I suppose the only connection between East and West Malaysia would be by air unless one wouldn’t mind sailing in some cargo ship from here to say, Port Klang and unfortunately, there is only one direct flight daily from KLIA to Sibu and back via the national airline but thankfully, there are some five or six flights if you choose to go on the so-called cheap airline. There is a new airline now but I have yet to give it a try…but when they first advertised that they would be flying this route, those who logged on to their website right away were disappointed to discover that seats on their flights during the school holidays were “not available”.

That is one problem that we face over here and the flights would be extra expensive during these peak periods and with the Gawai Festival at the time, the tickets were not at all cheap – I had to fork out over RM700.00 per person for us to go over for Melissa’s convocation and the holiday that we had after that. This is one thing that people on the other side do not realise, it seems, especially the people in the ministry concerned who would fix dates according to their whims and fancies and change them whenever they feel like it…and we would be the ones who would have to pay the hefty penalties for any changes made to the bookings.

Anyway, at least with the available connection by air, it is relatively easy for us to fly over anytime – all we have to do is to fork out the money – and the other day, we went over using this aircraft…


They have a very good system here at the airport in Sibu now whereby they will check the boarding passes first and make the passengers queue in three groups – those in the hot seats, the ones in the seats at the back and the remaining passengers in the front. When it is time to board the aircraft, they will direct the privileged ones to board first followed by the second group using the back staircase and finally, the latter using the front staircase. When we went that day, I thought that was very good and everything was done in an orderly manner…unlike at the LCCT where despite the seat numbers being pre-allocated, there was still a mad rush like commuters boarding the LRT or the public buses.

There was a Korean stewardess on duty (the Korean flag was on her name tag) that day but I don’t think I managed to snap a photograph of her. It certainly was not this one…

AA cc1

…and I guess most everybody would know that their uniform is different on weekends and they would be dressed in something more casual and comfortable.

The flight was on time…or ok…there was a slight delay of 5-10 minutes, both ways, but that would be pretty usual, I would think. We just have to give and take a little. Oops!!! The overhead stowage compartment fell open by itself during take off…


– luckily, none of the bags inside came tumbling down.

I pre-booked all our meals for our flights and for my missus, I got her this green curry…

AA - m1

…and this spaghetti was for Melissa…

AA - m2

…but she felt like having my bryani instead…

AA - m3

…so we swopped what we had and I finished mine in no time at all. She did not quite enjoy hers as it was a bit too strong on those (Indian) spices…but too late – the pasta was already all in my tummy. Hehehehehe!!!!

I don’t think it is cheaper to pre-book your meals though – the only thing would be the fact that you would be able to get what you want to eat from their menu and not restricted to whatever extras they may have on board. Besides, you will get complimentary mineral water – but, no, you do not get those small bottles (half the size of those small ones sold in the shop) anymore. All that you will get these days is just a little cup that is sealed ever so tightly that it is so difficult to open without spilling the water all over. I wish they would give that thin straw that normally comes with those little cups of water so people can easily poke through the plastic and drink the water without any hassle at all.

This was the aircraft that we used on our flight back to Sibu…


…and for once, we did not have to walk half a mile to board the plane, thank God for small mercies.

There was a Korean flight attendant on this flight too – a steward this time…

AA - cc2

…though in my opinion, he did not look quite as Korean as those guys that we see on tv or in the music videos. LOL!!!

For our return flight, I got my missus the roast chicken…

AA - mm4

…and a slice of pizza for Melissa…

AA - mm5

That looked kind of small and I wanted to give her my panini instead…

AA - mm6

…but she said it was enough for her and she quite liked it actually.

We did not have any problem whatsoever flying over and coming home other than the grouses over the not-very-pleasant place that they call an airport terminal…and I must say I loved the landings on both flights. It was smooth and it was like the plane(s) just glided onto the runway unlike the jolting bumps that I’ve  experienced when taking the national airline.

Well, it looks like this is the last post on our 9D/8N holiday break in the peninsula…so the regular posts will resume tomorrow.   Now, was that a huge sigh  of relief that I heard all round? LOL!!!

