Here again…

I’ve been here before a number of times and I came here again the other day with Gundot and Sam when they were in town. I like the food here and I find the place very pleasant and the service is good – the people are all very friendly and they can speak English!

Well, I guess everybody knows that when girls grow up, they become more conscious of their appearance…and the little girl is little no more. So it was with Sam and these days, when we went out to eat, she hardly ate much – which, in a way, was good for me as I could eat everything…but it was kind of awkward eating when someone was sitting there watching. However, I heard from the mum that when it came to stuff like burgers, pizzas and pastas, the word “diet” would go out of the window. That was why I decided to bring the two of them to Cafécafé instead of my usual haunts.

We promptly ordered what we wanted and while waiting to be served, we enjoyed looking at the names in the drinks menu…

Cafecafe's drinks menu 1

So, is anybody interested? Perhaps, you would prefer to do what Jack does…

Cafecafe's drinks menu 2

The Queen had one, I don’t know about Jack or anybody else. Hahahahaha!!!!

Cafecafe's drinks' menu 3

Well, all of us had their Ribena-7-Up…

Cafecafe's Ribena-7-Up

…which did not look like Ribena but it tasted real nice. Noticed the chopstick that doubled as a stirrer? That was perfectly ok, I guess…provided you do not absent-mindedly start sucking on it, thinking that it’s a straw. I did! LOL!!!

We had the spaghetti marinara (RM13.00)…

Cafecafe's spaghetti marinara 1

…which like most of the dishes I have had there, was very nice and as always, the portion was very big too…

Cafecafe's spaghetti marinara 2

We also had this turkey ham toast (RM9.50)…

Cafecafe's turkey ham toast

…which everybody thought was great and started trying to figure out how to do it on their own at home.

Both Gundot and Sam liked the place and the food…and if anybody’s coming to town, I certainly wouldn’t mind dropping by there again for lunch or for dinner. Any takers?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Here again…”

  1. cheese cheese ! An abundance of cheese !! hahaha . The drinks menu is uber creative !

    You get a lot of that over there, eh? At least this post does not make you homesick… LOL!!! 😉

  2. Orgasm, despite the name, is quite yuckie, I assure, you, Cikgu. I’ve tried screaming Orgasm shots and Kamikaze before… and it’s awful!. But Sweet Revenge is nice, though. But my favourite have to be Screwdrivers (vodka and orange juice)

    Gosh! You are a regular kaki botol, I see! LOL!!! 😀 Hah!!! Once my cousin invited me to this ballroom dancing annual dinner thingy at the Kuching Hilton no less – big, grand affair…and one of her sisters ordered a screwdriver. The waitress – probably part-timer employed to cope with the crowd, left….and came back with TOOTHPICKS!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! 😀

    1. Hahaha… I only drink cocktails and red wine on occasions… weddings, bdays, anniversary and CNY. LOL…usually I wun mabuk wan la. Sometimes drink is because people belanja wan, and sometimes it comes with the steaks and pastas. LOL. One glass, and that’s it. Those wine and vodkas, goes pretty well with food; meat especially.

      No beer for me, please. Can’t really stand the awful smell! 😦 ( Smallkucing gonna laugh at me. LOL… cuz I ended up mabuk after eating salted chicken wif dong guai!)

      LOL… screwdrivers… I like them cuz of the orange taste. Hahahahaha….yo! the waitress teruk la… lucky din bring the real screwdriver! I would have laughed if I was there.

      That was exactly what we said! A real screwdriver! We really had a good laugh over the toothpicks. Ah…a social drinker eh? I used to drink…until the beer started to trigger my gout attacks – so now I do not touch a drop of liquor, no alcoholic drinks no more. 😦

      1. beer is bad.. you get a belly.. and it doesn’t feel nice to be drunk with beer.. red wine would be a better choice.. 😀

        hmmm.. if she ordered graveyard instead.. I wonder what will the waitress give her.. lol..

        I tried a bit of red wine not too long ago…and did not end up with gout. I guess I can drink that…but not really a fan of reds. I prefer white! Oh? Is there a drink called “graveyard” too? Eyew….

      2. yeah.. graveyard is good.. 1 shot and it’s good enough to knock you out.. 😀 but it cost around Rm40 per glass.. other cocktails like sex on the beach, chemical, or AK-47 is not as strong as graveyard..

        bar tenders here are a little bias.. if they see a lady ordering a drink, they won’t give a strong shot.. so normally I’ll just have to tell them make it stronger.. lol.. but cocktails are super expensive.. LOL

        Wah!!! You kuat lihai punya kaki botol!!! I’m sure your mum would be shocked to know that! Spank! Spank!!!

      3. *are.. not *is.. 😛

        Now, how many shots have you had? There are definitely more than just that one only! Now, who taught you English huh? LOL!!! 😀

      4. lol.. I admit my English got worse after staying so long in KL – ‘Malaysianizing’ my English so that people around me will understand.. like when Dillon came back after 10 years in the States, he had to add ‘lah’, ‘mah’… so that people will understand.. it’s amazing how ‘lah’ and ‘mahs’ could actually make a difference.. 😀

        Can kah? Don’t think so lah! Hahahahahaha!!! 😀

  3. With such tasteless names on the cocktail drink menu, it is anybody’s guess y someone will order?!….The spaghetti marinara is cream-based n not the usual tomato-based ones?…Ribena with 7-up looking super, that is the drink for me! …:)!

