Looking good…

They shared a photo of it on Facebook and it sure looked good to me so I made up my mind that I would have to drop by the place to give it a try. I finally got down to doing that when my young teacher/blogger friend, ah^kam_koko’, was in town for the weekend and we went out for breakfast that Saturday morning.

Of course, when we got there, I knew exactly what I wanted and wasted no time at all in placing my order for their savoury pancakes with bacon (RM13.80)…

SP with B 1

…and I would say that it tasted absolutely great – definitely very much nicer than the ones that I had here! The pancakes were very soft and fluffy and with the sprinkling of icing sugar (or at least, I think that was what it was) and maple syrup and spreading the butter on top (they say it’s Golden Churn, no less), I would give it the thumbs up, no reservations whatsoever…

SP with B 2

Of course it is by no means cheap…but bacon is not very affordable here – just a few pieces will cost an arm or a leg, way over RM10.00.

ah^kam_koko’ had their Cantonese yee mee (RM9.80)…


…which he said was all right but a bit too salty. I, for one, was somewhat disappointed when it was served as I would think that normally, there would be more egg in the egg gravy in Cantonese fried noodles.

I wanted to order the nyonya chicken lor mai kai that we had the first time we were there to check the place outΒ when they first opened for business but I simply could not find it on the menu. Perhaps they’re not making that anymore…so I ordered their sio bee (meat dumplings), steamed, that I had had before and thought they were really very good…


…instead. They’re still priced at RM5.00 for a set of six…


…which is a good thing unlike some places around here – just blink your eyes for a moment and the prices have gone up! Tsk! Tsk!

I wasn’t too happy about the chipped plate that they used to serve the sio beeΒ in and I simply had to complain about that – they said that their order for new crockery would be delivered the following week so hopefully, the next time I drop by, I would not see any such unsightly ones again…and if I do see any like that, I think I would just drop it on the floor, accidentally on purpose, and break it…just to make sure they would not be able to use it again.

Well,Β ah^kam_koko’ thought the sio bee was very good too and on the whole, I certainly had a delightful breakfast…despite the chipped plate.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Looking good…”

  1. pilih kasih ah… nvr bring us for tat siobee oso…

    That time, this place not open yet mah…and sio bee’s new on their menu, did not have when they first started. Come, come…this time we’ll go here and also to the many places you did not go to last time. Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. bring me there also when i come over… i never had pancakes with bacon before. Must be dang good! Haha… rm5 for 6 pieces of sio bee is cheap weih!

    No problem at all! When are you coming? Ya…the price is VERY reasonable for a cafe kind of place, at some kopitiam already 80 sen each now.

  3. Sure or not you will break it? Later they say you break it you pay for it . I don’t like it to when I see chipped plates being used in restaurant

    One Mat Salleh used to do that – when he saw any chipped plate in the coffee shop, he would just smash it on the floor. These people ought to be taught a lesson like that – not just make money all the time…not bothered about the welfare of the customers. The chips can harbour germs, you know… Dirty!

  4. Yeah, the prices are not cheap but then the pancake looks so tempting.. must try at least once to taste!

    Yalor…tried already, puas sudah! Hehehehehehe!!!!! Next time, go for the cheaper stuff. The mee sua there is really good too!

  5. A nice breakfast indeed.Sio bee certainly looks yummy and being a noodle person, for sure I would love the yee mee. Maybe they are not too particular about the chipped plate. As long as it is serve on a plate, it is ok.

    Dirty, unhealthy. Next time I drop by, I certainly would not want to see it again. Plus it is a cafe kind of place…not some cheap kopi tiam. Where got class like that? Such a disgrace…*face palm*

  6. oh, savoury pancakes with bacon.. that sounds interesting and definitely looks delicious!! have not tasted savory pancakes before, all i had were sweet (and very sweet) ones.. this savory one must be very appetizing, one is not enough eih?? i mean for the stomach not the wallet, it’s quite expensive though, hehe~~ :p

    Enough! I think there were three slices with the bacon strips in between. Nice, but yes…at that price, I wouldn’t be having it very often, I’m afraid. Can’t afford.