This headline appeared in one of the local newspapers yesterday: “Lovers jetty collapses” [SIC] and if one can recall, I was there a few weeks ago on the 28th of May…


No! No! No! It wasn’t me! This has nothing to do with the fact that I was there not too long ago! LOL!!! In fact, this was as far as I went – where I was standing to take the photograph of the jetty and the beautiful sunset and I think the part that collapsed was a little further up, past the sign – you can click this link here to see the photograph and read the full report.

As a matter of fact, I had goosebumps just going that short distance along the jetty as I thought it was kind of narrow and there were no rails, nothing to hold on to…and I quickly made my way back to where it was safe and sound. Hopefully, now they would do something about that…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “Connection……”

  1. Ooo I’ve actually never eaten onboard this airline’s flights before, but i must say, both the eastern and western fare look tempting. The briyani, green curry and panini particularly 😀

    I would say that the food’s really good…except that you will have to pay for it. Prices vary from around RM8-RM12, quite atas for a cheap/low-cost airline… 😦

  2. hey hey hey… u really left your presence here eh…

    No, that wasn’t me either – must be you after a feast of petai!!! 😀

    Phewwwww!!!! Thankfully, the sun shines wherever I go – before I went, I heard of the horrible rain and flash floods over there…and after I came back, the haze…and now, this. It was good almost the whole time when I was there…

    I wonder where exactly this building was though – anywhere near the convention centre?

  3. I had that bryani before, hehe!!! =]

    Nice, if you don’t mind the strong smell of those Indian spices. Otherwise, best to opt for something else.

  4. Must be you lah then who else? haha. Heard news of AA (not reported by the press) was flying senget-ly *tilted* to Sibu. Somebody must have put on tons after a week of makan makan makan in KatLumPor

    Gosh!!! Poor me, being bullies left, right and centre. Tsk! Tsk! No lah…flight was so smooth that day, perfect landing. 😉

  5. Talk about AA food. Look nice only, sometimes it doesn’t taste that good either. But the spaghetti and pizza looks amazing for me.

    No good? Was ok to me, not bad at all and nicer than what we had on our KL-Auckland-KL flights that day on MAS…and nicer than much of the stuff I had here and there when I was in KL and the kawasan2 yang sewaktu dengannya.

    The nasi lemak, green curry and roast chicken with potatoes…all nice and the panini too. The spaghetti was ok, so-so….nothing to shout about and I did not try the pizza but my daughter liked it. Only the bryani was too strong on the Indian spices – if one is not used to that, then one would not like it. It was nicer the last time I had it…sometime ago.

  6. My flight to Taipei and HK – we didn’t online order any meal. We had meal earlier before we depart. Sleep kaw kaw inside the flight. Hahaha… Just bought some snack on board, that’s all.

    I can’t sleep when flying…never mind how long…so I eat! Sure heaps better than what we had at OT, that’s for sure.

  7. Arthur you are lucky to see pretty view from Tanjong Sepat. After reading that link. Pity that guy lar who was injured during the bridge collapse. AIyoyo…

    Collapse or not, it did look VERY dangerous to me – so narrow and no rails to prevent people from falling over the edge. I don’t know why or how it could be built that way and nobody ever voiced this discontent over it.

    1. that one long time liao la…anyway there was notice that “melarang” people go on the bridge. Guess only for fishing boat/sampan only but these people even ride motorbike onto the bridge. apa tak collapse ler…

      Not surprised… People, when you say don;t do…that’s exactly what they would do! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  8. Yeah, no worry not your fault lar… The bridge collapsed a bit further away.

    Of course it’s NOT my fault! Tsk! Tsk! Grrrrrrr!!!!! 😀

  9. I think I have eaten once or twice only on Air Asia flights.. Remember eating their nasi lemak.. not bad.. but maybe that time I was super hungry? 🙂
    Talking about the lovers’ jetty, I havent even stepped on it collapsed already.. so sad!

    Don’t worry, they’re reconstruct it soon enough. Just don;t eat too much dragon fruit on the way, later walk like Godzilla… Hehehehehehe!!!! AA’s nasi lemak is nice, nicer than MAS…but of course, have to pay one lah! Not cheap actually… 😦

  10. Yep their uniforms are more casual on weekends, jeans too. once i had the opportunity to fly KL-Kuching on a sunday and they were wearing jeans, the steward was also very sporting and crack jokes (funny ones) every now and then on the intercom. Eh why the spaghetti looks better on ur blog than it does in real life? haha must be the camera.

