One more chance…

The other morning, there was some leftover fish ball soup from the previous night’s dinner and one more packet of the air-dried noodles that I did not really like but I decided to give it one more chance…

Singapore Ban Mee Noodles?…

I guess that is what we usually call pan mee here and normally, it is served in some kind of soup…or tossed dry like kampua mee, never stir-fried like what I did.

Looking at the fine print, I was not in the least surprised that it is a product of Malaysia…

…considering how they would very much prefer to base their factories elsewhere where labour and everything else is cheap and not in the island republic.

There isn’t much in a packet…

…or at least, it appeared so. I boiled the noodles in water till soft before I drained them well. I did rinse in tap water for a bit to get rid of any excess starch like what I would usually do when cooking noodles.

After that, I reheated the fish ball soup and brought it to boil before I put the noodles in…

…and when it had come to a boil again, I broke two eggs into it – I wouldn’t want to miss my daily source of protein.

In the meantime, I cut some cili padi and added some Korean fish sauce for the dip…

I was too lazy to remove the seeds – people tell me that if I remove the seeds, it will not be that hot and spicy.

Once ready, I poured everything into a bowl…

…and sat down to eat. It looked kind of messy, not that alluring, that I must concede but it tasted really great! I guess it is more suitable served in a soup like what I can see in the photograph – in some soup with meatballs and eggs and green vegetables.

I don’t think it is available here – I sure wouldn’t mind buying a pack to keep in the house. It may come in handy on days when there’s nothing to eat in the house.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “One more chance…”

  1. Yay, that is what I was told, remove the seeds and it will not be that hot and spicy. I used to remove the seeds as I am not into anything too hot and spicy. That bowl of noodles looks quite a lot after adding everything. I think more suitable to serve in soup too.

    I cannot tahan if I get to touch the seeds, so burning hot on the fingers. That is why I would just let them be. Yes, despite the look of it, that little bit of noodles in a packet turned out to be quite a lot in the end.

  2. In soup with some fried anchovies and cangkuk manis too. That would be good as well. I will look out for this. Don’t think I saw it before, or I wasn’t even looking. Lol.

    Yes, my mum used to cook mee kua (mee sanggul) in some kind of soup like that during my growing up years – with ikan bilis and cangkok manis or bayam. I remember it was very nice. Somewhere, everything seemed so nice in my childhood days.

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