Peanut butter…

I am pretty sure everybody is familiar with this brand that is popular for all the nuts – my favourite would be their salted peanuts and come Chinese New Year every year, I would buy their pistachios which seem to be of a higher quality, a cut above the rest.

Well, my missus went out one day and came back with this…

Tong Garden peanut butter

It caught me by surprise as I had not seen their peanut butter before and I did not know that they produce that as well. There are some Malaysian brands but let’s just say that I was never impressed by any of them.

All this while, I just assumed this is a Malaysian brand as well – I never bothered to check the label and looking at the Thai characters on the bottle, I guessed it must have been made in Thailand. Well, I was wrong! I sure did not expect it to be produced in China…

Made in China

I tried it with a slice of toasted chia seed bread that I bought from here (RM6.00 a loaf)

With toasted chia seed bread

…and yes, it was very nice. I’m quite sure it would be great with cream crackers too!

However, it sure did not come cheap…

RM8.40 a bottle

…for a small bottle. Maybe my missus did not have a choice at that mini-supermarket near my house and decided to just grab it to try.

I would much sooner go for the ones imported from the U.S. which are around double the price for a big bottle, including this favourite of mine, but no, I am not going back to that supermarket, not at this point in time. I thought it was quite bad how the customers did not seem bothered to keep their distance and I hear it is even worse these days, now that two can go in a car.

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10 thoughts on “Peanut butter…”

  1. I have never seen this brand, Tong Garden creamy peanut spread on the shelves too. I know they have all kinds of nuts sold in small packet. So far, I only buy Lady’s Choice creamy peanut spread. I like the smooth creamy one and not the ones with chunky peanuts. Absolutly great with cream crackers.

    I don’t like Lady’s Choice…or worse, Daisy. Their taste is not quite there.

    1. No choice for me as these are the only 2 common brands, Lady’s Choice and Daisy I can see on the shelves in almost every Supermarket. Just grab and go.

      I’d go for the US brands if I go to Ta Kiong. Otherwise, I’ll just forget about buying any peanut butter.

    2. 2022 June. I bot Tong peanut butter from 99 Speed Mart 340 gm @ 7 35 RM.

      It’s easily available here now. I would go for the unsweetened ones – not many of those around here, just a couple of brands.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tong Garden carry peanut butter, as it’s mostly known for nut-based snacks. We also have Tong Garden products in the Philippines – but they’re usually priced at PHP80-PHP100 (RM6-RM8) for small packs! (Once chanced upon a one-for-one promotion at Watsons in SG, they even had a space in the middle of Suntec!)

    Well-marketed, eh? No, nuts do not come cheap and pistachios especially cost a bomb!

  3. familiar with the tong garden brand.. did not know they made peanut butter as well.
    stay safe Arthur..

    I did not either…before this. You too, stay safe, stay home.

  4. I never seen this brand’s peanut butter around. I would like to give it a try. Made in China? Hmm. Interesting. I also did not know it is from China.

    Never checked the nuts, dunno if also from China or not.

  5. I am familiar with Tong Garden nuts and they are very good. But I had no idea that they produced peanut butter too. I don’t think I have ever seen the Tong Garden peanut butter over here. You are right, the local ones just don’t cut it once you have tasted the good imported ones.

    Even the imported ones, some are nicer than others but none as bad as our Malaysian ones.

  6. I used to like peanut butter as a kid but not now anymore as it gives me sore throat. I prefer those smooth creamy ones without nuts.

    Oh? Maybe you have an allergy? A lot of people are.

  7. I love peanut butter. I usually get the “just nuts” brands those. Nothing but peanuts, no added ingredients.

    Oh? Aren’t they all? Or do you mean those with the swirls of fruit jam or whatever? I do not like those either…and I prefer creamy to crunchy.

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