  7. Ooh! So that was the Saturday that I were there??? Lol! I were there with my hubby around 10.00am.

    Must give the pancake and sio bee a try next time. The bacon pancake sure looks appetizing.

    I think we had just left when you arrived then. Too bad we missed each other – would have finally met in person then…

    1. Wait till I deliver in Sept. I will be free by end of October, then we can set a lunch date together. Would love to meet you in person too :p

      When you’re nice and slim again, eh? Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  8. Yucks! What’s with people serving with chipped plates? Its dangerous!

    My point, precisely!!! All the germs!!!

  9. inflation… tsk tsk tsk, pancake with bacon sounds fun or bak gua should be decent too, haha, maybe you can cook it yourself? πŸ˜›

    Ya, should be cheaper if use bak kua instead… But my supply (given by friends over Chinese New Year), all gone now…and Sibu-made ones not so nice. Poslaju, dijamin sampai hari esok… Hint! Hint! πŸ˜‰

  10. quite a wide range on the menu, hor. the kitchen can make pancakes AND it can also prepare dim sum and cook yee mee. gosh, i think i wouldn’t have noticed the chip on the serving plate though, i’m usually blind to that sort of thing, heh πŸ˜€

    Thank goodness you’re not an old grumpy fusspot like me… Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. Wow! That’s what I said out loud when the photo of the pancake came into view πŸ˜€ Certainly looks very good! Never tried savoury pancakes before and I love the bacon peeking underneath πŸ™‚

    Impressive eh? Loved it but at that price, I guess I will not go for it too often.

  12. hmm…the pancake will taste sweet yet salty….. nice combination ka?

    Yes, it wasn’t really sweet and not really salty either – a perfect balance, very very nice!

  13. Very nice pancakes! I thought you made it yourself hahaha!

    No, I can’t make pancakes – my missus does it all the time and hers are VERY nice…except that they come in varying sizes (not necessary round) and thickness. Perhaps, we should get one of those small non-stick pans for her this Christmas. Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. “and if I do see any like that, I think I would just drop it on the floor, accidentally on purpose, and break it…just to make sure they would not be able to use it again.” <– HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! This one made my day !!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    LOL!!! Funny kah? πŸ˜€

  15. Cafe cafe, havent been to this place. Next time i must try the breakfast here. You know me la, when going home, breakfast must be at the coffee shop. hahahha

    They open 5 pm to 10 pm now as well. Last time, 8 to 5…closed at night.

  16. Ooo pancakes and bacon… the American style! With butter and maple syrup…. very nice.

    It’s American, is it? Didn’t know that…but yes, it was very nice!

  17. Pancakes looks good, given me some ideas already, next time I can decorate my homemade pancakes like this! πŸ˜‰

    Ya, I thought they did a good job with the presentation – those squares and the icing sugar.

  18. Wow! Cafe Cafe is doing good eh? πŸ™‚

    Breakfast, very trendy thing to do in Sibu. It’s a big thing for years in KL so I guess they’re importing the culture. It’s a good thing too, but yeah, like you mentioned, the price of importing some stuff over, especially things Sibu people aren’t used to eating in mass, can be expensive.

    Yup, bought some ham at Ta Kiong yesterday – 4 thin slices in a flat vacuum pack, over RM10.00!!! 😦

  19. i never been so amazed with a pancake till i saw that,
    that was very very captivating and the dumplings were great too huh

    Looked great, tasted great too…

  20. Never tried savoury pancakes before, usually the plain ones and they are usually served with honey and/or ice cream. 😦
    I think I will like the savoury pancake with bacon…quite pricey though.

    Indeed!!! VERY!!! Will not be having it again – I just wanted to try as it looked so good and it certainly was.

  21. Awesome Photos! I especially like the Pancake ones πŸ™‚

    Yes, they were so very nice but pricey by our standard here – can’t afford to be indulgent and have that too often. 😦

  22. oo.. the Sio Bee does look good here… still dont mind trying for that price… good food is worthy, better than paying little for bad food… hehehe … just my thoughts… πŸ™‚

    Not expensive too…for a cafe. Divide by 6, it will come to slightly over 80 sen…and they’re selling the not so nice ones for 80 sen at the coffee shops. True, true, a bit expensive is fine, as long as the food is good and really worth it.

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