For you and for me…

Well, lunch wasn’t all that great on Sunday that day, nothing to shout about so come dinnertime, I told the ladies in the house that we would go out for dinner at this restaurant that was full when we dropped by a week earlier and had to go some place else.

We got there early, around 5 something and my goodness!!! They told us that they were fully booked AGAIN!!! Of course, most of the customers were not there yet so I told them that they could just let us sit at one of the smaller tables, just the three of us, and we would eat quickly and leave. Eventually, they relented and let us do that.

I ordered my girl’s favourite dish here, the sizzling beef on a hot plate (RM20.00)…

…even though I had to refrain from eating that myself since it was red meat. I did help myself to the lovely gravy though – it went so well with rice.

Well, it did not matter much really as I made sure there was something for my girl and something for me as well. I asked for the plum chicken (RM17.00)…

…which is one of our favourite dishes here and yes, we did enjoy that as well. I read somewhere that poultry (chicken) is white meat and anyway, if I am not wrong, they used chicken wings for this dish.

We did not want the baby kailan with butter this time around and asked for it ching chao (fried plain with garlic), RM9.00…

It was all right, cooked this way but we all agreed that we liked it more with butter…

…but I think that would cost a little bit more.

That was only RM46.00 altogether, just these three dishes which were more than enough with the rice to go with them so no, nobody had to go sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of the night that night for a midnight snack.

NICE HOUSE RESTAURANT (2.29201,111.82739)…

…is located in the vicinity of the Tunku Osman shops, opposite Rejang Bookstore.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “For you and for me…”

  1. All the 3 dishes looks very inviting. Only RM46 for this 3 yummy dishes is really a good deal… you pi you chi. Can’t you make reservation since you know it is always full house? Well, at least you have a nice and enjoyable dinner.

    I can and I will if there is a special occasion like somebody’s birthday or somebody’s coming to town. Other times, we may just dropped by when we feel like it, unplanned…so we would not have made a booking. Anyway, can always go elsewhere, not really a problem.

  2. Delicious dinner. For that price it is very cheap especially when there are 2 meat dishes and 1 veg. I don’t think we can get baby kailan with butter here. Looks delicious.

    Yes, I thought so too. Usually it will be over RM50, maybe more, but it may be because we ordered prawns – their honey prawns are very nice…or perhaps we had their steamed fish. It all depends on what and how many dishes we order and usually, we will ask for 2 persons only – enough for the three of us and we will be charged a little less.

  3. Very reasonable for two meat dishes and one vegetable… and the dishes look good too!

    Yes, it was in the news the other day. The most expensive town in Sarawak is Bintulu and the cheapest is…*drum roll*…SIBU! LOL!!!

  4. Ooooh! I really like the sizzling beef and plum chicken. Midnight snack? hee..hee..hee…

    Then you would love the dishes here. Very nice – that’s why always full house…and no, no eating after sundown for me.

  5. I am always taken by hot plate dishes that come out sizzling. I love a little drama in my cooking!

    Used to love those sizzling hot plates till people started talkng about what was stuck in those crevices and lines. That is why it is better to have them lined with egg.

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