Time to say goodbye…

I was invited to dinner the other night at Cafe Cafe here in Sibu…

LKP's farewell at Cafe2 1

It was a buffet dinner hosted by one of my students at the tuition centre who would be leaving soon for the UK…

LKP's farewell at Cafe Cafe

There was a pretty wide selection of dishes…

LKP's farewell at Cafe Cafe 3

…comprising a fusion of western and eastern. The place was somewhat dark and I felt kind of awkward taking photographs of the food using the flash, so I did not manage to snap all that was on the buffet spread.

Anyway, this was what I had for my first helping…

LKP's farewell at Cafe2 4

The food was very good and I particularly loved the mini pizzas. I think I had three of those. The masak hitam (beef) with the deep fried buns to go with it was very nice too…and so was the Nestum chicken…and the fish. The fried kway teow, of course, was a far cry from what I had had in Sungai Petani and Penang. Now, don’t ask me how many helpings I had altogether for I would just reply – Ask no questions, and I tell no lies! LOL!!!

This was the second time I’ve been to the place in its present venue. The first time I went this particular restaurant, it was for lunch and at the time, it was at the old place at Kpg Nyabor but I was put off by the fact that it was extremely noisy when the crowd came in during lunch hour. Actually, many have dined here since and they have posted on it in their blogs. You can google it up and read about it if you are interested.

Here is a photo of my student and some of his friends…

LKP's farewell at Cafe2 5

He’s the decent-looking one in the white striped shirt. Actually, I also had a photo taken with him but I look really HUGE beside him…so I have decided against including it in this post.

Well, thanks a lot for the invitation, Koh Peng, and here’s wishing you a pleasant flight to the UK and every success in your undertakings. Good luck and God bless!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye…”

  1. i like cafe cafe too…. The food is nt bad and is an ideal place for tea at night if dun feeling go to the crowded taman muhibah. Just that the food is a bit more expensive but considering the ambience, acceptable…….

    Yes, the food is good, the prices are as usual for places like that, the service is excellent – the people are VERY friendly, the place is nice and cosy…but I feel it is a bit too dark! And parking is a real pain!!!!

    P.S. How come you’ve never invited me to dine there? See! Students from “the other school” are nicer and more generous…and appreciative. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. Teacher retiring frm our school always complain he is a poor pensioner so student frm d same school will complain tat he is poor oso. Cant afford to dine in those places frequently so he say the food is a bit more expensive.Will probably end up there oso if i were richer n CLEVERER, hahaha…. But our sch is actually more suitable for unteachable students like me πŸ™‚

    PS: When you celebrate ur 60th b’day then i tin i can afford to show a bit appreciation dy so rmbr to invite me, hehehe

    60th? That’s 3 years from now. You would have graduated already? Unfortunately, that would mean that you would not be rich…YET! Not until you come out and start your own private practice…and by then, I’d probably be dead and gone! πŸ˜€

  3. i see watermelon!

    A smile from SJ =)

    Eyew… I didn’t touch that! For one thing, it’s “cold” and I always end up coughing…and for another, I hate the seeds and I would have to go “Ptui! Ptui!!!” to spit them all out! Gross! Hahahahaha!

  4. Wow, what a wide selection of food! Yummies. And here’s wishing your student all the best in his future undertakings πŸ™‚

    Thanks, on his behalf…

  5. THAT. Looks. So. GAY! ‘nuf said.

    Which one? Where?…Those were the boys at the next table…and somebody was taking their photo, so I quickly snapped one too. You should see the girls, his classmates/friends – Gosh! In comparison, I think you would look quite drab. They certainly did not look like students – more like they’ve just stepped out of the pages of Sisters Pictorial (Jian Mei – those mags you get to see in hair salons)…..if you get what I mean! LOL!!!

