Weight in gold…

The first time I ate an avocado…

…was sometime in the 80’s when my mum’s cousin, my auntie, that is, who happened to be my colleague at the time, gave me some from Sabah – her sister has a fruit and vegetable garden there.

Of course I had no idea how to eat it then so I just followed her instructions. I had to split the fruit open like this…

…remove the seed and pour in some evaporated milk, add a sprinkling of sugar and eat.

I did not have any already-opened can of evaporated milk in the fridge and I had no intention of opening one so I just sprinkled a bit of low GI brown sugar…

…over the fruit and ate.

Yes, it was very nice and I enjoyed it very much, just that the thought of how the fruit cost RM7.00 EACH kept lingering in my mind and how much more enjoyment I would derive from two plates of kampua mee, with a bit of change leftover.

Indeed, this imported fruit (I think this one is from Australia) is worth its weight in gold! One problem would be how when you buy some home, they would be as hard as a rock – not ripe yet, not ready for the eating and when you think it is about time and you cut them open, they would have turned brown inside, already rotting away and all that money that you have paid for them goes straight into the drain!!! SIGHHHH!!!!

Thankfully, the ones we have been getting lately are all right and we have been buying them to eat just like that or in our salads with our meals. Like what I’ve been saying (and telling everybody), even if we have the money these days, there isn’t much we can do – the idea of travelling somewhere does not appeal to me and no, we are not that keen on dining out at all so if we can afford it, what the heck!!! Just go ahead and buy…and enjoy!!!

For one thing, my girl loves these imported fruits a lot more than our local ones so of course, this doting father will buy for her, never mind the price. She loves these kiwi fruit…

…from New Zealand too, the gold variety which does not come cheap either, RM4.50 each.

These gold ones…

…are sweeter and nicer than the green ones but they are double in price, more or less.

Well, avocados are not sweet so unless I go and add sugar like what I did, they would be perfectly all right for anyone on a low sugar diet. According to this website, a recent study published in the Nutrition Journal evaluated the effects of adding half an avocado to the standard lunch of healthy, overweight people. They discovered that avocados do not significantly impact blood sugar levels.

This website also has a lot of good things to say about kiwi fruit and much to my surprise, this one claims that ponkan

is good for diabetics because it is rich in fiber, has low glycemic index and is full of vitamins and other minerals.

In the past, we would get to see these Mandarins or tangerines, whatever they are called, once a year come Chinese New Year but nowadays, they are easily available, these mini ones. The ladies in the house love them so of course, I would buy them regularly for them to eat – these are RM16.00 a kilo and one kilo can yield quite a lot.

Personally, I am not into oranges. nor kiwis, but since the websites say they are all right for those of us on a low sugar diet, I may just help myself to one or two sometimes. Strange how when I googled to read up on our local tropical fruits, bananas, papaya and sweet corn (I guess that’s a vegetable), except for the latter (but I found that I coughed quite a bit after eating that), it seemed that they are all not that great for those staying away from things that are sweet.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Weight in gold…”

  1. I’ve never heard of eating an Avocado with evaporated milk and sugar. But I know people are getting very creative with them. I will have to add some to my blog! Thanks for the idea!

    These days, we eat it in our salads…and sometimes, my girl will use them to make those Japanese sushi, that’s all. Will look forward to seeing how you enjoy them!

  2. I am not a fan of avocado or kiwis. I am more into our local fruits like papayas, guava, pineapples and bananas (prefer only pisang keling). I have 2 papayas and 2 guava plants ( 1 each of red and white flesh) in my small garden. All are doing well, so I guess I will have enough of them for the time being.

    I’m not into guava, more into papayas and bananas. Will buy pineapples sometimes and eat with rojak sauce. Not really crazy about all these imported fruits – we have a lot of seasonal local fruits that are very much nicer but my girl loves them so I would buy for her to enjoy, no problem.

  3. Avocado here selling $1 each. HASS avocado is popular here. I usually treat it as a “vegetable dish” to go with rice.

    OK in salads, I wouldn’t eat it just like that on its own – not like our dabai.

    Yes, a Facebook friend did say there’s a glut there now, going cheap at $1 each. That would work out to over RM3.00, throw in RM3 for air freight (can’t send these things by sea…but definitely not via POSLAJU, that would cost a fortune to send!!!) and RM1 for a bit of profit, I reckon RM7.00 each here is reasonable. LOL!!!

  4. First time I had these imported fruits such as kiwi and avaocado was during my last year college life in Nilai. Haha. So, I had them in the late 90s….

    I like avocado with milk or make into guacamole. Yum yum. They said the seed also can be eaten but I never try boiling and eating them.

    Never heard of people eating the seeds. LOL!!!

    Looks like I’m earlier than you – I first ate avocadoes in the mid-80’s.

    Kiwi fruits – my brother used to bring home boxes of fruits from Auckland, New Zealand everytime he came home. My parents, my dad especially, loved the fruits from there.

  5. I love fruits, both imported and local ones but I prefer local fruits. The first time I tried avocado, it tasted bland to me and I didn’t like it. I like kiwi fruits both the yellow and green. Sometimes, the green kiwis can be very sour. These days, both imported and local fruits are expensive.

    Indeed!!! The local ones aren’t cheap either.

    You probably will not like our black gold – the dabai too then, same rich, very lemak-y taste.

  6. Avocados and kiwis are mostly imported from South America here.
    But we usually have bananas, apples and oranges at home. Ha ha… Very boring.

    Ours are from Australia and New Zealand – we import a lot of stuff from there!

  7. I have to try your way of eating the avocado with evaporated milk and sugar – sounds like it is right up my alley! Typically, I mash it all up and season it with salt and pepper and spread it on toast and top it with an over easy egg for breakfast. There was a time where I was craving it as a dessert of sorts, and I mashed it up, added cocoa powder and some sugar and mixed it all up and made a quasi pudding – it was pretty good!

    Yet to try eating it all mashed up with sandwiches, will just have it in salads. Yes, I enjoyed it with milk and sugar like that – haven’t had it like that for a long time too.

  8. Well, those from Sabah are cheaper 😛

    I don’t think we have those here. Some people grow them locally but on a very small scale, I guess. Not enough to go round.

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