What you see is what you get…

Well, what you pay is what you get when you travel by the cheap airline where the aircrafts look like toppled-over tomato sauce bottles and in KL, you will have to use the LCCT – the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal, or in other words, LC = low cost = low class…

Cheap airline

And if you are on transit, like me…they cannot let you check in all the way. I had to make sure that there was ample time for me to arrive and proceed to check in for the next flight (45 minutes before take off) in case the flight was delayed or something. I arrived at 11 something on schedule…and my flight to Penang was at 2.50 – more than 3 hours to go, and the counters do not open until two hours before the flight. Never mind! I took the opportunity to look around, this being my first time at the place. There is this passageway that will take you to the departure hall, right beside the Coffee Bean outlet…

LCCT arrival to departure

Well, I did not go that way…as my nicotine level was dangerously low, so I went out of the building and later, came in through the main entrance into the departure hall. For one thing, there are no seats, except for a few at one little section for the elderly and disabled…and I cannot qualify for the former as the cheap airline has raised the age to 65 – nine more years to go! Maybe I can claim to be the latter…as there are many things that I can’t do anymore! ROTFLMAO!!! No questions, please; that’s for me to know and for you to find out! So some of the people had to sit on the floor…

LCCT Departure Hall 1

…or in the heat in the waiting area outside, inhaling the fumes of the vehicles dropping off people just a stone’s throw away…

LCCT Waiting area

It reminded me of a bus station…but then again, isn’t this what the terminal is all about? Low cost = low class? There were some seats available but it was near impossible to get to them. I do wish people can be more civil, courteous and considerate…and park their trolleys by the side so that they will not block other people’s way…but then again, isn’t this what LCCT is all about? Low cost = low class? Of course, you can choose to sit in one of the dining outlets…if you can manage to squeeze in and find a seat, that is…

LCCT Asian Kitchen

LCCT McDonald's

I think there are some eating places a short distance from the terminal…but I had no intention of going all the way in the heat so I went back to Coffee Bean – and there, what you pay is what you DON’T get!!! I had one iced coffee and a slice of apple crumble…

LCCT Coffee Bean

…and that was RM20.00! Ouch! That hurt! I could imagine feasting at Ruby’s with that kind of money! People were saying that at such places you can sit as long as you like, use the free wifi and what not…but here, you see all kinds of creatures hovering over you like vultures, squeezing in between the tables…and giving you some kind of threatening looks as if it were a crime to be eating alone! I finished what I had ordered despite the fact that the apple crumble was nothing to shout about (RM10.50) and the coffee was nowhere near Ruby’s (and for RM9.50…I could have at least 4 glasses at Ruby’s!!!) Anyway, enough said about the daylight robbers and let’s move on from there! Now, if you have the misfortune of going somewhere via this LCCT, you have to check the display to see whether the counter is open, and only if it is, take note of the number and proceed straight to it.

LCCT Departure Hall 2

There is a no-baggage lane but if you have any to check in, you will need to go through security clearance. No frozen foods allowed, and definitely, NO durians….

LCCT No durians

Omigawd! Don’t tell me there are still people around who do not know that?…Oops! I forgot! This is LCCT, right? Low cost = low class, so what do we expect?

LCCT Check-in counter

So proceed to check in for your flight, but don’t forget that low cost = low class and you will get to meet a lot of NCAA (No class at all!) passengers with tonnes of luggage…and they are NOT willing to pay for excess baggage – so they will juggle bags or juggle the things in the bags…to get down to the stipulated baggage allowance, never mind that they are holding up a queue that is already a mile long!!!…Having checked in, I had to go to the departure gate for domestic flights which meant that I had to go back through where I came as the gates are at the right hand side, somewhere after the display boards. How odd!!! But thank goodness they have seats in the departure lounge…

LCCT Departure lounge

…but gosh! The toilet was SO dirty – wet all over, the bin overflowing with tissue paper that was scattered all around it on the floor as well, mops and brooms simply dumped everywhere…! Ah well! After all, it’s low cost = low class!!! And if you think that’s about it, think again because that’s not the end yet! My flight was delayed by some 15-20 minutes, not because of engine trouble…not because of bad turbulent weather…but because of the mad scramble during boarding! Gee! I thought I would only see that in Sibu…and in Sibu, at least, there is method in their madness…and everybody would board on time and there would not be any delay!

