There’s more to me than what you can see…


…is quite near my house and it is where I take my car for a car wash when there is a need for that. These days, we have been getting quite a lot of rain, on and off, on and off day in and day out so I would drop by quite often but not as frequently as when I used to go to and fro along the horrible Pain-Borneo Highway, sending my girl to her school in the jungle and going all the way there to bring her home on weekends.

Quite recently, I noticed that they have gone into vegetable farming, growing this curly lettuce – if I am not wrong, it is called salad patta or the lollo bionda, more popularly known as the green coral…

…all over but hydroponically and lately, it appears to me that they are slowly increasing the output and have set up a lot more of those platforms and pipes…

…to plant the vegetable.

You may have noticed in the first photograph above that they have even set them up all along the fence. I guess that is one advantage of this way of planting vegetables – you do not need that much space and you do not need any soil which means that you do not need a spacious landed property to go into this – you can do it outside on your balcony of your condominium even.

I saw them hanging these pieces of fly paper…

…that is coated with a sweetly fragrant, but extremely sticky and sometimes poisonous substance that traps flies and other flying insects when they land upon it. This is considered a pest control device and this way, they do not have to resort to those poisonous pesticides.

The ones that they fold into paper windmills…

…are actually quite pleasant to look at.

They harvest the vegetables quite regularly and pack them in plastic containers. I’ve seen people dropping by to buy, a lot at one time but I have not bought any myself. I did ask one of the boys there and he told me that they are selling them at RM9.00 a container. I think I used to buy at the supermarket round the corner from my house for RM10.00 each so it isn’t very much cheaper but at least, the ones here are definitely a lot fresher.

WONG CAR CARE & SERVICES CENTRE (2.307081, 111.844783) is located at No. 8B, Lorong Pipit 4 – you turn left as soon as you turn into the lane where Starbucks Sibu is located and go straight ahead – it is at the corner at the end of that stretch of road or you can turn into that lane from Jalan Pahlawan and go straight ahead to the aforementioned corner.

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10 thoughts on “There’s more to me than what you can see…”

  1. I have seen alot of this patta salad sold at Supermarket and even market but never buy as I prefer another type of salad veg. Did you buy any? I like those paper windmills and quite pleasant to look at especially when the wind blows and it starts to turn.

    Yes, I bought this variety of lettuce before, very nice. I do enjoy different kinds of lettuce including our own local variety, the kind they use to line the plates in the restaurants. We call that salad chai.

  2. I see a lot of farms are doing these nowadays, even in cities you can farm now. This is where the future is heading at

    The sign of the times. For one thing, this way, it’s organic, no pesticides, no weedkillers. Healthier, I guess.

  3. Nice for them to go into this business and sell the vegetables. Healthier, definitely. I need to bring car to wash this few days before cny. Definitely have increased in price right now. Been raining this week, so I reluctant to send to wash. Will try to do so tomorrow as last day of school, so can send to car wash in afternoon, as long as no rain. The last time I sent to car wash was in November last year. Geez. Time to give my car a good thorough clean and vacuum.

    November? Oh dear! I just simply wash myself these days as it has been raining a lot, will only go when the weather is fine and sunny. Yes, tomorrow, last day of school. If it is still raining all the time, I will wash my car myself before the new year.
    I cut my hair already – one thing people must do, buang sial, they say. LOL!!! Up RM2 only, last time in my younger days, double the price and the hair salons full house, so packed!!! Lots of ladies perming their hair!

    1. I did wash at home myself couple of times since November. Haha. Cannot tahan the dirt on the car.

      Yaloh, if rain continue, I also plan to wash myself before cny. As long as it is washed for the holiday.

      LOL!!! You’re exactly like me!!! Call it my OCD but I must make sure my cars are spick and span, not a speck of dirt!

  4. Hydroponic farming is getting popular in Singapore. They use mutli-storey car park roof top to maximise space and sunlight. To save more space and yield more harvest, they adopt vertical tubes to feed plants instead of horizontal system (as in Photos 3, 4 and 5). So pandai, these Singaporeans. No wonder, they’re always one step in front of us.

    >That looks like the ship has been cut, a cross section right down the middle.

    Yes, indeed! Hence, it’s called a “slice” of Reality.

    1. Getting really widespread here, healthy living, healthy eating. Ideal for countries like Singapore, not much space to swing a cat. Not much cheaper though – I guess everything has its price.

  5. That is some awesome looking lettuce! Such Healthy, Vibrant Colors, too! That’s so cool they are getting into that!

    I particularly like how there is no rampant use of weedkillers and pesticides, a lot healthier this way.

  6. Good that they are using the space to grow healthy and organic greens. We can get the curly lettuce in the supermarket or whenever we visit Cameron Highlands, we will buy some back.

    Yes, we used to get those from Cameron – I love their crispy tomatoes but that place is notorious for the use of pesticides, shipments always got sent back from Singapore! The ones planted this way is much better!

  7. I absolutely love this!

    Good that they are making good use of the land around the house and workshop. At a time like this, good that one can supplement one’s income.

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