Cover up…

Whenever I go out, I will always wear a mask even if it is only for a while, say when I drop by some place for a few minutes to buy something and after that, I will throw it away without a second thought. That is why I keep these…


They aren’t very expensive, over a ringgit each and it seems that they are better than those cloth masks that people will wash and use again and again. According to an article that I read, “A study that was just published in the journal, Science, analyzed data from 342,183 adults in Bangladesh and found that surgical masks were 95 percent effective at filtering out virus particles, compared with 37 percent for cloth face masks.

These come in various colours and the pharmacy that I frequent stocks up on those. I was rather amused that day when I picked up a box of blue for myself and a box of pink for the ladies in the house. The boss kept telling me that I had taken a box of pink masks – I guess he could not imagine this old man wearing those in that bright colour. LOL!!!

He himself uses these…

…which he says are good enough to be worn on their own, no need to resort to wearing double masks. According to him, they are manufactured following some Korean technology.

Needless to say, they are very expensive…

…but I can’t remember the exact price now..

I guess they would be good for use at crowded places but no, we’ve been #stayingsafe and #stayingwell, #stayinghome most of the time and we avoid crowded places like a plague. I did buy a box though just in case school resumes now that Sarawak has gone into Phase 4 and my girl will have to go back to her classes of some over 30 pupils each – I would consider those as crowded, no doubt about it so when that time comes, she can put on these masks, one per day.

I did buy the Korean originals too…

…from one of my neighbourhood shops and they are more or less that same price as well.

The aforementioned article mentions that cloth masks are our 1918 pandemic technology, used 100 years ago whereas these days, we have the technology — the high filtration, electrostatically charged, meltblown [masks like KF94s, KN95s and N95s] — and we should use those.

I also grabbed a box of the cheaper Korean ones…

…from that same shop. These, like those colourful ones above, should be good enough for use…

…under normal circumstances.

This article says that with the increasing airborne spread of the coronavirus, it is important to improve the fit of masks and their filtration — making enhancements that go beyond old, loose, cloth face coverings that became popular in 2020. It also says that Omicron is twice as infectious, and an encounter that you could have tolerated for Delta may well infect you with Omicron. Knowing this, it is worth upgrading the protection you get from your mask.

Despite what the so-called “experts” in our country tell us, the article goes on to say this: The best masks are N95, KN95 and KF94 masks. Don’t wear an additional face covering on top of these masks. Of course, the bottom line is one must put on these masks properly. I find it quite distressing to see people wearing them with their noses uncovered…or worse, with them hanging under their chins.

Even when going some place to eat, I will keep my mask on till the food arrives and take it off only when I start eating and I will put it back on as soon as I have finished. Most people will just take their masks off as soon as they sit down…and will put them on again when they are about to leave the place.

As I have mentioned earlier, Sarawak has entered its Phase 4 now since Monday so I guess that means the situation here is presently a whole lot better than months ago. Each day, here in Sibu, there is a single-digit number of cases and hopefully, it will stay that way or better still, if there is none at all. The onus, of course, is on everyone to make sure they cover up (wear masks), observe physical distancing and do not go here and there unless there is a need for it and avoid crowded places at all times. #kitajagakita

Author: suituapui

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7 thoughts on “Cover up…”

  1. Those are some nice masks! I recently switched to KN95s. Once I run out of those I will probably go with the 3 Ply Surgicals again with a cloth over top of that, I guess. Unfortunately, I don’t see this slowing down anytime soon.

    Yes, I saw it in the news, real shocking over there – over 1 million cases a day! Hopefully, we can keep it under control here – not too bad as it is, still single digit number of cases each day. #staysafe #staywell

  2. I have few different types of masks at home too. Has been spending quite a substantial amount of money on masks itself. When the pandemic is on its peak, I use mask with face shield, double protection and since now the cases has dropped to single digit I only use mask. Yesterday, Kuching has double digit cases.. 🤦‍♀️

    Oh dear!!! Kuching? Fingers crossed, that was just for one day. Cannot imagine going back to how terrible it was.
    I have many face shields too but I did read somewhere that they do not help so much. Will use when collecting some delivery at my gate sometimes, wouldn’t want to use a mask and throw it away right after that.
    I guess it is money worth spending. There are cheap ones less than RM1 each – I think they sell those at places like Guardian but no, I wouldn’t go for those. Penny wise, pound foolish!

  3. Yes, these days if I don’t wear a mask outside of my house I feel naked, as if something is missing. Mask and social distancing is very important.

    VERY! And avoid crowded places, go some place else. I cannot understand how many people can just squeeze in, no worries at all. Maybe they think they’re fully vaccinated so they’re invincible!

  4. I think the important thing about clothed face mask is that you can’t use it “forever”

    If I am not mistaken, most people do. They keep washing and using. Some even do that with the disposable ones! I guess some have no choice – they do not come cheap especially when they need to use one or more a day and they do not have that much money to spare. Sad..

  5. I like colored masks 🙂 we only have few choices from where I am. but kn95 is more comfortable compared with the regular disposable mask although it’s more expensive. omicron is more transmissible than delta they say. the cases here in aus is rising. other experts are saying that this omicron is the start of the end of covid. I hope everyone survives this. may we all be protected from harm.

    Seems like they are letting go in Australia, the US and the UK. Mounting cases by the day but they seem quite relaxed about it all, none of the restrictions that we have here. I guess at the end of the day, we’ll just have to take care of ourselves #staysafe #staywell

  6. Now masks are so commercialised. Many varieties to choose from. I prefer surgical masks than cloth mask. I have fee cloth masks but rarely use them. I just keep 1 in my bag in case it comes handy.

    I just read that more Omicron cases in Sarawak today. Sigh. And kids are going back to schools next week. Guess just need to be careful and follow SOP while they are in schools.

    I hate those news reports, so incomplete. They just said Sarawak, never mentioned exactly where! Anyway, they say those figures can’t be trusted – we may not be aware of the true picture behind it all. The bottom line is we just have to be very very careful and take care of ourselves. #kitajagakita

  7. Interesting research. I think the problem is that so many reusable masks are now being made with fashion in mind rather than actually following the guidelines. Important to get ones that have a bendable strip across the top of the nose to seal them properly, and make sure they have three layers or an n95 filter.

    Yes, the masks must fit well, follow the shape of the face. I use 4-ply.

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