Well, I have always used the other airline…and my daughter too, and since the air fares are getting to be not so very affordable, I was thinking that maybe it is time we try the cheap airline. After going through all that, I think I will just fork out the money for my girl to travel in comfort, minus the hassle every time she wants to come home for the hols. After all, she most certainly deserves it as she managed to secure a scholarship to further her studies and I have saved a whole lot of money on that….. I’m certainly not pampering her too much. am I?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “What you see is what you get…”

  1. Totally agreed with you on this not so cheap airline. Just got back from Phuket n yes the queue to check in was indeed very long in Phuket n in KL LCCT. Waiting for my bag after arriving in Phuket also takes a long while. After getting my bag I have to rush to the domestic check in counter going through security again and then queuing up again. My flight back to Kuching was delayed for 30 – 40 minutes. Yup the toilet is definitely ….. wet everywhere (compare to the toilet in Phuket it’s very clean n dry) n u have to tip toe around the toilet. Luckily I’ve got Xpress boarding so I don’t have to scramble to board.

    Well, everyone can fly…but with all the hassle, the inconvenience, the flaring tempers etc etc etc! You may be able to get on board faster…but you still have to wait for the rest in the stampede!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Well, isn’t M’sia is already famous with the toilet scene? LCCT is definitely a shame. The seats are too few and the F&B outltes are too small. The food court is really darn far. And do you know that, until today, LCCT still does not have the clearance for the fire safety issue. if a fire happens and so happened that someone is injured or died in the building, the insurance agency will not compensate. More reasons not to use LCCT but I also have no choice. My company only allows the red airline to where ever the airline flies to. Honestly I don’t mind paying a bit more for comfort and hassle free travel!

    There’s just one storey…so if there’s a fire, the only danger is getting trampled by the stampede of the kiasu NCAA travellers! Maybe if Tony Frenandez pays the millions he owes Malaysia Airports, they may use the money to upgrade the place…hopefully!

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful advice STP! I am going to get myself some disposable nappies now before going for my trip. And no frozen food checkin, ‘alamak’! was thinking of getting u some aussie lobsters n abalones, so glad for all your handy advice! LOL!!

    What? U so rich, so high class use cheap airline kah? Tot u flying 1st class punya orang? Frozen foods…you may hand carry…so no excuse liao!!!!

  4. i know how you feel.

    the trade off between comfort and saving cost.

    i’ve been on transit at lcct for so long now i’m sort of immune to it all. just make sure you time your flight transfer properly so the torture doesn’t last too long…

    I’m ok with it…other than spending RM20 at that joint. What a waste! On the way back, I will tapao sumting and eat by the roadside outside!!!….After all the rough and tumble I’ve been through in life, my endurance level is pretty high!…And perhaps it’s good too if my delicate daughter gets to learn that life isn’t always a bed of roses!

  5. OMG! Total Chaos! Apparently I’m totally oblivious to this! Didn’t know there’s a LCCT until you wrote about it. 😦

    When was the last time you came home?…Guess you know there’s a cheap airline now?

  6. Welcome to the West… Remember the scene you described in K K airport..i.e flight to Sandakan..these people are not from the East ma… Maybe that’s why I love the East.

    Stella..don’t give so many excuse…just bring lots and lots of aussie$$$$ and all will be ok…

    ..stp..actually we are a spoilt lot ..there are many places where the conditions are much much worse..no countries mentioned..

    In KK, at least the airport’s under renovation, so good excuse. But I’ve not seen the LCCT there though…so I dunno if it’s any better!

  7. Complain..complain some more. Less people want to travel on the cheap airline means more chances for low fare tickets for people like me! Truth be told I hate flying, cheap or not.
    Stella, lobster and abalone can be precook, another no excuse.

    I don’t mind travelling. It’s the reaching home that I do not like! Totally flat! So tired!!!…Looks like Stella has no excuse now, so we’ll be waiting for Aussie lobsters and abalone come September then!!!