    I thought the tomato-based gravy is bolognese? The funny names must be the drinks menu from the club next door, same proprietor – I guess young people find that appealing?

  4. but this is a good strategy … it is so catchy and i guess almost everyone finds it intriguing and wanna try to visit this shop… so clever

    Well, people have all kinds of funny names even for food like “Buddha jumps over the wall”! I remember cooking “Chicken in a blanket” for my daughter and burnt my hand in the oven – those days when I was not so into cooking yet – it was just chicken sausage wrapped in a piece of bread…toasted in the oven! 😀

  5. how come the menu all weird weird one??? lol. by the way, i love turkey ham toast!

    I thought you young people should be familiar with such things – all the funny names? Perhaps you don’t hang around at that kind of places? Good girl! *pats on the head! Hahahahaha!!!! Ya…the turkey ham toast was good!

  6. i is having brekkie while reading this. luckily! if not i prolly will drool in front of lappie.. embarrassing wei..

    cheese will throw the word diet out of windows. oh and muachi! mr eng teik purleeese dhl me the muachi at air hitam. oh purleeese!

    What muachi? You mean mochi… Sibu has one nice stall – maybe I’ll go one day…and post on it. Penang hawker food memang best hor? Better than KL…or Malacca!🙂

  7. Nice place. Good thing discovered only before we left!!!!

    Will still be there the next time you come again – business so good, sure will be around a long time. I read in other blogs – the mother’s the chief cook – and she has written a cookbook before it seems…and the reviews compared this place to Junk and Blah Blah Blah… – all nice but this one is cheaper! Come to think of it, the two in Kuching – Sibu Foochow-owned! LOL!!! Come, come…I wouldn’t mind going again… LOL!!! 😀

  8. wah the spaghetti is very expensive. why so expensive? – all imported items? or others factor – rental expensive, worker salary expensive or boss want to earn more?

    All that, I guess…and got class mah! You want cheap…go kopitiam, eat kampua lor. The one with the money has the choice as to how to spend it. For one thing, the place was quite crowded…and the majority, ladies! The other day at Secret Recipe too…and elsewhere. Gosh! Looks like women are set to take over the world! 😀

  9. The names on the drink menu surely sound too “exotic”.

    Old people frown on that, eh? Looks like that’s what makes young people these days tick. Just listen to the lyrics of some of their songs!!! A lot worse, often quite shocking! Our time, we did not have names like those for cocktails- to the most, we had more toned-down ones like a Bloody Mary or a screwdriver.

    1. You are absolutely right! The problem with lyrics is that some of them play around with “sound alike”, eg, there is a song “I want to fart you”, which is a totally meaningless sentence. But we all know what is the actual meaning!

      I’ve heard worse!!! Very explicit lyrics…like when I was browsing on Youtube for Christmas songs and came across Lady Gaga’s…and her Christmas tree. Shocking!!! 😦

  10. wah blowjob, orgasm and sucking in the same post! STP what happened? haha!!! Anyways, I won’t mind a Blowjob. hehe

    LOL!!! I’m no angel, Eiling…I’m no angel! And rancangan ini is supposed to be sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat eh? 😀 Oh, you want one? You mean you can? 😉 Hahahahaha!!!!

  11. Wow..the names.. so so.. gory.. hahahha… but i like it! Something different.. got style.. but how was the food? the turkey ham looks good though…

    Ah! You’re young at heart! I guess we need to be open-minded to a certain extent…and take it with a pinch of salt. There are a lot of things that are far worse, very far worse…going on among young people in our midst! Ya, the food was great – looking forward to going there again. Coming to Sibu anytime soon? 😉

  12. Yes! Noted and added to list. Come! Must bring Chipmunk go try, he never gone there before. I think I browse through your blog today and make a list lar 😛

    Ask him to bring me along, belanja…. Wink! Wink!!! 😀

  13. I went to this cafe cafe when i went back last round. Their turkey ham toast , yum yum!! I heard is a “must” order dish? I like their sea cucumber soup and their mee mamak was good too. 🙂

    Seems that everybody likes their mee mamak…but I did not think very much of it. I’ve tried their sea cucumber soup sometime ago…ok, nice…but I prefer Sweet Family’s. But they do have a lot of nice dishes to offer…and I like the place and the people.

  14. I came across this kinda of menu before…thank goodness they provided the details of the menu..else must be scratching head what to order by just looking at those names…sweat***

    Hahahaha!!! Just pick the one that tickles your fancy lor! ROTFL!!! 😀

  15. so this is the ribena with 7-up you were talking abt the other time lah. Love it

    Did I talk about it before? It’s nice… Very refreshing.

  16. I, I, I… I want to join for a delicious spaghetti marinara for lunch! Hey… its menu’s name… it’s so … ahem…weird!

    Come, fly over anytime. Would love to take you there. 🙂

  17. hehe.. i wud have suck on that chopstick too leh..

    the Queen’s Orgasm? whoa.. hahahahah.. POWER!

    LOL!!! But these days, “queen” has a different meaning…like they say, Elton John is a queen! 😉

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