No sugar…

I guess everybody knows by now that I’m on a low-sugar diet and I do mean low sugar, not no sugar but actually, even if I do not take any sugar at all, there are still the hidden sugars in foods like fruits and carbohydrates. Of course, I try my best to keep it to a low minimum and avoid indulging in anything that is sweet. That is why instead of kaya (coconut jam, which I do enjoy a lot) and fruit jam, I will go for peanut butter instead with my bread or crackers.

The other day, I ran out of peanut butter in the house so I headed to one of the neighbourhood shops to buy a new bottle. Yes, I do know for a fact that there IS sugar in peanut butter even though it does not taste all that sweet. The only solution would be to either go without it completely or to apply sparingly – in my case, of course, I would go for the latter option.

Much to my delight, as I was browsing through the brands available that day, I spotted this…

Needless to say, I wasted no time at all in grabbing a bottle and headed home.

Yes, it states very clearly on the label that it is UNSWEETENED so if you look at the ingredients at the back, you will not find SUGAR in the list…

…unlike all the other brands of peanut butter including the one I was eating before this – Lady’s Choice.

I prefer my peanut butter creamy but I did not have a choice. They only have the crunchy ones…

…at the shop but if you look carefully, there are no clearly visible crunchy chunks unlike some of the other brands.

I tried a bit with some crackers…

…and yes, I do think that it is very nice, just like any other peanut butter. I must say that it does not make any difference at all that there is no sugar in it and I love the taste. I wish they had this in bigger bottles though, not these medium-size ones going for RM8.20 a bottle, the same as the regular ones.

Moving away from the peanut butter, I just want to add here that my sister sent me this black sesame Swiss roll…

…from Belle Cake House at the Bukit Lima roundabout to try. I think she found that it was not sweet so it would be good for me.

The texture was good, very soft and very fine…

…but other than the fact that it was so slightly sweet that I almost could not detect its sweetness, I thought it wasn’t anything to shout about.

Sighhh!!! I guess there is no such thing as a no-sugar cake unless one goes for those nasi lemak ones which seem to be quite popular these days but I should be fine with low sugar ones like this Swiss roll, just a slice or two at a time.

BELLE CAKE HOUSE (2.277921, 111.851059) is located at No. 59, Jalan Bukit Lima Timur 9. Their telephone contact is: 084-254886.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “No sugar…”

  1. I am not sure if you can get this Australian brand of peanut butter called Mayvers in Sibu. Natural ingredients, no salt, no preservatives. I like the dark roast.

    No, unfortunately no…even though we do get a lot of Australian products here.

  2. Ohh that must be hard, like you said there is a lot of sugars everywhere even if it’s not sweet like rice. Rice is hard to give up specially for us Asians, cant live without it

    There is the unpolished rice, the brown rice, the Basmati rice. and so on, all of which are less starchy and of course, we can eat less. I think there are very popular diets that do away with rice and all kinds of carbs altogether. The KETO diet, perhaps?

  3. Oh, Tong Garden have peanut butter too? New product? Tong products aren’t cheap. Used to love their packet assorted nuts. The peanut butter looks smooth though the label says crunchy. At first glance of the Swiss roll I thought it was chia seeds Swiss roll. Love it too.

    Not sure about the Swiss roll, my sis did not say. Yes, now that you mentioned it, it does look like chia seeds. I would buy the bread from another bakery here – my girl seems to like it. To me, nothing special.

    Yes, I bought Tong Garden before and yes, I thought it was very nice. Have not been buying the nuts from them for a while now. Used to buy their pistachios around Chinese New Year.

  4. I didn’t know about Tong Garden peanut butter. Will keep a look out for it. To avoid sugar in the peanut butter, I used to make my own peanut butter by adding a little honey instead of sugar. I am also trying to cut down sugar and rice intake but it is not easy.

    Something is better than nothing. I’m doing very well, I must say. Test my blood sugar level every week and looking very good, normal…usually, sometimes up a bit but nothing to be alarmed about.

    Wow! You make your own peanut butter! I wouldn’t know how to do that! I just got to know about Tong Garden’s quite recently and I find it is very nice. This new unsweetened one, of course, is even better!

  5. >you will not find SUGAR in the list

    That’s not completely true though.
    Peanuts do contain sugar naturally.
    Also you need to be aware that sometimes when they say “no sugar”, they actually put “aspartame” in the food.

    Yes, I did blog about the SUGAR FREE cookies that my missus bought for me. So very sweet and all those artificial sweeteners that may cause more harm than good. I told my missus NEVER to buy them again…and yes, I know peanuts have hidden sugar too. That is why I do not buy those canned salted peanuts (and salt is bad too) that I enjoy so much. Would be fine in moderation but I cannot stop munching till I finish the whole can, that is the problem. I found my blood sugar level a bit higher after indulging in them, best not to buy and eat.

  6. I love seeing all the different kind of peanut butter options on the market these days!

    Most of them here are made in China, even though they may be some popular foreign brands but most of them are very nice. We do have some local made ones, never tried. Old habits die hard, I guess…from our Planter’s days.

  7. Yes, sugar (and salt) seem to be hidden everywhere. They’re almost unavailable in processed food.

    I always believe that moderation is the key. Do not overeat, do not over-indulge – we should be fine…usually!

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