    1. Last pic.

      Hahahahaha!!! Ah Lian har you mean πŸ˜› *runs* I don’t read mags at hair salons. Wait. Rephrase. I have not been to hair salon in a long time already. The other day went back to Sibu, went to kao pok (make thinner) my hair only. So thick, hard to wash, waste shampoo πŸ˜›

      Aiyor, kids nowadays ar…all look like they’ve just stepped out of the pages of mags wan. Hahaha! A lot of them in Kuching as well.

      I refrain from making any further comment… Hahahahaha!!! Ya, when I look at them, I thank God that my daughter isn’t like that! Shudders!!! πŸ˜€ But there were some sweet, decent-looking ones too. I guess it all reflects the home background they come from.

  6. One day, he will come back buying you a bigger buffet…

    It doesn’t really matter. Just knowing that they’re doing well in their lives would be enough. That’s the Teacher’s Prayer…

  7. Wow… so happy to be invited by your student to a treat of buffet! Those food seems arranged neat & tidy but wondering how it looked like after that? hehehe πŸ™‚

    Still good! There were people standing around taking care of that…and getting refills when any dish ran out e.g. the mini pizzas. They certainly seemed very popular…

  8. budak budak sekarang… so kaya lar. Farewell can host a buffet some more…haha. I think my farewell before going overseas was in Hui SIng eating fried koay teow and drinking Matterhorn. Sendiri bayar sendiri some more…wahah

    Kiam siap! You could have thrown a grand bash if you had wanted! Hahahahaha!!!! Matterhorn? Wasn;t that a cigarette brand?

    1. Matterhorn is the ice shaving thingy with jelly, longan and stuff. MAybe its named after the menthol cigarette which was named after the mountain… because they are all “cooling”?
      Concord eh?… miss that place. Yeah, many rich people there… I was the pauper amongst the princes. hehe

  9. “He’s the decent-looking one” – ROFLMFAO!!!! straight to the point huh ?

    He does look decent, doesn’t he? I hear he’s very rich (Pssst…going to Concord, UK!!!)…but he dresses up very plain and simple and is a nice, pleasant boy – not one of those showy overspoilt and overpampered brats!

    1. Very decent compared to the dragon ball character in front of him. wahaha.

      Hahahahaha!!!! Must be all that anime that the kids are so crazy about these days.

      1. well cant blame them also. sibu kids just out of highschool all liddat wan. give them time, they will grow out of that DBZ hair phase. ive seen worst. a lot japanese exchange students here in my uni and gawd damn their hair…

        Have you? LOL!!!…Speaking from experience? But then again, I went through that as well during my time… πŸ™‚

  10. my children farewell we have hot dog and chicken wings BBQ and I cook Beefcurry and rice and fried some beehoon…not so class like that..lol. we did not invite the teachers. haha.

    I keep asking my daughter…but she doesn’t seem keen on having one. LOL!!! Well, he did invite another teacher from his school – dunno who and didn’t get to see her as she was sitting at the other end and the place was dark…and I was the other teacher around. The rest all his classmates and friends…

  11. wow…your student so nice. host a party before leaving for studies? that’s great, i think he will host a grander party once he is back from studies! hehe…

    LOL!!! And hopefully, I will still get invited! πŸ˜‰

  12. u don’t have female students?
    Is tat bbq chicken besides the watermelon?

    Not when I was in school, except for a handful in Form 6 on certain years. I was teaching in a boys’ school. I do have girls at the tuition centre…but none of them invited me. Sob! Sob! Hahahahahaha!!!! Yup…that was BBQ chicken…but I did not take that. Had the spicy sotong beside it and it was very nice!

  13. LOL… looks huge in the pic with him. Aiyoooo, Cikgu, I tot u look huge in all pic wan? LMAO…. I saw ur pic with Mama Claire… wah… piang! She look tiny beside you! LOL…I think it’s every women’s dreams to snap picture with you! While me… I dun think I dare to snap pic with you… cuz I will look all skin and bones. LOL…I am probably as skinny as your girl. LOL…

    Become teacher nice horr? Farewell party get to eat for free…teachers day oso got pressie… so syiok. If I went and become teacher, i dun think I will be so skinny today! LOL… πŸ˜›

    Aiyor….sampai hati you laugh at me, say I’m big!!! No lah! It’s Claire – she’s so thin and so small so when we had our photo taken together, I looked so big! Hahahahahaha!!!! Ya, it’s nice to be teachers – if you have the passion for it. Very rewarding – though not in monetary terms.