    That was what it looked like…and I would say it was just all right, not something I would want…if I had a choice. About the same as our Sugar Bun’s…or maybe, Sugar Bun’s a bit nicer. Loved the panini…but then again, I love sandwiches….with ham and stuff inside.

  11. The Korean air stewardess looks kinda fair and pretty, hehe~

    To me the green curry looks good, but then again, usually meals on board doesn’t taste so so good one…. But what to do right? Just wanna avoid from being hungry.

    That’s NOT her lah! I think this one’s Malay…looks like Rafeah Buang or Noraniza Idris.

    My missus loved the green curry – I didn’t try but personally, I quite enjoyed the food. Even on MAS flights – sometimes good, sometimes not so…and I actually find these nicer except that these have to be bought and paid for separately whereas on MAS, it’s all inclusive. I dunno why most seem to feel otherwise…and I would say their nasi lemak, for instance, would be much nicer than the ones I had in KL…and their spaghetti, though nothing great, was more or less like what I had here:
    Maybe my expectations are lower than the rest or my tastebuds have grown old, like me…not so discerning anymore.

  12. The lovers’ bridge is scary. I wont want to walk there either as there is nothing to keep me from falling into the water.

    I don’t usually order inflight food when flying AA as I prefer to eat at the airport before boarding or eat upon reaching my destination. That is also because the flight that I took usually does not take longer than 2 hours so it’s ok, we wont die of hunger 😀

    I wouldn’t eat on short flights like from here to Kuching or from KL to Penang but on longer flights, I would order something now. Didn’t use to…but when you sit there with nothing to eat…and your nose picks up the fragrance of what the passenger next to you is having, that can be a real torture. The food at the airport may not be nicer and definitely a lot more expensive. Nasi lemak at KLIA, for instance, is over RM20, no drink. That is absolutely shocking!!!!

    Ya, my sentiments exactly. That bridge was definitely VERY unsafe. I wonder how many had actually fallen into the water – just a bump when walking past would be enough to send somebody flying over the edge. Can’t understand why nobody has ever complained about it.

  13. I haven’t had any on board meal for very long time cos normally I would have some food while waiting for plane to arrive. haha.

    hey Korean steward ❤

    i had bad experience with stewardess when I wanna took pic of them doing demo 3 weeks ago. huhuhu. She said NO PICHA NO PICHA.. and i went wtf.. since when cannot take pics on board 😦

    You with your big DSLR, of course that would scare them off lah. I used my small digicam and I zoomed – they did not even know I was taking their photographs. Hehehehehe!!!! Ooooo…you’re into Koreans, eh? 😉

    We ate at the airport:
    …but I wouldn’t say that was nicer…plus knowing the prices at Malaysia airports, I’d rather eat what they have on board.

  14. I always filled my stomach before boarding. One thing I hate eating on board cos space is so small and uncomfortable to enjoy the meal. Like you say, that little cup of water, so difficult to open without spilling. Would prefer to doze off or enjoy the beautiful sky and scenery.

    I can’t sleep on board and I never take the window seat – not easy for me to get in and out…so for want of something to do, I would rather eat. Wahhhh!!!! I’m so big, no problem with space leh? Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. Not sure about domestic flights, but for international ones, I do remember the prices being quite different if you prebooked meals online (perhaps 10-20%?). But you’re right, I wish they’d be more generous with the water!!

    Yes, they’re more expensive on overseas flight. If it’s RM10 here, it’s AUD$10 from there…but I hear the meals are nicer? I wouldn’t know, never flown AA abroad yet. I drink a lot of water – wouldn’t know how I would survive on that little bit if flying overseas. Would have to buy more, I guess. 😦

  16. the meals look pretty decent. I never had the chance to eat cos it has always been a really short flight for me on the airline… 🙂

    oh dear.. I was also there… and I guess that part was the wooden part… actually I was also afraid to step on it cos I just had a sense that it was not too safe… its such a tourist visit so they better make sure it is safe…

    Is there a wooden part? Gee! I didn’t even know. I did not venture out that far. Tourist? I wonder what the attraction there is? The view is nice, no doubt – the sunset…and that little shop with all the quaint stuff. They probably would love the town – very unique, can’t find any like it elsewhere. I’m surprised nobody has complained about how dangerous that jetty is before this…

    Ya, the meals are all pretty good, I would say.

