Not again…

I saw a lot of friends sharing photographs of what they had at this new place in town so of course, I wanted to go and check it out even though I did see in the menu that the big head prawn noodles did not come cheap…

…because we had not had this fish noodles with the creamy soup…

…for a long, long time (we had a good one here once but not anymore). My girl enjoys it a lot and I wanted to take her there last Sunday morning to give theirs a try.

So there we were, the four of us…

*I guess they mean live, not life*

– I asked my sister to join us – so very early last Sunday morning at just past 8.00 a.m. They open at that time every day, I hear.

I would say it was a very nice place, not much decor to get excited about but it was comfortable enough and air-conditioned. Gosh!!! It’s the early bird that catches the worm, they say but no, we were not the earliest. The place was almost full when we arrived and thankfully, there was a table available. Many who came a bit later, had to go some place else, disappointed. They did not know how lucky they were!!!

I liked this little duckie…

…that they had on every table. Too bad it wasn’t a fish nor a prawn. LOL!!!

The boss served this slice of papaya…

…to every table on the house. I think he said something about the fruit coming from his own house/compound.

After sometime, two bowls of the fish noodles(RM18.90)…


My sister and my girl had that with bihun

– the latter thought it was good and was pleased with her order. My sister did not quite fancy the fish – I think it was ang chor (red snapper) – she prefers the tapah that they have in their fish noodles here but they do not do it in this creamy soup style there.

My missus ordered their prawn noodles (soup) and this (RM18.90)…

…came. I had a feeling that they had made a mistake as there was a big head prawn in it, even though there was one only, not three or more like what we can see in the menu above. In my honest opinion, seeing how ONE prawn can cost up to around RM10.00 each (see details below), I would consider RM18.90 quite a reasonable price for this bowl of prawn noodles.

Unfortunately, my order never appeared and I just sat there and waited and waited and waited. Oh dear!!! Deja vu, history repeating itself…like how I had to wait for the beef noodles the day before.

After more than an hour, it FINALLY came (RM35.90)…

…with ONE not very big prawn, a lot smaller than the giant ones I bought from the Dewan Suarah (Civic Centre) wet market…

…earlier that morning. At RM75 a kilo, I bought RM166.00 worth of those lovely crustaceans, 17 of them altogether and that works out to less than RM10.00 each. It sure looked like I had been shortchanged, seeing so very clearly that there were at least THREE of them in that photo of it in their menu. Just ONE not really big one for that kind of money is really pushing it a bit too far!

My girl insisted on picking up the tab – including the cup of kopi-o, hot that my missus had (RM3.90!!!), the rest of us did not want anything to drink, the total came up to RM96.50.

Yes, I would say that what they dished out tasted quite good, that much credit I would give to them but they would need to cut down on the msg by at least half and at those prices and that very very long wait, no price for guessing whether or not I will be back there ever again.

FISH PAPPA is a few doors away to the right of HIDEOUT (2.301547, 111.843569) at Lorong 4, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada) in the block of shops back to back with Kim Hock Premier Food Court.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Not again…”

  1. Prawn noodles for me anytime. Waiting for one hour for your noodles? 🤦‍♀️ They miss out your order? By the time your noodles arrives, all in your family would have finish theirs. That huge plate of noodles for yourself or to be shared.

    Yes, everybody already finished eating, had to wait for me. No, they did not miss my order – very strange arrangement here. It seemed they cooked ALL the orders for the fish noodles first…and then they went back to cook the prawn noodles.
    Other than that they did not seem to have a proper system so they could not keep track of who ordered what so when something came out of the kitchen, they had to look through ALL the order chits to find out whose it was supposed to be.
    Whoever said that new brooms sweep well sure got it all wrong!!!
    Lots of places where the prawn noodles are way cheaper. RM35.90 for ONE miserable medium-sized prawn is pushing it a bit too far!!!

  2. I agree…the little duckie is cute and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their front window!

    Liked the duck but I did not notice the window. Oh! The curtains were drawn, couldn’t look out so I did not even realise they had windows there. LOL!!!

  3. Yes, many times we have been misled by the pictures in the menu. Did they mention in the menu that the pictures in the menu are for illustration only? Very misleading, like tricking the customers to think that 3 prawns for the price stated is worth it. The food in the photos with the thick broth do look delicious. If the place is new, then they have no experience is setting up a good system in handling the orders. I too think that RM35.90 for 1 prawn is way too expensive. They are charging high end rates for their food and drinks.

    No, there was no disclaimer, not that I saw any.
    If the picture shows 3 BIG prawns and there is only ONE not so big one when served, it is quite obvious that they are trying to hoodwink and shortchange their customers. How can they do things like that?
    If there was only ONE prawn in the picture and I still chose to order it at that price, then I asked for it, not their fault…but that was not the case.
    What they served was all right, just way too much msg!!! Will not go there again, thank you very much!

  4. Oh dear! An hour’s wait for your meal and you did not get what you expected. At RM35.90, I would feel robbed!

    That was how I felt, short-changed, cheated!!! So pissed off!!! Just ONE, not even two out of three!!! Daylight robbery!!!

  5. You got ripped off. The picture clearly shows us three prawns.
    But they only gave you two heads with one body missing?!
    Today, I am your prawn detective.
    Plus, one hour of worthless wait. You should lodge a formal complaint to Consumer Protection. Ha ha.

    1. Exactly! Once bitten, twice shy! Will never go back there again, lots of other places selling such prawn noodle dishes here. It is the fish in creamy soup that is hard to find.

  6. OMG all of them looks good, but yes some of them are pricey specially for Malaysia

    Very cheap, after conversion…compared to the prices of these dishes over there but definitely, not that affordable by our local standard!

  7. Certainly can’t get this kinda prawn at this price in KL

    This is possibly the Chinese New Year price, usually RM60 a kilo…or perhaps, the price has gone up!!! What hasn’t?

  8. Great name for a restaurant and a nice touch with the papaya.

    Yes, it was a good gesture. Too bad about the number and size of the prawns and the price. That sure pissed me off!!!

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