We did it!

Dining in is not allowed here in Sibu for quite sometime now and eventually, throughout the whole state of Sarawak as well. One consolation would be the fact that we can go and buy at the shops, cafés and restaurants and take home to eat or we can order via whatsapp or online and get them to send to the house.

We have two Korean fried chicken franchises in Sibu, one here and the other one here and yes, we’ve been to both of them. Incidentally, I heard that in the case of the former, the original outlet has since closed down, possibly because of the horrendous pandemic and I’m not sure about the newer outlet at Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, formerly Jalan Pedada. No, we have not gone back to either of them for quite a long while now but I did order a platter of Korean fried chicken from another place for my missus’ birthday dinner at home.

Anyway, the other day, my girl was somewhat excited when she came to tell me that the mum was trying to cook her own Korean fried chicken…

I guess this was her version of the yangneyom chicken (양념치킨), a crispy and tender Korean fried chicken smothered in a sticky, spicy red sauce.

According to this website, the sauce is what makes this chicken dish so special. The main ingredients typically include gochujang (fermented Korean red chili pepper paste), ketchup or chili sauce, garlic, and corn syrup. Some of you may recall my photograph in my post…

…the other day – the gochujang is the one in the red tub.

I don’t know exactly what my missus did when she cooked her version of the yangneyom chicken

…but it was very nice – a little spicy, a bit sourish and sweet as well and yes, I did enjoy it a lot.

She fried a few pieces of plain fried chicken…

…for me just in case I was not into those Korean ones but she shouldn’t have bothered as I was perfectly fine with those. After all, I don’t think any kim chi was used in the preparation, no sesame oil either, just the lightly-toasted sesame seeds used to coat the meat and I sure did not mind those.

As a matter of fact, I do think that these Korean yangneyom fried chicken wings would make a lovely dish to serve at a buffet dinner gathering at home on some special occasion or to bring to a potluck party somewhere but looking at how things are going from bad to worse, I guess all those would be out of the question for a very very long time. Sighhh!!!