  17. RM700 for a flight? Wow. One way or?
    So you’re from Sibu is it? I’ve never been to Sarawak lol. Even though it’s near.

    Sad about the jetty. Probably because of its name.
    You didn’t manage to take pic of the Korean stewardess? Aww too bad. But the one in the pic is kinda cute and actually looks like Korean too haha.

    Happy Thursday!

    Return…but that’s during peak season – school holidays & festivals. Can be very cheap during off-peaks. Yes, Sibu born & bred. Most welcome to hop over anytime – you’ll enjoy the food here, that’s for sure. I seldom go over to Sabah too – the monopoly airline can be very very expensive…but you’re in Singapore now, right? AA has direct flights daily from Johore…or via Kuching. Lovers? Suicidal, you mean? LOL!!! 😀 You too, have a nice day!

  18. Hee…hee…hee…I could help giggling about the jetty collapse! Wanted to joke that you might have caused it but you sure read my mind in advance 😀 I am a bit of a coward and I would not have walked on that jetty. And I can’t swim 😦

    Oh? You can’t? No problem if you’re fat like me… Fat floats on water. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  19. I don’t really like to pre-order my food. Although it’s more convenient…sometimes till the day comes…I may feel like eating different food. hehehe…
    Aiyoyo….lately so many collapsing news le…*sigh

    …and freaky weather too! The end is nigh!!! 😦
    Well, you don’t order before hand, you’ll just have to eat what they have on board, no choice…

  20. errr, how long is the flight between KL and Sibu?? i think just a short one right?? and yet you cannot stay away from FOOD for that, tsk tsk tsk!! i didn’t even bother to order food for my 7 hours flight also.. the food so expensive and yet not nice, cook at home even better…

    7 hours!!! You want me to starve to death kah? Tsk! Tsk! No need to be so stingy – want to save, no need to fly or go on holiday…that’s my policy! Too bad – no outside food…so you cannot cook at home and bring in a tiffin carrier to eat in the plane, sorry!!!

    Sibu to KL, 2 hours. The first time I flew I did not buy anything to eat…but the smell of what the other passengers were eating was absolutely killing. Now, I would make sure I have something too – foodie, mana mau kalah! Hehehehehe!!!!!

    1. “No need to be so stingy – want to save, no need to fly or go on holiday…that’s my policy!”?? errr, why were you taking budget airlines then?? tsk tsk tsk.. so next time come to KL and belanja us all makan Tony Roma’s okay?? hahaha.. no lah, it’s not about stingy or want to save, it’s all about whether it’s worth the pay.. i’d rather pay RM30 for a nice nasi lemak outside than RM10 on the AA plane..

      My policy too…but when going, no need to think of scrimping and saving. Just go all out and enjoy…but must be able to afford lah, spend within one’s means. Otherwise, just stay at home lor…which we do all the time. Actually, the last few trips – one was when I struck TOTO – easy come, easy go…and the trip to NZ was for my daughter’s convo there…and the recent one to KL was for her local one…and then we went to Kuching for a couple of days as she had something special on for “pelajar cemerlnag” in lieu of the usual interview for others.

      Yes, the nasi lemak is expensive…but I quite like it – better than what I had at a hotel in KL – RM13.50…and thank goodness that came with the room and the one at KLIA – RM23.50 which isn’t much better – my missus went and bought. If it had been me, I would rather not eat. So ridiculous, the price. And I had one at a cafe here – RM9.50 which was no good so I never went back again. True, as you say, can be pricey but must be good…and value for money.

  21. OMG, for more than 40 years there has nothing that happened to this Lover’s Jetty, but once our Sibu Food Mayor stepped foot on it, even he has not reached that far yet, that far end is now collapsed!! wow, must be very POWDERFUL walk on it, muahahaha 😀

    I did not!!! I never went that far…so watch out! I can sue you for defamation of character, yunno!

