So this is it…

The other time when I was here, I saw packets of Maggi instant noodles, both their chicken and curry flavours and also Ibumie mi goreng in the cabinet. Well, I did try cooking my own a few times – either I was not impressed or it was all right but it did not really get me jumping with delight. That was why I made up my mind there and then to come back here one day and try one that is “professionally” done…

Well, dining in at many places in designated zones all over the town is not allowed these days – you can only stop by for takeaways but this place, being in the middle of nowhere in a residential area, is safe. I hear that because of the ruling, people have shifted to places where they are allowed to sit and eat and chat but thankfully, this is not one of them. There was just another table on the other side with three ladies and as I was about to leave, two men came and took a table in front.

I asked the young guy…

…if he had Maggi mee goreng on his menu and he said yes, so I promptly placed an order for a plate, curry flavour (RM5.50)…

It took quite a while because he was cooking what the ladies ordered first, plate by plate – they all looked like they were having fried kampua mee but he did not fry them all at one go. Maybe they were not all the same thing.

So this is it – what all that hoo-ha is all about! The real thing! Yes, I could taste the original flavour of the Maggi kari and its spiciness but no, sad to say, I was not overwhelmed unlike those people who seem to love this so much and keep praising it to the skies. I loved the green vegetables in my order and other than those, there were bits of minced meat and char siew, cut into thin strips and egg. All in all, I would say it was good enough to want to have it again but given a choice, I would much sooner go for something else.

NGA CHUONG CAFE (2.312134, 111.837763) is located along Jalan Au Yong Selatan past Lorong Au Yong 4 on your left as you turn in from Jalan Pahlawan.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “So this is it…”

  1. I never order Maggi mee goreng when eating out as I think it is just Maggi mee from the packet, the seasoning and add bits of ingredients and cost a whopping RM5. 50 for a plate. I think you and me can fry pretty well too and maybe taste much better as we intend to add more extra ingredients when we fry ourselves.

    Mine had prawns. It did not get me all excited but I do feel it was nicer than this one that I had outside. No prawns mah! LOL!!!

  2. Staple food especially for students away from home. Just Maggi mee with cabbage and egg. That’s it!! I used to take that when I studied in West Malaysia. Haha. Mee Maggi curry flavour in mamak shop. Rarely see people ordered the chicken flavour.

    I guess as students, you did not have that much money to pamper yourself and getting to eat this was like heaven? LOL!!! I also survived on instant noodles but that was because I wanted to save my money to buy nice clothes, go to the disco and do all the social activities. Those were the good old days!!!

  3. The chicken flavoured Maggi were always my favourite at uni.

    So far I’ve only tried the curry. Not that keen on the chicken as we have our own made in Sibu Mee Daddy. Their chicken flavour is very very nice.

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