens

Thank you so very much, Elias and Kevin…and also to your parents and sister for that delightful start to my birthday celebration this year. It certainly was very sweet and nice…and thanks for remembering my birthday too.

Incidentally, this is my 300th post since I started in March this year…and to date, I have had 89,245 views and 6,148 comments. My Google Page Rank stands at 5/10 and according to websiteoutlook, the estimated worth of my blog is US$4,109.90 with a daily page view of 1,132 and a traffic rank of 971,542. Ummm…at least, I’m within the top 1 million blogs in the world. LOL!!!

Thanks to shinyin, I think, for this award…

Blog award 1

and faisaladmar for this one…

Blog award 2

It sure is nice to feel appreciated… LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Speak softly love…”

  1. It must be great minds like alike – I also like the tuna toast there, I am not a tuna person though.

    And congratulations for all the achievements in blogging sphere! You will sure make it to the top blogger soon with such pace and popularity. Then, it will be the pride of Sibu people!

    I guess that’s not an invitation to go and eat tuna toast together? Hahahahahahaha!!!! Aiyor…thanks but pressure…pressure! I just blog for fun lah! When I get tired, just call it quits! At the moment, at least it keeps me mentally active…what to post, how to create a post around some photos I’ve taken etc etc etc…

  2. How sweet! Don’t u wish u can just cloned students like that,STP! Yo!Tomorrow the Big D Day eh!So what r u going to do?!!Pole or Punjabi Dancing?!Running ‘telanjang’ down the street!I won’t want to witness that! Will write something on your FB wall tomorrow!I know how to bake real great NY cheesecake now, would have send one to u if we had been in the same town!LOL!

    I think I have a number of students like that…and I take pride in the fact that I’ve taught them two important values in life – love and gratitude, not that I expect anything from any of them…but young people today are very selfish, materialistic…and have no sense of appreciation and loyalty even to their own family. Gundot’s on the way to Sibu so I’ll get her to come over tomorrow for Foochow ang-chiew chicken soup mee sua and hard-boiled eggs! Would have invited you too but too bad you’re not in the same town! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. Congratulations on your blogging achievements! So nice to have people remembering and celebrating your birthday so many days in advance! In KL, cafe cafe is a French dining place and there in Sibu they serve cincaluk fried rice! haha.. so funny.

    I don’t think there’s anything French in the menu but the western-eastern fusion formula sure is working well for them. Been around for some time now…and business looked very good!…Me so nice mah! Sure people remember (not that I’d let them forget!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!).

  4. Happy Birthday. Many Happy Returns of the Day. Keep up the good work. Hopefully and praying that the number of hits are going to soar with yr big birthday tomorrow.

    Thank you, thank you. So make sure you come and comment on tomorrow’s post.

  5. I guess the best birthday present for you is food and good company. hehe.
    Wah… Sibu nowadays quite happening hor. so many new places to go. last time the only place the hang out was village and sugarbun only. hahahah.

    True, true…not looking forward to any birthday presents anymore…unless it’s a million-ringgit cheque! Hahahahaha!! Sibu isn’t too bad now. Still slow and relaxing…and there are places to choose from if you wanna go out. Last time, also got Garden, Bamboo House, Blowpipe Lounge etc etc etc…

  6. Happy birthday! Have a fab day tomorrow!

    Fab day? Ummm….I guess it will just pass like any other day except for the mee sua and eggs which I have to cook myself. So kesian hor!

  7. Happy Birthday SuiTuaPui!! Wish your dream come true~
    I like the Fried Rice of Cafe Cafe so much.

    At my age, no more dreams lah!…So when we go there eat the fried rice? I think I’ll go for the tuna toast though. My cincaluk fried rice is nicer! LOL!!!

  8. happy bornday!!!! so much food, so little time. im hungry. feed me!!!

    Thanks. You keep on working – banks very busy end of year. How many months’ bonus? Half a year? LOL!!!

  9. Happy birthday friend. Wish you continued success, happiness , forever healthy and always sui. Haha, I should consider to have a godson too!

    Thanks. I’ve a number of godsons…though I don’t think I’m suitable material to be a godfather….and you can guess why. LOL!!!

  10. You’re probably the only teacher whom students invite out to dinner after their school days. Testament to your popularity.

    I find taking photos at Cafe Cafe extremely difficult with the lighting.

    Nice stats, btw.

    Occupational hazard…I feel more comfortable being with young people – young, innocent and carefree. Like going out with u lah! LOL!! Ya, the place is so dark and Queens next door is a bit brighter, should be the other way round. Started work yesterday, eh? Hope it was good…and good luck!

  11. Happy Birthday pal. Seem like you had a great fun. I hope you like the award too… May God bless you and long life! 🙂

    Thanks, faisal…it was pretty nice and most flattering.

  12. no wonder i heard so many song request for u over the radio this few days… I must say u’re not only popular in the blogesphere, but also over the airwaves… Haha… Maybe some alien will notice u

    Sure kah? Haven’t tuned into the radio much since they changed everything. If they are aliens, sure they’ll spot this huge body mass on the airwaves! LOL!!!

  13. Aiya! Thought this post is about the song, but ends up about food! Anyway, happy birthday and congrats for your 300th post and your incredible blogging achievements!! Keep it up!! : )

    Thank you…and a happy birthday to you too!

  14. i wish bonuses were that good. increment and adjustment also so little. after deducting epf, want to buy sweets also bo kao. got work, do 1st lar….. 🙂

    So kesian kah? Last time they said work in bank best. Big fat bonuses. These days, bank not close down, can be very happy liao! Many overseas banks retrenching employees, I hear.

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