    Honestly, it did not look at all safe. How could the authorities allow such a thing to be used? If I were in charge, I would insist on something much wider and nothing wooden – how can tahan the onslaught of the sea water…and metal rails all along the sides would be a must. You Selangor punya people at the top banyak minum kopi kah? Now disaster has struck – hopefully they would improve on it.

  22. The flight meals look so good! I’m eyeing on the roast chicken!

    It did look really good. My missus had that. I think I would order that for myself the next time I fly using that airline. Hehehehehe!!!!

  23. So on weekend they wear more casual? I thought that is their new uniform.
    Oh yes, during my recent trip to CM there was one korean stewardess on flight too. Korean steward don’t look so korean? hahahahhah..those cute and handsome one already on tv!!!
    Thanks for sharing the food on board, now i know what to order. Didn’t know they have pizza, usually i order hotdog for my boys and nasi lemak for myself or Maggie cup for my boys. Next time i should try that briyani looks yummy!!
    Hahahhahahah..i still cannot stop laughing on the collapsed lover bridge!!!

    Or this Korean guy has not gone for plastic surgery yet! Hehehehehe!!!!
    Maggi cup? Aiyor…I wouldn’t want that. I think I ordered the hot dog for Melissa on one of her flights back – she liked it…and the nasi lemak too. The bryani has a very strong smell of the spices – don’t say I didn’t warn you…and the pizza…so very small slice. The panini would be better.

    Humph!!! You enjoy the joke on me over the collapsed bridge…obviously. Tsk! Tsk! 😀

  24. how i wish i could try flying soon too
    even just locals, hmm but i bet the foods wasn’t
    like that! what you had is very appetizing

    They fly from Clarks to KL… Come on over!!! The local flights…you’d get a little packet of peanuts. 😦

  25. Wah! Ordered food for the journey!

    I guess the smell from other passengers would be too torturous if you’re not eating and hungry. xD

    Like the first time I flew Air Asia. Now I will make sure it does not happen again.

  26. Me and HB had this green curry chicken rice a few times when we fly with AA. Still prefer the nasi lemak though.

    I had the nasi lemak once and I liked it – nicer than MAS. Didn’t try the green curry – my missus had that and she said it was nice.

    1. Yeah, I reckon the Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak and Uncle Chin Chicken Rice are the two best things on their menu.

      The others are pretty forgettable, didn’t like the green curry chicken from Thailand.

      The spaghetti for one, and the slice of pizza is very small and the bryani is too strong on those Indian spices – they should tone it down a bit. The rest that we had are all pretty good.

      1. I didn’t quite like their spaghetti and I’m not a huge fan of the nasi briyani too. I’ll usually order the nasi lemak or chicken rice when I’m flying AirAsia.

        Or get their sandwiches, which is pretty affordable if it’s on the RM 5/6 deal with a drink…best thing is you can eat half and save the other half for later if you’re not really that hungry.

        They have a nice new energy drink which I liked though – just came out last month I think, tasted pretty good.

        Oh? Not into energy drinks. Just water’s fine for me.

  27. I had the AA nasi briyani once. Nice, I liked it. Also tried their green curry before…not too bad. I don’t think it’s cheaper to pre book the meals, right? It only ensures you get the food you want, in case it’s sold out.
    The only thing I don’t like about AA is, every time, without fail, I have to walk SO far from the plane to the terminal or vice versa! Really, it happens to me every time!

    Yup, you pre-book, you get what you want and you get the water free of charge. Yup, me too…but thankfully, this time for our flight home, the aircraft was right outside the departure gate. What a relief!

  28. How far you have to walk is a ‘hit & miss’. Sometime far and sometime near but I never had it that far when we once landed late in evening from Yangon and have to literally walk for 30 minutes to get to the arrival hall. Maybe they don’t like people coming from Yangon?

    I had it once – right from one end to the entrance into LCCT at the other end. This was the only time when I had it so near.

  29. The 1st time I had the Nasi Lemak when they first launched it, I thought it was wonderful. One of the best I had. But since then, I couldn’t stand the stuff. Either I have ‘out-grown’ it or the standard has gone down.

    Old people always say – every day eat vege, also will get sick of it…would want to eat meat sometimes.

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