I remember once upon a time, not that long ago, roti canai was only RM1.00 a piece. Of course the prices have gone up over the years but I found it somewhat shocking that it…

…is now RM2.00 a piece here!

This was only RM1.20 a piece here and the roti telur (with egg) was just RM2.00…

…and that was in 2019, not that long ago.

The other day, I was fuming mad when I was charged RM3.00 for the roti telur here

…soon after the initial shock I had at another place where I had to fork out RM2.70 for a piece

Of course I never went back to those two places again.

Well, it so happened that I felt like having roti canai one morning but the ladies here have called it quits – they are no longer making them. Eventually, I decided to check out this place…

…where I once had the roti telur but some young boys were running the stall at the time in 2015…

…and also this one at Bandong…

Now, there is an old man here, making the roti at the back and a young guy manning the counter in front.

I also asked for the roti telur which was a whooping RM4.00 a piece…

…and the boy asked if I wanted it kahwin (married), sandwiched, that is and I replied, “Sukati” which is Sarawak Malay slang for suka hati (as you wish).

My orders came with this very nice dhal dip…

…but in all honestly, I cannot say that I did not feel the pinch – RM6.00 altogether for what I had.

Yes, what I had was all right, nice enough but no, it was not THAT nice and for that kind of money, I can go for some other things a whole lot nicer elsewhere so if you’re thinking that they will not see me back there again, you are absolutely right!


…is located facing the MDS Mart (2.306563, 111.819176) at the junction where Jalan Awang Ramli Amit, Jalan Kpg Hilir and Jalan Kpg Nangka meet.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “Shocking…”

  1. Indeed shocking 😱😱 at the price. Have not had roti canai for a long time and I don’t know how is the price over here. With that kind of charges, I will go for other things that are more nicer and worth to have.

    Definitely!!! Kampua mee is only RM4.00 a plate here and Foochow fried mee special, RM6.00 only!!! Who would be so foolish to go and eat your lousy roti canai at THOSE prices?

  2. I need to check the price the next time I order roti canai. Those days when I was working, the roti canai was cheap but now after so many years, the price has increased many folds. The portion of the roti canai that costs RM4 is big compared the the usual size.

    I’ve got some feedback after my post was published. It seems that there is no coordination between the roti canai places – up to them to charge as they like so the prices may vary. Some say there are places where it is still cheap – I shall have to drop by and see one of these days!

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