A simple life…

I did mention this…

…in passing not long ago in my post on canned sardines – the Korean-made canned mackerel pike and that was back in January this year. For no particular reason, we did not open it to eat, possibly because we could get fresh fish quite easily these days and there is no reason for us to resort to eating canned ones.

Well, the other day, I was thinking that we had had it long enough and it was about time we ate it and be done with it. If there was an expiry date on the can, we probably would not know how to decipher it as everything was in Korean except for what was on the white sticker stuck to it, and we could not jolly well make out the meaning of all those glyphs.

My missus cooked it with sliced Bombay onion and chili…

…and yes, I would say that we liked it a lot, a lovely change from the somewhat diluted tomato sauce in our can of sardines. When we have that, we would always add some more tomato sauce to get the right concentration and taste. There is no need to do that with this one…

…as it was just nice as it was which got me wondering as to why they do not produce canned sardines or mackerel here in Malaysia like this, minus the tomato sauce. Well, if they do, I certainly have not seen it in the shops!

For our vegetable dish that day, we had fried long beans with sambal hay bee (dried prawns)…

the way we like them doing it here. I do enjoy it this way and that was it for our simple lunch AND dinner that day. We are simple folks, leading simple lives so usually, we would have simple meals, nothing fancy, except perhaps, on some special occasion.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “A simple life…”

  1. Simple and yet delicious. I like your simple dishes especially fried long beans with sambal hay bee. For some reason, I have not eaten canned sardines for the longest time. The Korean-made mackerel pike looks a bit greenish, like green curry.

    No, it does not taste like green curry. Missus cannot remember the price, Korean – should be quite expensive. Eat fresh fish better.

  2. Goes great in a kimchi stew as well

    The ladies would love that! They love kim chi…or for that matter, anything and everything Korean! LOL!!!

  3. We do once in a while have canned sardines, primarily for breakfast specailly when we are in a hurry to go to the office early in the morning. I havent tried that Korean ones, will search for that when we visit one of the Korean Grocers one of these days

    We have imported canned sardines here, small rectangular tins – John West, for instance, but they are not cheap. We hardly ever buy those.

  4. Yeah usually my family and I just eat simple food. Once in while we will be indulging in good food though.

    …especially on special occasions when we get to go out and dine at some nice place. Can’t do that anymore though – here, starting tomorrow, can only buy takeaway, no dining in! Not getting any better, this pandemic!

  5. Now hardly go out and dine as family outside. I cook simple meals on weekday and weekend, more dishes on table with everyone at home. Nothing extravanga.

    I keep canned food at home just in case when I am too busy to cook.

    We have a lot of canned food in the pantry but we hardly touch them because we can go out to the next lane to buy fresh meat and vegetables and the fish &-prawn stall is near my house too, all so very convenient. So far, they are not strict about people going out to buy food so no need to stock up on a lot.

  6. wow.. I Must go and look for this in the Korean shop too one of these days! Yeah, something different to try….

    You have a Korean shop there too? Even the supermarkets here, full of Korean things – their instant noodles especially.

  7. Do you watch Netflix? We just watched the Seaconspiracy documentary. It’s an eye opener. I think you might enjoy it.

    Oh? No, I don’t subscribe to Netflix but I’ll google for it, maybe I can get to see it at some website.

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