Will do…

We decided to have a simple dinner for Christmas that day – a main dish and a salad to go with it, a pasta dish and dessert and we had a soup too. It turned out that we did have an extra dish that evening, nothing much but still, in the end, it was quite a lot of work, to say the least – all that preparation and cooking and the cleaning and washing up afterwards. That was why we decided to go some place quiet for a nice dinner on New Year’s Eve – we had no intention of going through all that all over again.

However, that was dinner and we still had to have something for lunch that day. I went out to Bandong in the kampung area in the hope of getting some nasi lemak but unfortunately, all the places there were closed. Gee!!! In the morning of New Year’s Eve? They certainly started their New Year celebration real early!!!

Left without a choice, I decided to cook something, anything would do as long as we could have a bite to eat to tide us over till dinner time. There were still a few pieces of the Thai instant kway teow after we had some for our Vietnamese pho on my birthday that day so I decided to fry it.

Firstly, I boiled it in water till soft after which, I rinsed it under running tap water to remove any excess starch and after draining it well, I tossed it with a bit of cooking oil (also to prevent the noodles from sticking together) and some dark soy sauce before adding a whole lot of chopped spring onions…

…and some seasoning. I chose to do all these at this initial stage so I would not have to toss it too much to mix everything together well while frying just in case that might cause the noodles to break into small unsightly bits.

I had these ingredients…

…for the frying part – my missus’ chopped garlic, some carrot that I found in the fridge so I had it julienned and a handful of prawns.

I fried the garlic in a bit of oil till golden brown before throwing in the prawns followed by the carrot. Once cooked, I added two eggs – usually, I would add the eggs last when frying noodles or rice but I thought I would do something different for a change.

Lastly, I added the noodles and mixed everything together well…

Once done, I dished everything out…

…and we all sat down for our lunch.

Yes, it was nice except that the noodles weren’t anything like kway teow or bihun – it was more like those factory-made dried egg noodles but it was good enough to get us through till dinner time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Will do…”

  1. I love this simple fried noodles. Add some greens to it and it will look absolute perfect.

    Yes, it did not cross my mind that morning as I was driving home from the kampung, so disappointed that the shops and stalls there were all closed. I could have stopped by my neighbourhood fruit & vegetables sundry shop in the next lane to buy some taugeh (bean sprouts)…or some sawi – the green would give the dish some added colour and I could have thrown in a bit of sliced fresh chili for a bit of red too. Thankfully, as far as the taste went, it was nice!

  2. Simple fried noodle is good enough for me. No need to sweat so much in the kitchen, for the sake of festival. Lol. Been simple affair for Christmas and New Year for us.

    Yes, I must say that generally, Chinese dishes are usually simpler, much easier to cook, compared to other Asian cuisines, Malay or Indian especially. The ingredients alone would be enough to make me think twice.

  3. Fried noodle looks very nice. These days, I too prefer to cook simple and lesser dishes even for festivals. Just to avoid standing too long on my feet and sweating in the kitchen.

    Yes, I too am feeling the strain when I spend too much time standing and cooking in the kitchen, old age catching up on me. My missus seems all right but still, it isn’t really worth the effort. Slave the whole day…or days even and everything gone in less than an hour.

  4. I love noodles too. When I was little I got have noodles every day, hence I got the nickname Noodles King!
    Back then, I liked my fried noodles with ketchup.
    As I grew older, chilli became my new best friend.

    1. Yes, I forgot about the chili that day so when we ate, we added our own – my missus’ own blended chili garlic dip. Some sliced fresh chili would add a bit of colour to the dish…and green vegetables too.

  5. May be you can try next time fry the eggs first, then dish it out and when you mixed everything, put the eggs in again. this is what I do everytime I want to fry anything (noodles, rice or kueh teow).

    Yes, I’ve seen them doing that in their videos when frying fried rice. With rice, I like to add the eggs last so some of it will coat the grains of rice, not so much in the case of noodles…and I also noticed that it will help to loosen what is stuck to the wok.

  6. That came out really perfect!

    It would have been if the noodles used were like what I expected them to be, not quite the same. Thankfully, it was nice too.

  7. I really like the look of those noodles.

    They tasted better than they looked. I wouldn’t mind a bot of colour but I was too lazy to go out and buy some of those ingredients for that purpose.

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