The other day, my girl said that she was going to make some Thai rice noodles. “Huh?” I thought to myself. “Isn’t that kway teow…or whichever way you are supposed to spell it in Malaysia these days?”

I did not say anything, of course and just let her go ahead with her plan. After all, our Sibu kway teow is generally thick, white and chewy, nothing like the lovely translucent, soft and smooth ones that I would get to enjoy over in West Malaysia.

It did not seem too difficult and she managed to make the kway teow

…successfully in no time at all.

After she had done that, she said that she would like to fry it but unfortunately, we did not have much in the fridge for her to use to cook a decent version of Penang char kway teow or the Thai pad Thai. Of course, there were those prawns that I bought to keep for use and we also had some Taiwanese sausages which nobody liked all that much – they came across more like lap cheong (Chinese sausages) and were kind of sweet.

No, we did not have any taugeh (bean sprouts), no see ham (cockles) and we had finished off all our sotong (squid) and fish balls and she was not keen on adding a bit of the cangkok manis from my backyard. In the end, she just had to make do with what we had and started by adding some sauces to season the kway teow

…and went on to fry it with whatever we had – basically, just the prawns, the Taiwanese sausages, egg and chopped spring onions from my garden…

…and yes, it was really very nice!

The texture of the kway teow did come across as being nicer than our local ones and there was enough that evening for the three of us to share for dinner (together with the dishes we had at hand that day) but I told my girl that she should double the amount of ingredients used the next time she makes more of this kway teow so there will be a lot more to go round plus we should get all the ingredients needed ready so we can have everything in it, just nice for a one-dish meal.

Incidentally, if anyone is keen on giving this a try, he or she can click this link to go to that website and see the recipe and how the blogger makes hers.