I don’t like it…

Gosh!!! I can’t remember the last time I cooked something! My health was not so good and I would get tired even if it was something simple like cooking a packet of instant noodles. That was why most of the time, I would buy things like steamed paos (buns) or kuihs or bread and buns for breakfast instead of cooking my own.

Eventually, I got better and cooking instant noodles would not wear me out anymore and I have been warming up my bottle of Brands’ Essence of Chicken (with cordyceps) and preparing my own half-boiled/cooked eggs every morning, my sources of protein and the other day, I manage to fry this plate of noodles…

…using this…

…that my niece brought back from Singapore to give to us. Well, obviously ‘all natural” and “air dried” are not “non-fried” like these noodles…

…that we can get here. They’re not the same.

My missus took a packet and cooked – she served it with some soup that she had in the fridge and she said it was not nice. She did not elaborate further so I did not know exactly in what way it was not good.

That morning, I took two packets…

…to try because it did not look like there was a lot in one. I had to boil the noodles first till soft and in the meantime, I got these ingredients…

…ready – some garlic, peeled and chopped, three freshly-cut cili padi, one lap cheong (Chinese sausage/臘腸), skin-removed and sliced and some spring onions, cut into short strips or chopped.

Once the noodles were soft enough, I drained them well and tossed them in soy sauce, msg and a sprinkling of pepper…

I fried the garlic in a bit of oil till golden brown before throwing in the cili padi and the lap cheong, followed by the noodles. Finally, I added two eggs and mixed thoroughly. Once I felt everything was cooked enough, I dished it all out onto a plate…

…and served.

Well, it tasted all right but I was quite sure that if I had added some prawns and a handful of taugeh (bean sprouts), that would bring the taste to a whole new level. I did not really like the noodles though – I found it a little hard/too firm in texture like some of the handmade ones at the noodle stalls here, not really nice and soft and smooth like our kway teow.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “I don’t like it…”

  1. I seldom eat mee pok or straight noodle unless left with no choice. I only like curly noodles. Don’t ask me why cos I don’t have an answer for it. After everything is done, your plate of fried noodles looks good. Hey, your chopping board looks familiar. Like mine, from Cosway, right?2🤣🤣

    I wouldn’t know where my missus got it from. Probably from Cosway – she’s a member.
    Yes, it looked all right, tasted o.k. too but would be much nicer with added ingredients like prawns
    but the noodles were bland, absolutely tasteless and a little hard, not to my liking.

  2. Dried noodles is best boiled longer to get a softer texture but can never be as good as the fresh ones.

    Gotcha, thanks. I cooked some more this morning and I guess I cooked it a lot longer so it was softer. Much nicer this time around, blogpost on it coming right up!!!

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