This coffee shop…


…is right in front of the place where I would go to to get my car washed but usually while waiting for the guys to get the job done, I would go to this place next door for the best popiah in town. The lady did tell me before that she would be moving elsewhere and finally, she did…


I think I know where Yummy Cafe is – opposite the block where the former Ngiu Kee used to be…with the Orchid Hotel and this cafe on the other side of the building but personally, I dread venturing to that very congested part of town and if you want to stop to eat at some place, parking can be such a pain despite having to pay a fee and at 42 sen for 30 minutes, I understand we’re the most expensive throughout the whole state of Sarawak.

Anyway, back to that coffee shop opposite, I did drop by once and had the kampua noodles and I thought it was really very good…plus the kopi-o-peng (iced coffee) was great too! However, the other day, I had the pian sip mee (RM2.50)…


– the kampua noodles with the meat dumplings instead of the usual few thin slices of meat but it was not all that great, unfortunately.

It was kind of bland, kind of diluted or watered down…and I had the feeling that the lady did not drain the pian sip properly before adding them to the kampua noodles to toss them altogether…


Even the coffee was not too good that day.

I guess life’s like that – you have good days and sometimes, you have the not-so-good ones as well…

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29 thoughts on “Where?…”

  1. Oh that’s too bad that the food wasn’t the greatest. Hopefully it won’t happen again! If I show my daughter this post, she’ll be wanting me to make her some noodles. 🙂

    Oh by the way, I love the bright yellow cup with the animal face!

    I liked that too, cute – it wasn’t a cup but a toilet roll holder. Cheap places here use that instead of tissue paper. The noodles were all right, still edible – just not as good as the first time I ate there.

  2. Ah…like your attitude towards life! Some good days and some bad days. Roller coaster like…we ride them all!

    Like it or not…and thus, life will go on! 😉

  3. I still wonder where’s a good kampua noodle not in east malaysia.

    Somebody had a good one in Puchong… I think she shared on Facebook, don’t think she blogged about it – “at hawker centre at Bdr. Puteri Puchong. But oni available on day time…”

    1. ahh, that’s a… big place. lol thanks tho.

      That’s how some people give directions. One told me that “Ah Pui’s pao” is nice…and there are so many named Ah Pui, so which one and it’s at Lanang Road – and that road is some 4-5 miles or more long….so how to find that Ah Pui along that road? 😦

      But this guy’s from Sibu so I guess his review should be quite reliable…

    2. Here’s the place I had my kampua noodle. 😉
      Strawberry Cafe,
      Jalan Puteri 2/2
      Bandar Puteri Puchong
      Landmark: Corner Lot, Behind Hotel Sri Puchong & Station One Kopitiam Bandar Puteri Puchong

      Ok, hope ky will be able to locate the place now…, thanks.

    3. [KY] i heard there’s one kampua stall opening at yulek.. maybe you can go try and tell us 🙂

      I would say that they may taste great but to eat the real thing, you will just have to come to Sibu…or Kuching – a few places, very few.

  4. Meaning to say that they are not consistent in their preparation. Something not right that day, even the coffee is not to your taste. Like life, there are ups and downs.

    The coffee – looked like they had a new guy – this one’s tall and handsome, probably Indon and he just stayed in the kitchen whether or not he was busy making drinks….the previous time, I remember the guy was short and had to do the serving as well – also Indon, if I’m not wrong… Like one of my favourite kampua places – this one near my house – the whole group of Foochow & Mandarin-speaking Indon girls have gone back…and they’ve new ones and the kampua’s not good anymore. Will not bother to drop by again… 😦

  5. How come the piansips are “buried underneath” and not on top… guess it is the presentation, maybe she wants to be different.. 🙂

    Doesn’t matter on top or bottom… Oops!!! 😛 LOL!!!! 😀

  6. Some days are bad days even for the stall operator! :p

    Yes, there is such a thing as one’s biorhythm and that’s a scientific fact. I liked it a lot the first time, even took a photo on my mobile and shared on Facebook – it was that good. Will surely go and try again the next time I go wash my car, give it one more chance.

  7. 42 sen for 30 mins….. by KL standards that is not expensive at all! You’d pay at least a few ringgit per hour over here.

    They say compared to the other towns in Sarawak, ours the most expensive…but we can always go to shops in areas where parking is free – some near my house so no point going all the way to town unless it is something we can;t get around here – with the petrol and the parking fee, whatever is cheaper may not be that cheap after all.

  8. Awww….its a sad thing if my meal looks good but tasted bland T_T

    Ya, quite disappointed as after the first time, I was ready to write a raving review of the place – did not bring my camera the first time so I could not blog about it then.

  9. What’s the usual chili/sauce/paste to go with the kampua noodles? Just curious 😛

    Kampua…just chili sauce. Last time, the local made ones in stone jars….sooooo nice even though, after eating sure ceret one. 😀 No more nowadays – I see them using Yeo’s – they buy in big plastic containers. The chio cheng/light soy sauce last time also came in those stone jars, also a lot nicer… Maybe that’s why it seemed so much nicer in the good old days. 😦

  10. Haha, the notice is so funny! But the tauke very thoughtful la! Left his number some more~

    She… Funny kah? You mean the Chinese version?

  11. You are right. Yesterday evening I tapau satay from Satay Kajang and the satay gravy was so watered down! I think they diluted it to stretch their their gravy supply. There were a lot of orders due to the buka puasa and maybe they realised they didn’t make enough gravy. Very disappointing 😦

    Here, those people will just sell what they have prepared and close shop for the day – no way they will work harder. I would have thought that at this time of the year when the demand is greater, they would prepare more for sale but no. Same amount, first come…first serve and to the rest, sorry lah…try again tomorrow.

  12. Pictures look good though, so i guess it makes up for it.

    anyway, i’ll get u invited to our big day if u can come down to kuching! 🙂

    Shouldn’t be a problem if the date does not clash with anything else – not that I’ve many things going on, that’s for sure – old pensioner, goyang kaki every day. 😀 Everyone can fly! 😉

  13. aiyoooo..looking kampua at this hour, make me hungry!!!

    This one not so nice…but it did look pretty good, don’t you think? Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. Hokkien song ~ Oo si ki oo si loke haha..*sometimes up sometimes down* can never get the same taste all the time

    Now, now…what are you talking about? Sometimes up, sometimes down? 😉 Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!

  15. well at picture it looks great,
    anyway, recently, there’s also a lot of stores moving to another place here too

    So who says photos never lie? Some things may look good in photos but when you go and try, they are so disappointing sometimes. 😦

    There too? Rental going up, getting too expensive so people may move to cheaper places…an din this case, I think she is now renting a stall at a shop not the whole shop.

  16. Kopi o peng, how good they are also I cant take it. I can’t stand coffee but I wont mind going around eating pian sip as I’ve never tried one before!

  17. Hmmm…not a fan of kampua. Maybe because of I never had a really nice one? LoL

    Hi, Annant’s friend! Not even Rasa Sayang? Now, I like the one at RTM Cafe… Hoping to drop by again tomorrow.

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