Spice up your life…

Yes, any Tom, Dick or Harry can now spice up his life and cook his own meat curry, be it beef, lamb or chicken. Just get a packet of this instant curry paste…

Instant curry paste

I got it for RM3.40 at the mini-supermarket near my house. I managed to buy a kilo of fresh beef the other day so I decided to use that. I cut the meat into slices across the grain so it will not be tough…

Beef curry ingredients

You may be able to see in the background that I had some curry leaves and a few stalks of lemon grass (serai). I also took one Bombay onion, peeled, sliced and chopped it into tiny bits. I also peeled some sweet potatoes and cut them into huge chunks; you may choose to use potatoes instead. Then I heated some oil in a wok and sauteed the onions, adding half a tablespoon of sugar to caramelise it. Then I threw in the lemon grass stalks and some of the curry leaves. After stirring for a while till it had become really fragrant, I put in the instant curry paste…and mixed it with the ingredients. Once it was well mixed, in went the beef…

Cooking beef curry

I kept turning the pieces of beef till they were well-coated with the ingredients and then I covered the wok to wait for the meat to cook, opening it to stir occasionally. Then I added water and put in the potatoes and the rest of the curry leaves…and left it to simmer. When the potatoes had become soft enough, I added coconut milk (santan). Evaporated milk may be used instead. As usual, I added ikan bilis (anchovies) stock instead of salt and msg. After simmering it for a while longer, the beef curry was ready…

Beef curry

So there you have it – beef curry the way my mum used to cook it, minus all the hassle of getting ready the multitude of ingredients needed…thanks to that packet of instant curry paste! It is really so very easy, take my word for it!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Spice up your life…”

  1. Hey!Great minds think alike! I also use this brand can get from here around A$3+ and i also cook with sweet potatoes, real yummy, better than potatoes itself i reckon n go with roti chanai.In JB the paste price also same as yours. m too lazy to put onions or serai so i just dumped in some curry leaves,n ayam brand lite coconut milk. I cooked this dish at least once every fortnightly!Tried Brahim too but so-so only. Great receipe STP!

    I’ve tried Brahims and a few others including the kurma and others. They’re all nice…but I won’t go crazy over them. This one for curry…including the one for fish, is really very good!!! Well, more or less the same price if we don’t convert, but if we do that, omigawd!!!…..

  2. You really do like curry don’t you? 🙂 That’s how I do my curry dishes too, using packets of instant curry paste! LOL No time to go to all the hassle of preparing the ingredients myself.. working people mah oOo .. hehehe

    The other brands are nice…but this particular one beats them all. The curry turns out to be how my mum and aunties in my family used to cook it. That’s why I like it so much. So far I’ve never used any of the other brands twice…and I never sang their praises.

  3. yes A1 thats the best curry paste so far. my friends always buy them for their children studying overseas. It goes well with roti canai too. Recommended to Stella.
    Aiyo.. STP how you can cook n eat so much at yr age..my dr. already put me on strict diet cos I put on 2kg in 8weeks..
    i blame it on u – always post in all the good food n i start to cook n cook…hahaha.

    Australia and New Zealand very strict about bringing in these things!!!…..I only cook enough for two, and when I have to cook a lot (add a bit of this and that, in the end you get a whole pot full!), I will give to my mum, my in-laws, Auntie Helen and so on. Anybody who would like to be on my delivery list, please post a comment. Within Sibu only though! LOL!!!

  4. anchovies stock dun hav msg inside meh?
    izzit healthier alternative?

    but really seems easy to cook!!!

    Got – mixed with the powdered stock, but not that much compared to adding these straight – one teaspoon each. But you can also buy the msg-free ones too. Never mind, a bit won’t kill you! LOL!!!…The Chinese restaurants use msg by the ladle!!!!

  5. I’m using the same brand too…….This brand of the beggers chicken is very good too. you must try, very easy to cook. Just marinate the chicken witn bit of soya sauce and chinese cooking wine. Add galic and a packet of the stuff, heat til boil, put in slow pot cooker. Go enjoy yourself the whole day. The family will have somethind nice to eat and you will be free too.

    I’ve tried a few of those Chinese herbal stuff…all ok but nothing great! Still prefer char bee lau with meng-ngee and hnior-kor…and lots of Foochow red wine!!!!

  6. I should try this. Otherwise I’ll only eat really good curry when mum cooks it….the a few-hours-in-the-kitchen style.

    Not doing well in the “weight” department as have not been eating to my metabolic type,and exercise routine has been bleh at best…hee hee. So maybe I shouldn’t learn this…to save myself! LOL!

    It is like our mums’ curry. You can use in portions – 1/2 packet for 1/2 kg and keep the rest in the fridge for another day, no problem! I seldom cooked curry because of the tedious hassle in preparation so no curry unless old lady’s in a good mood and decided to cook some…but with this instant curry mix, I guess I can cook it often…myself!

  7. you make me hungry all over again…tummy growling..tummy not feeling good…tummy wants to eat curry NOW!!!

    Go grab a packet of that instant mix! You can have curry within half and hour!…Is this ur first time here? Welcome and do drop by often!!!

  8. haha, my fav brand.

    i get it here in brissie too 🙂


    Good! Then you can have curry anytime…without having to pay thru your nose to eat at those Asian restaurants over there!!! So very easy to cook!

  9. Not fair… Why within Sibu only !! Send to me also ler.. I pay for the courier charges

    You move to Sibu lah…and I’ll add you to the list! LOL!!!

  10. You sure it tasted nice with instant thingies? Diddn’t anyone tell you instant thingies comes loaded with preservatives and God knows what. Si Fu ah…make your own curry paste and your curries will taste so so so much better. He he he c who’s talking? Next time buy the paste in the market…the one …where the flies had landed and taken a sample or should I say have left a sample….fresh maaa….

    It’s ok…don’t take it often!…The paste in the market here not nice lah! That Chinese lady next to the ngor-mee-therng stall long long ago…dunno gone where liao! And needs a lot of oil to fry that. The instant stuff…this is the only one that I actually like very much, besides wee’s satay sauce in cans for cooking satay meat.

  11. Cook for me can? I like to eat too. And u can teach me to cook too.

    Sure. Welcome…you’re new here? Do I know you?…Do come by again, ya!

  12. mmm A1 curry. tats the best curry paste ever. can’t remember how much issit here but should be around $3 like Stella said

    Gee! Seems so many people know about it already!!! Around RM10 only there…still cheap and worth it! Beef is fresh and cheap there, and the Asian restaurants will burn a hole in ur pocket! So now you can cook your own!!!

  13. Ah! I have been waiting for a post on beef for ages.. Finally ! Can’t wait to try the recipe….

    To tell the truth, knowing that you’re such a lover of beef, I thought of sending some to your house that day…but I didn’t know whether you would like it cooked in curry…so I sent it to my mother-in-law instead!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! I’ll give you some next time!

  14. i seldom eat curry at outside bcos the taste is not as good as what i had it b4 at my malay friend house during the raya LoL. So, stp… ur cook must very good.

    U come visit me in Sibu lah! Then I’ll cook for you! Sure you like one!

  15. ahaks! i just went and bought 2 packets of the A1 paste 😛 nyahahahaha! yes, A1 brand is the best! hmm, i don’t really believe instant packs are loaded with preservatives and god knows. it’s not that bad actually, just don’t take too much.

    You will not be disappointed, I assure you! Next time, I’ll post on cooking satay beef or chicken….

  16. Hahaha.. thank you very much ….

    Don’t be too happy too soon! With the shortage of beef in Sibu, I don’t know when I’ll be able to buy some more fresh beef!

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