    1. LOL… you say Claire… she’s in Japan now, never see you comment. LOL…you say her small, she sure happy wan. Ahahahaha…. she looks younger than her age, hor? My mum oso 1 year older than her nia, but she looks younger than my mum! She must have used Olay Total Effect wan… lol… defy aging! Would love to meet up wif her one day. πŸ˜€

      I am not sure if I have the patience to be a teacher. I’ve always want my students to be good students, not a bunch of rascal. I can take it if they are dumb, cuz still can teach, nvm, but if they are spoil rich ass brats… i dun really know how to deal wif em.

      I think become replacement teacher once is more than enuff to repel me from bratz. OMG… boleh mati ah! I feel like banging my head to the wall, simply because they are rude. 😦 Dono why, feel that kids these days… really no manners. Summore can threaten to report you to police tor threatening them! WALAO!

      But then again… *sigh* my family financial not so good lately, so contemplating on whether I should give tuition anot… aihhhh! Decisions, decisions!

      Hahahaha!!! Was going to say that she uses SKII…but better don’t. Later she comes back and reads this, habis we two!!! LOL!!!…I think it depends on the teacher. My students are all very nice…and I’m also nice to them. I do not have problems with them. I’m serious with what I do…and I expect them to be serious too and as long as they toe the line, we get along really well together. That’s the way I like it – being a teacher!

  14. So nice of your student to invite you for makan. From the tuition centre right? He does look decent compared to his other friends. Look at their hairstyle!

    Yup, from the centre. Only him – not the rest, thank God!!! Dunno any of them. The other guy standing – my student in SHS, last batch before I retired in 2007. Still in SHS, this year in Upper 6 – they played squash together… Looks decent too,eh? MY student…Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. Haha! Clare is so funny!

    One of the boys (in red) kinda look like Senaun when he was younger.

    LOL!!! She probably won’t see this comment till Monday… That’s what she does in the office! Hahahahaha!!! Dunno all the boys at the table…or actually, dunno anybody at all except my student and his friend – my ex-student in SHS. But some of them know me…e.g. two girls at my table. So notorious!! πŸ˜€

    1. Saw already lar…Hahahahah!!! πŸ˜€

      LOL!!! Thought you would have better things to do on weekends and will only go online on weekdays in the office… πŸ˜‰

  16. no need to shy to be XL size if stand next to a kid.. the name oredi suituapui ma.. lol πŸ˜›

    LOL!!! Problem is the name only is “sui” but in actual fact, only “tua pui”…and not “sui”. If so “eyen tau” like sinkar, sure post lots of photos all over already… πŸ˜€

  17. Not cheap to have party there! Your student must be rich. Long time didn’t go there as the price of the food is expensive.

    Ya, he’s rich…and so were the two brothers who gave me a treat there last year (2008) on my birthday. I’ve never gone there by myself…poor pensioner, can’t afford! πŸ˜€

  18. ur student oso dowan look at u… πŸ˜›

    i wil set tat weekend goin kl then… πŸ˜‰

    Sob! Sob! So sad, being a teacher. Sacrificed his whole life, all his blood, sweat and tears…and students don’t even want to look after they are successful… Well, keep me informed about your plans!

  19. I don’t recall my farewell to be this good. :p yeah! Kids nowadays are more…er…rich. :p War…your blog is snowing ar?

    Not all are rich…and not all rich ones are appreciative…and some not-so-rich ones can be just as grateful and nice. Ya…Christmas is round the corner, so it’s snowing…

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