  8. LCCT is not that bad. I love airasia – makes travel affordable. Air asia have taught the travelling public well.. last time with MAS they always complain complain. Before airasia hv Xpress boarding you have VVIPs in the Q with you..owise they think they are always entitled to the front seatings.

    Since they have to print the boarding pass/slip, I can’t understand why they cannot allocate seat numbers…maybe in the order of passengers checking in, no choice. Then there will not be that mad rush!!! I’m not going to post on the flights this time but that does not mean I do not have any grouses!

  9. Flew Airasia today. As T is disabled, I was asked to inform the counter staff 48 hours prior to my flight time, so that they can make arrangements with MAB, so that we can board the plane using the skybridge/aerobridge.

    So, no hassles today. Using the skybridge means having to use a normally non-airasia boarding gate. Passengers (my daughter and I included) on this flight, upon check-in, were told we were to board gate 3. Subsequently there was a message over the PA system informing passengers that the boarding gate would be changed to gate 6. This was done a few times, in 3 languages, if not mistaken. Anyway, 2 passengers failed to board. Of course they could have just easily decided not to fly after all. One had to have his/her baggage removed from the plane.

    Ya…once I had that “privilege” too on a Kuching-Sibu flight. Probably had a patient on board then. Unloading baggage? Gosh! The flight must have been delayed then!!! I had encountered that even on MAS flights… No-show passengers!

  10. Did you notice without seat no. everybody is rushing to board n seated very fast.it save turnaround time. AA is smart – with Xpress boarding u pay extra rite? so is every pc of checked-in luggage. everything is abt $$.

    They’re squeezing every cent out of the passengers…and yet they won’t pay Malaysia Airports for the use of the terminal. Not necessarily faster…not with the NCAA passengers pushing and shoving, and the air stewardesses screaming for them to stop and queue up in ONE line, not 4 or 5 or else they will not proceed with the boarding!…But I know what you mean with MAS passengers taking their sweet time to board and not bothered that the whole plane full is waiting! Some people are just damn inconsiderate!

  11. kekeke.. go for MAS, you dun have to scramble for a seat LoL

    That’s what I told my daughter! Just stick to MAS, less headaches and heartaches and a more comfortable journey!

  12. Yes I know about the cheap airlines, took airasia before, but didn’t know about the LCCT

    Dunno exactly when it started. At one time, there was talk about the cheap airline using the old Subang airport! That would have been nice – so much nearer!

  13. hahah…welcome to the world of budget travelers. I only travel AA for my personal trips. The ticket price for MAS is equivalent to my AA ticket + hotel accommodation. So poor people like me have got no choice but to suffer the bad service and facilities. If “cheng hu” pay then of course use MAS la…haha.

    Poor?…I think kiam siap is the more appropriate word! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. Air Asia used to be okay, not that bad but lately has become worst with lousy services – delays, crappy airport etc. LCCT is definitely just a slightly better version of a bus terminal, so little shops, not enough seats and the list goes on. The ‘cheap’ fare actually not that cheap also. I rather go for MAS to save that less than RM100 bucks difference, as I get better food, better looking and sweet stewardess, confirmed seat, less hurry and rush going to the airport. Book early for MAS air tickets, you still can get quite reasonable price. Yes, for extra buck with better comfort, less hassle, I will take MAS anytime 🙂 I rarely take Air Asia now, only if I have no other choice – urgent, pokai etc.

    I always chuckle in amusement, when the time for boarding is up. People rushing like mad to be the first in the line. I will just take my sweet time, reading my book or newspaper, or checking the internet on my mobile and when the madness is over, I will walk to the counter. Haha!

    I’m using the cheap airline to see the real situation for myself. MAS timing isn’t that good for my anak as she would arrive Penang around 5 by which time the bridge would be jammed…and she might not get across till very very late! The difference in fares – around RM600…but she doesn’t come home all the time – 4 times a year to the most, so it isn’t too bad!

  15. RM600 difference is quite a lot! LOL!

    It’s ok…as she has saved me a fortune on her education by getting the scholarship. I had saved and saved to spend on her anyway.

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